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April 2002

World War III Is Not Funny

By Stephen Simac

It's difficult to find the humor in watching our un-elected president and his warmongering "advisors" push us towards World War III. George (the W. stands for War) Bush has not become more presidential since 9/11 as the fawning media heads claim, only more psychopathic.

We haven't had an administration this ready to casually use nuclear weapons since serious proposals were made to create a new Panama Canal with them or explode them on the moon by the Eisenhower and Nixon teams. Not that Reagan was joking when he said "15 minutes to Armageddon, Ha Ha." He just thought the mike was off.

Bush was not elected, only appointed in a Supreme Putsch but he enjoys unheard of popularity with Americans because he has unleashed the dogs of war. He says he is protecting us from Bad People and Evil Axis and we accept this like second graders. Most Americans are in love with the televised sight of bombs bursting in air, on the ground and in underground caves, as long as they are somewhere over there, and few American casualties result.

We don't seem to care that other people's children are being killed or maimed much less that this kook is charging ahead towards nuclear war, bringing the whole world with him.

Americans are manipulated shamelessly by our government and our media, and for the most part we soak it up without discrimination. The recent leak from the Pentagon of their "Nuclear Posture Review" showed their plans for an almost casual use of nuclear weapons against at least six "bad countries." The only excuse offered by the Pentagon when Russia and China strongly protested their nuclear targeting was that it wasn't on a "day to day basis." Americans heard the news with a stunned apathy.

Bad enough that we don't give a shit about indiscriminate killing of foreigners. It's as if we haven't learned that radiation travels around the world in global winds and kills or sickens every living thing where it lands for thousands of years. There is no over there when it comes to nuclear explosions. We're all neighbors in nuclear war and no matter how much we dislike our neighbors, we wouldn't burn them down if it threatened our own grass houses.

No matter how many billions we spend on Star Wars defense because it makes us feel safer in a rogue nation world it won't protect us from radioactive fallout even if it could work, which is doubtful. Because a missile defense promotes American first strike readiness it will only increase the odds of nuclear war. Either started by our own Dr. Strangeloves because they believe they can protect Fortress America from retaliation or by other nuclear countries because they fear that possibility happening.

There is an enormous Armageddon belief system that the end of the world basically is a good thing because it will be succeeded by a mythical Golden Age. This biblical belief is primarily held by Jews, Christians and Muslims, but billions of people in other religions and many proclaimed prophets share a similar eschatological (end of the world) view of the future.

It's an irrational belief system so is extremely attractive. It requires a willing suspension of disbelief like a bad moviethon. The biblical version is filled with unlikely scenarios like legions of dead people rising up from their graves to fight the forces of evil, antichrists being captured and bound in chains for a thousand years, good Christians being whisked away in a Rapture before seven years of Tribulation. A bestselling series of novels is all the rage based on this bad plot. Somehow the horror thriller of an irradiated, poisoned world magically becomes the setting for a happy, peaceful world.

This view is appealing only in the most childish, fairy tale way because it has so little to do with day to day reality. It seems that many people aren't that happy with even the most upbeat, pleasant day to day reality of being an American, and prefer the uncertain glories of war. You can't talk people out of this with years of therapy.

Yet if we allow them to plunge us into the harsh reality of endless war supposedly to rid the world of terrorists, only war mongering psychopaths will not wish for their banal reality back. Unfortunately we are being led by warmongering psychopaths and there seems to be no way to stop their juggernaut.

It's enough to get even the most rational person hoping for magical solutions from UFO interventions, free energy machines, spiritual revolutions to Hobbits and Elves helping humans figure out how to live in Peace. Hopefully there is magic, probably we will have to do something besides wave a magic wand to make it happen.


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