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March 2002

Nexus Of Arrogance

"Whether it is a democracy, a dictatorship, or a parliament... the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders... All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."

Herman Goerring

Adolph Hitler's propaganda minister would have been at home in the USA. He'd probably be heading our new Department of Distortion and Dementia. While our fifth grade president declares war on kindergarten nations helpless to defend themselves , our pitiful opposition tries to simultaneously wring its hands while waving a flag . It is helpless to do anything about the wretched state of a world in which hatred and fear of us increases almost daily.

We are unquestionably the most formidable military power on the planet, but while pundits wax poetic about our domination , the rest of the world grows tired of our arrogance and fearful of what a power-crazed lunatic with an ax might do , until someone disarms him.

The ax in this case is high tech weaponry that wreaks devastation on people far away, while seemingly leaving the devastators free from retaliation. Have we already forgotten the tragedy of 911, except for manipulation purposes suggested by Goerring?

Nothing would ever be the same, we were endlessly told by our mind managers, but what has changed? The military buildup and foreign killing isn't really new; it's just more frenzied than at any time since the Viet Nam war. And the dangerously stupid moves to curtail liberties in the name of fighting terrorism are not far from the anti-communist idiocy of the postwar years. Then, gullible citizens finked on their neighbors after swallowing fairy tales about a commie monster lurking under every other bed in the nation. Is anything about the present madness really new?

Well, the fact that someone struck back at the empire was new , especially since no high-tech weaponry was used to kill thousands in the 911 tragedy. Except for the hijacked airliners, the weapons were as crude as those of our cave dwelling ancestors . It took an incredible failure of our multi-billion dollar un-intelligence system to let it happen , but it was box-cutters, along with methodical planning and suicidal dedication that brought horror to a nation previously able to inflict such horror on others. And this while most of its people were being distracted by the consumption of mental garbage on TV, or physical garbage at the mall.

Have we learned that we're no longer safe? When our rulers move with murderous arrogance against anyone and everyone, interpreting this as benign dedication to helping the world achieve free market democracy? Maybe not completely, but we're asking more questions than before. And Americans need to find answers , or the rest of the world will do it for us.

We have made the United Nations a footstool which may yet become an international body that works for the betterment of humanity, but only when it breaks from our control. At that point, there may well be global unity, but it will be tragic if that unity is achieved only to counter the disrespectful dominance of our nation. But that is what we face.

If we cannot take control of our country away from the financial and corporate interests that are bringing us closer to disaster, others may have to exercise that control. We are building a new movement among questioning citizens, but a unifying national leadership in opposition to power does not yet exist. It is desperately needed, because what we have is a disgrace.

The unending war against anybody our rulers depict as evil is supported by the same political clan that once called these rulers criminals who had stolen our democracy. The same "progressives" who bemoaned the destruction of our electoral process by a twisted vote count are some of the most righteous in support of the American jihad against all who would dare to think, instead of kill.

Our comic book president, with his idiotic grin and schoolyard rhetoric, has become a fearsome and popular leader, according to the frightened minds and quivering spines of this shameful opposition. He must be obeyed in his bloody foreign policy moves, at cost of slipping in the polls. This disgraceful situation is supposed to represent democracy, but the majority of Americans seem to understand that this democracy is a hype: they rarely vote and more rarely think of themselves as part of a nation, except in times of flag-waving war support, and that mainly due to being mentally bludgeoned by endless propaganda, in the spirit of the Nazi quoted above. We have to combat the consciousness controlling techniques employed by capital that make us work against our own interests.

In the rebellious 1960s, many political activists were justifiably suspicious of leaders, but that anarchic spirit lacked the substance to achieve long term change. The bloodletting of the empire never stopped. Capital demonstrates by exercising its bloody power over people and nations. It will take more than decentralized democracy and collegial pep rallies to contest that kind of power.

If Americans are to have real democracy , they are going to have to be organized as never before; in communities, workplaces, even at the mall. But politics aren't worth much if the "grass roots" are only deep enough to sustain a march against one outrage, until the next march against another outrage.

To end the outrage of life under corporate domination , we need a national alternative to the centralized power of its political establishment. The status quo is well represented by its national party with two names, but one owner: corporate capital. We need an alternative national party with one name , but many owners: the rest of us.


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