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March 2002

Israel Prepares For Final Solution As Washington Smiles On

By Karen Nakamura

In mid-February, as Israel continued enforcing the final solution to its pesky Palestinian problem, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon talked with US President George W. Bush concerning his desire to launch an all-out attack against the Palestinians. He needed to hit them hard in order to raise the morale of the Israeli army and to save his fragile coalition in the Knesset. In the meantime, top Israeli officials were putting it around that they were thinking of forcing Palestinians off their land and into Jordan or Lebanon, anywhere but on the land they'd owned for thousands of years.

Apparently, the massacre of all Palestinians who don't flee is now seen as an expedient political alternative by the Israeli government, compared to, Heaven forbid, withdrawing from the territories and creating a lasting and prosperous peace for both parties.

On February 20, two days after Sharon's reported discussion with George W, the Israeli military launched its heaviest attack against the Palestinian people since the 1967 and 1948 wars. Beginning at 2 in the morning, Israeli's Navy, Army and Air Force, hit not only the tank-surrounded headquarters of Palestinian president, Yasser Arafat, they destroyed Palestine's only radio and TV station. The army also advanced into Gaza City and several other cities but met resistance as Palestinians tried to defend their town from overwhelming might.

While George W. publicly stated his desire for a negotiated settlement, Vice President Cheney has began talking up the role of Palestinian militants within al Qaeda, making things less messy. The War on Terrorism is a much better excuse for committing genocide. It's been common discussion in Washington and Jerusalem over what to do about Yasser Arafat. Shall they just kill him? But how to do that and still maintain relations with other countries needed to fight Bush's eternal war against terrorism?

However, George Bush and Ariel Sharon would do well to heed their own words. Who knows who might be compiling files against them. If the sentiments uttered and actions taken by both administrations aren't war crimes in the making, what is? The very casualness with which these two administrations take towards toppling governments and assassinating heads of states is frightening governments around the world.

In reaction, while the US media is pretending that Bush has the enthusiastic support of the majority of the world, the Chinese have sent their condolences to Arafat and the Palestinian people for their suffering. The Saudi Arabian intelligence services head has warned Washington that Arafat's removal will only further deteriorate any US support from the Arab community. The European Union, sponsoring schools and health clinics in Palestine, threatens to bolt the War on Terrorism campaign if Bush and his people don't tone down their rhetoric. The Russians are suspicious about NATO, a.k.a. , the US, extending its grip into central Asia. The Iranians and Iraqis have been insulted, possibly beyond repair.

Countries in Southeast Asia, such Malaysia and the Philippines are also wary of America's true intentions. After all, they've been targeted as possible candidates for invasion by US troops. The US military is already in the Philippines despite a Philippine constitution amendment that forbids foreign troops on its soil.

South Korea, after enduring tremendous embarrassment and setback to its sunshine policy with North Korea from Bush's Axis of Evil remarks, is re-looking at a consensus that believes the US doesn't want peace between the two Koreans . The reason is suppose to be that then the US would have to give up its military bases in the region. China has heard George W's pre-election speech about surrounding China with missiles and has also experienced intrusion into its borders from US spy planes. South American is mired in a World Bank, (read that American), induced bankruptcy in Argentina. Huge numbers of US taxpayer-bought weapons are being pumped into the Colombian army to protect corporate oil pipelines. Africa continues to be left behind and holds no great love for the USA.

So it's really not the time for the Bush or the Sharon administrations to get too arrogant. After putting up with untold misery and suffering, the Palestinians are beginning to fight back in earnest. Most of the world is taking their side while they watch what Bush and Company, (that's you and me, folks), is going to do.


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