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March 2002

FBI Sends Mass Murderer To California, Calls Him Choir Boy

By Stephen Simac

Among other dirty secrets George Bush wants to keep from the public are documents of FBI misdeeds that would blow their cover as good guys fighting to rid America of Evil.

One of the most offensive FBI deals gave a serial killer from Boston a new identity and moved him to California in exchange for testifying against his Mafia bosses.

Joseph "the Animal" Barboza helped convict some mob kingpins for plotting to kill someone. The Animal got away with mass murder in Massachusetts because of his collusion with the feds. Barboza was a cold blooded murderer who batted cleanup for the Boston Mob and admitted to killing 26 humans.

His victims were no altar boys, but he was no avenging angel. Only a contract killer who knew enough to turn in his bosses when he became a stool pigeon for the feds in 1967. Naturally he got death threats from the mob. To protect their rat the feds set up the Witness Protection Program, which has given new identities and a fresh start to thousands of criminals who entered it after squealing on their former partners.

After testifying, Barboza was enrolled in cooking school in Santa Rosa where he promptly killed again. This time it was a truck driver, Clay Wilson, in a dispute over some stolen securities. The Animal, who looked like a Neanderthal, shot him in the head, buried him in the redwoods and had sex with Wilson's wife within an hour of killing her husband. He was caught and convicted but not with the aid of his fed overseers.

Barboza's lawyer was F. Lee Bailey who contacted the FBI. He warned them his "wiseguy" client was ready to tell the world that he'd worked with the feds to frame four innocent men for a murder he'd committed himself. To avoid this embarrassment, FBI special agents Paul Rico and Dennis Condon, along with federal prosecutor Edward Harrington, testified for the defense in a trial for his latest murder in 1970.

They swore under oath that he was truthful and cooperative, basically just a choirboy with a temper. The Animal was as honest as the agents were, since the feds had tapes proving that Barboza had already perjured himself to convict four men.

The testimony by traditionally well respected FBI agents and a federal prosecutor helped reduce his sentence to 2nd degree murder. Barboza was freed after five years, but was killed on the streets of San Francisco a year later, by a Mafia "made man" in revenge for his testimony.

Meanwhile the feds let the innocent men he'd framed rot in prison for thirty years. The only two still alive were recently freed when Barboza's lies were revealed after those secret FBI files were unsealed.

Bush wants to keep other FBI files secret from a congressional inquiry. These files could possibly exonerate many more prisoners and strip away the fibbies veneer of being strait laced do gooders.

Details about this case and other FBI misdeeds have been reemerging in recent congressional hearings. The Boston office of the FBI and certain agents got way too close to some criminals allegedly to put other criminals in prison.

Other Boston area killers the FBI took a shine to were James "Whitey" Bulger and his partner in the Winter Hill Gang, Stephen "the Rifleman" Flemmi. These guys got special treatment because they were such great informants on the underworld they sprung from.

They were allowed free reign to continue with their protection rackets, murdering and drug dealing. They were protected and even paid by the feds while doing so for decades as long as they informed on other Boston mob members.

It wasn't until 1995 after their FBI agent handler John Connolly retired that they were indicted. Connolly was later indicted for obstruction of justice in 1999, but agent Rico who was involved with these killers as well as Barboza, has never been charged. "Whitey" Bulger is still on the lam, although now he's an internationally wanted man, possibly holed up with Osama.

The Witness Protection Program was started to protect The Animal Barboza, and sent him to culinary school in Santa Rosa to give him a new career as a chef in California. It would have made more sense to set him up as a butcher or in a slaughter house.

The Witness Protection program has spent billions to place criminals, many of them brutal murderers, in unsuspecting communities with very little supervision, not even a parole officer. Not surprisingly the recidivism rate is enormous, the fallout covered up for the most part.

Now George Bush is struggling to keep other FBI records secret from a congressional inquiry, while Vice President Cheney is trying to protect the deals made for his whacked energy policy. There must be some skeletons they are hiding.

How many innocent men has the FBI helped put in prison for crimes they didn't commit, while keeping their favorite brutal murderers out? Geronimo Pratt, a Black Panther leader, was recently freed after thirty years in prison for a double murder in LA, when the FBI knew he was in Oakland at the time.

Leonard Peltier, a leader of the American Indian Movement may die in prison because someone killed a FBI agent while he was nearby. There is reasonable doubt it was him, but the jurors were convinced by the sterling reputation of the FBI. He was convicted on coerced testimony and faulty evidence presented by them.

Those files Bush wants to keep secret might Free Peltier, and reveal who the real bomber of Earth First! organizers Judi Barry and Darryl Cherney was, when the feds were so quick to charge them with bombing themselves.


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