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Fri, Feb. 15PBR Street Gang
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Fri, Feb 22Recycled Future
Sat, Feb. 23Jerry Hannon Band
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Fri, March 1Jon Hamond Trio
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Sun, March 3Buddy Craig
February, 2002 - Volume 27, Number 2

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mailto:[email protected]

Letter from New York - A Ground Zero Of The Mind - Two Catastrophes - By Jim Scanlon
  I thought I recognized the smell of wreckage when I got off the Staten Island Ferry and began walking north towards the hole that was once two 110 story office towers, but then I noticed two garbage trucks parked to my left along Battery Park and realized I was wrong.
Catastrophic Collapse Of Enron - By Jim Scanlon
Getting to New York was easy this time, a real pleasure. For reasons which I do not understand I got to SFO, checked my X-rayed baggage and passed through the heightened security procedures in fifteen minutes flat. I then killed the two hours until boarding time reading the New York Times.
The Greatest Terrorists Are Our Fellow Americans - By Stephen Simac
It's easy to frighten the nation with tales of secret cells of alien terrorists waiting to unleash deadly attacks on Americans. Humans have always been more frightened of the unknown than known risks. We're prone to build fears of even minimal molehills up in our imagination to mountainous proportions, while living in denial of our greatest threats.
Editorial - Hooks Banned For Fishing - By Kordell Banks
Recent legislation passed by the Department of Fish and Game has made fishing with hook and line a thing of the past. In the year 2002, the large net boats who fish for "shelf rockfish" or Red Snapper will enjoy a twelve month season, while a hook and line boat can fish two months with more limitations.
One Large Palestinian Prison - By Karen Nakamura
Like an Arnold Swartzeneggar movie, Israel's huge array of guns, tanks, helicopters and personnel are confining Palestinians into an ever-narrowing prison. Since January, the net has grown even tighter. For the first time since the Oslo Accords were signed, Israel has re-conquered a West Bank city, Tulkam.
The Ever Expanding War On Terrorism
"During the early times of the 2000's, a journalist named Carol Sterritt had the opportunity to make known the crimes of the Bush administration: the setting aside of Civil Rights, by John Ashcroft; the gutting of the Americans with Disabilities Act by the Supreme Court; the destruction of the Freedom of Information Act, by John Ashcroft; the pilfering of the Social Security Fund, by the Rich.
Federal And State Septic Reform Imminent; Fair Warning To State And Marin - By Elena Belsky
Near the top of the governmental food chain, the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) is releasing a revised set of guidelines for "De-Centralized Waste Water Management." In this technical manual for policy and performance-based criteria for onsite wastewater treatment systems
Coastal Post Alaskan Cruise Deadline Feb. 10
Coastal Post readers who want to go on the June Alaskan Cruise and haven't signed up, the deadline is fast approaching. Reservations and deposits must be made by Feb. 10 for the June 18 trip with 100 readers-friends, writers, select politicians and just plain folks from Marin and beyond.
Staples Sponsors National Computer Recycling Feb. 17-18
In a quandary about what to do with old, obsolete computer equipment? Staples, the office superstore, is hosting a computer recycling event Sunday, February 17 and Monday, February 18 in Staples stores nationwide.
War Against Terrorism Or Expansion Of American Empire?
Is the Bush administration waging a war on terrorism or is the war on terrorism an excuse for the expansion of the American Empire? William Blum, noted author and long time critic of United States foreign policy, will speak address past and current US policy on Thursday, February 7 at 7:30 PM at Olney Hall, College of Marin, Kentfield.
Huge Glacier Will Move Through Bay Model January 28
The Bay Model in Sausalito, CA will host the Frozen Worlds live broadcast from Alaska and interactive exhibits for Bay Area students January 28 through February 8, 2002. The Arctic and Antarctic regions are intriguing places of learning!
Bicycle Tour Of US Starts In Bolinas - By Aaron Wiley
The front of Smiley's Saloon has been the source of inspiration for years. people can't help but to attract to positivity there. This leads me to the column I will taking on once a month. My name is Aaron Wiley 29, I'm one of the shy, quiet people who has involved himself in nothing until now.
Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana Winter Hours
Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana and the Cannabis Buyers' Club Marin is happy to announce that we are still open seven days a week, serving the needs of the community.
Midwinter Art Show - Ann Carroll
Two Bird Cafe at the Valley Inn presents the watercolors and acrylics of Ann Carroll through March 3, 2002. Ann is a local artist who earned her degree in art and her teaching credentials from Dominican College in San Rafael.
Cry for us, Enron-Tina - By Frank Scott
While sincere Americans were waving flags , Washington was picking their pockets to fill the coffers of corporate capital. At the same time, this government has been hysterically destroying the constitutional freedoms that make America, with all its moral flaws, a worthwhile dream of democratic possibility.
If We Are To Survive As A Democracy...- By Edward W. Miller
Little Johnny bursts in the door crying, "Mommy, Frankie hit me in the nose." As mother wipes away the blood, Dad throws down his paper and, rising in anger from his chair, says, "I'm going after Frank's father and the principal." Mom, taking Johnny aside, asks, "What did you do to Frankie?" Shamefully, Johnny replies, "I just yanked off his baseball cap." The house settles down.
While many Americans and Washington responded to the Twin Towers and Pentagon bombings like Johnny's Father, wiser minds have been asking: "Wherein lies our responsibility?"
The Truth About the IJ, Sabin & MGH - By Norman Carrigg, MD
In 2000, Margaret Sabin moved from Steamboat Springs to Marin to take over as CEO of the two Sacramento-based Sutter Health Marin operations. Both Marin General and Novato Community Hospitals very much needed the attention she gives them. A Sabin January 13 Marin Independent Journal editorial accolade focusing on MGH deserves amplification.
Ashcroft's Media Scam: A Confederacy Of Amnesia- By Norman Solomon
Even by Washington's standards, the ability of John Ashcroft to reinvent himself has been a wonder to behold. Just a year ago, squeaking through Senate confirmation as attorney general, Ashcroft found himself shadowed by his own praise for leaders of the Confederacy. Now he's able to tout himself as a disciple of Martin Luther King Jr.
Political Correctness Sucks - By Judy Borello
When I attended a meeting about a month ago pertaining to the EAH housing project in Point Reyes Station. I was flabbergasted. This project consists of 36 units in 18.6 acres right in the middle of the historic business village of town.
Ignorance Is Not Bliss - By Frank Scott
A new year begins with the economy in recession, unemployment and homelessness rising, and health care and housing costs skyrocketing. But is that anything new, in the center of global capitalism?
The Detonators By Guy W. Meyer
It's our turn now. The forces of Greed, Fear, and Hate, the traditions and public policies of violence, threat, and coercion have brought humanity to the present brink of extinction, while bringing untold suffering and grief along the way.
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