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February 2002


Letters To The Editor

Nakamura One-Sided And Biased

MS. Nakamura's article is biased, one sided and shows a lack of history and facts on the ground. I suggest that a follow up article that would be as misrepresented and biased be included by the Jewish Defense League to balance her misrepresentative piece.

Knowledge is the simplest of requirements when writing about a world event. The situation today did not just occur with Israeli prejudice towards Muslims, but has a long history of Muslim atrocities, refusal to accept Israel's right to exist, Muslim nations attacking Israel, and vicious anti Semitism in the Muslim community. Why not read the comments of even the most "moderate" Muslims when they speak of Israel in translations of their Arabic speeches. No one who claims an interest in peace can condone such vicious anti Semitism and incitement to murder.

Journalism based on propaganda and without balance is hate speech and unprofessional even in a backwoods birdcage liner. Does MS. Nakamura burn crosses on the lawns of local Jews or is she just insufferably ignorant?

L Averbach

Where Are The Bike Stories?

I haven't seen any recent bike trail stories. Is Alvillar still active with your journal? Is biking a lost cause?


Biker Bill

[email protected]

A Mother's Love

John Walker Lindh's mother-the mother of the "American Taliban"-declared that her love for her son is "unconditional and absolute."

Is this a healthy attitude for a mother to have?

Absolutely not.

This woman's son is a depraved traitor of the worst kind. He sided -- and to this day still sides -- with some of the most vicious terrorists the world has ever seen. If these terrorists (including her son) had their way, New York City (and much of America) would be one huge mushroom cloud right now.

Love has its limits-and if ever this were true, it's true in this case.

Parents too often feel responsible for their children's choices. Consequently, they feel they must forgive their children for anything and everything. After all (the feeling goes): "If my son really is a monster, then what does it make me?"

The only monstrous thing John Walker Lindh's mother has done, to my knowledge, is to offer him this public show of support. His lawyers may think this sentimental nonsense will sway a jury or a judge. It certainly does not sway me.

Michael J. Hurd Ph.D.

Chevy Chase MD

[email protected]

Unconvicted Felons

The three sons of former President Bush did not rise to positions of power and influence on their inherited wealth alone. Jeb, Neal, and George, each in his own way, are accomplished businessmen. The fact that their success in business relied on money-laundering, tax evasion, and insider trading seems downright noble when compared with the treasonous entrepreneurial endeavors of their father and grandfather.

Jay Taber

Mill Valley

Shame On All You Homophobics

I'm chagrined to find that people are still demonstrating in the streets to deny homosexuals their civil rights.

Homophobic people demonstrated all over California this past week against Assemblyman Paul Koretz's bill #1338 to grant gays and lesbians "civil union" rights -- not "marriage rights," which I believe should be permitted and encouraged. The 25 percent of Americans who are gay, lesbians or bisexuals is too large a minority to write off.

Just because we heterosexuals are in the majorities doesn't give us the right to deny homosexuals the love and security that marriage, or at least "civil unions," would guarantee them. In this day and age of AIDS and so many more venereal diseases caused by promiscuity, shouldn't we be encouraging monogamy in the homosexual community just as we are blessed with in the heterosexual community?

Shame on all you homophobics!

Robert Felburg

Costa Mesa

Good News For Gun Owners

Good news for gun owners. The NRA, at four million members, is stronger than ever. NRA is credited with a decisive role in defeating Al Gore and electing a great majority of NRA-supported candidates in November. Citizens now enjoy beneficial concealed carry laws in 33 states and range protection laws in 42 states. Courts across the land are rejecting outrageous lawsuits aimed at bankrupting gun makers by forcing them to pay for the costs of gun crime. The US Fifth Circuit Court, in over 80 pages of analysis of the Second Amendment and its framers' intent, utterly demolished the "collective right" theory and ruled it guarantees our individual right to arms.

Meanwhile, more gun laws bring more crime. A new US Justice Department study found the number of criminals using guns in crime skyrocketed 70 percent from 1991 to 1997 while pols were adding more gun laws. Sen. Warren Magnusson said it best: "Gun control is a solution conceived in hysteria, born in ignorance, intended to foster complacency, and destined to futility."

Why do pols pass those useless laws? The late Sen. Thomas Dodd (who copied his GCA 68 directly from Hitler's Nazi gun control law of 1938) explained that gun control, "is the sweetest gravy train of free publicity ever invented." Many pols seem to agree.

Mafia hit man Sammy "The Bull" Gravano likes those laws. "Gun control? It's the best thing you can do for crooks and gangsters. I want you to have nothing. If I'm a bad guy, I'm always gonna have a gun.'

Why do otherwise reasonable people support those counterproductive gun laws?

Fielding Greaves

San Rafael

Blue Light Shoplifters!

At least one of the superchain discount department stores routinely issues press releases bemoaning huge shoplifting losses. Customers complain because merchandise is moved from one area of the store to another. "I can never find anything, as soon as I figure out where it is, they move it. The clerks keep moving stuff around. So stoopid."

Stock clerks say the constant moving around is because they are told to do so. One of the suits' theories is that moving merchandise around thwarts shoplifters. But that's just not so, say the stock clerks. "What it is, is the suits are trying to justify their management positions."

According to Vance Packard, management's groaning about shoplifting and stepped-up surveillance due to mounting losses is totally bogus. The big outfits cite increasing dollar losses without taking into account increased population, mounting consumer spending, increased self-service, and so on.

"If you start with the total volume of sales to retail customers and include pilferage by employees' loss, it's less than on percent. It is true that in some of the vast stores, losses on occasion have risen above one percent. there has been a great growth in reliance upon electronic and unseen human eyes for consumer-watching. Hidden cameras on closed circuit TV, hidden electronic markers attached to goods are only part of the obsessive push for store surveillance.

America's great moral squalor is appalling to contemplate, the me, me, me lack of values and that school of ethical tone form a large part of the US society. Decadence and degeneracy and lack of integrity is real enough even if shoplifting isn't. Besides, pumping out propaganda to the media about thieving shoplifters provides justification for more surveillance, police state growth, more spotters, increased store security, more rent-a-cops, blatant invasion of individual privacy, continued abuse of constitutional rights. What is really happening is the game of "Big Brother" to the rescue.

Bottom Line: Even if shoplifting losses are significant, a decision has to be made by management to either set up the store full of traps in order to thwart and apprehend shoplifters for arrest and conviction or run the store to serve the buying public.

Who's on first? Shoplifters or customers...

James M. Scott

Columbus, NM


Zoos Must Stop "Saving" Animals

Earlier this month, the National Zoo in Washington, DC celebrated the first anniversary of the arrival of Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, its panda pair from China. The zoo is paying China $10 million to display the pandas for 10 years.

The pandas have been an attendance and souvenir bonanza: more than 2.5 million people have visited them, and souvenir and refreshment sales at the zoo soared to $10.5 million through mid-December 2001, up from $6 million in the same period the previous year.

Of course, the zoo claims that "conservation" -- not cash -- lies behind its desire to display captive pandas. Zoo officials are hoping to breed Mei Xiang and Tian Tian to help increase the dwindling giant panda population. Never mind that past attempts at breeding captive pandas have failed spectacularly.

Most readers probably remember Hsing-Hsing and Ling-Ling, the celebrated panda pair given to the United State by China in 1972. National Zoo officials hoped Hsing-Hsing and Ling-Ling would breed, as well, and they tried everything from artificial insemination to flying in a substitute stud from London (who attacked Ling-Ling, instead of mating with her) to get results. Ling-Ling did give birth to several cubs, but none lived longer than four days.

After being kept captive for 20 years, in an enclosure that paled in comparison to the dense bamboo forests and misty, rainy mountains of her true home, Ling-Ling died of heart failure in 1992. A grieving Hsing-Hsing bleated for her for a month. He died several years later, suffering from cancer and arthritis.

Pandas are great crowd-pleasers, but displaying them in captivity won't bring back lost land or protect animals from poachers. It's time for zoos to stop "saving" animals by breeding them and work on saving habitats instead. Animals deserve freedom in their natural homelands -- not a life behind bars.

Paula Moore

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Found My Father

I was searching the net the other day and I just typed in my father's name and I came up with a reference to him in a letter to the editor dated January '97... he passed in March of /97 and seeing that post made me feel a wee bit like a contact with him again....surprise surprise...

Kathy Hallinan

[email protected]

Kudos To Las Gallinas District

Just got back from the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District meeting and thanks to Megan Clark, our newly elected board member, the Board voted 5-0 to rescind the "midnight" resolution passed by former board members Sesto Lucchi and Leon Eddings giving them health benefits for life. Carol Brandt, Roz Katz, Candice Clark, Frank Nelson, myself, and Peter Petrofsky (former board member) all supported Megan's motion Board member Lawrence Loder said it best "We're doing what the public wants."

Great job to those who stood up and spoke to the board and waited until 10:45 to get the final vote on the motion.

Ron Ford

Santa Venetia

General Musharraf Is A Hypocrite

I would like to highlight the blatant lies being uttered by "General Musharraf" who is being hailed by western media as a moderate Islamic leader, leading Pakistan (a Islamic Republic) towards secular and democratic society. During the recently conducted interview with Newsweek details for which can be found at he has admitted that he was instrumental in Pakistani army invading Kargil in 1999. However he has been continuously denying and labeling the armed intruders occupying the Indian territory as "Freedom Fighters." I guess it's similar to Osama Bin Laden not owning up to September 11th. This is responsibility of the esteemed journalists like you to let American people know what kind of hypocrite they are dealing with

Vibhu Pratap


Shades Of Teapot Dome Where People Pay

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer (news - web sites) said Friday the collapse of the company "needs to be fully investigated to determine if there was any criminal wrongdoing by Enron.'' WRONG! Should read if there was any wrongdoing by Enron and Bush Administration.

Ari and most Administration yuppies take the American people as "stupid muppets." Let's face it as the members of the administration were getting news of the desperation of Enron sold they pass the word on to friends to sell and did they start selling

short? That is the question to be analyzed. The fall out will have a life of it self . Right?

The deliberate shredding of Enron's papers appears to be criminal intent when good accounting practices demand the retention of legal accounting documents for many years unless you are above the law? Fortunately there will be no Bush demand for protection for national security unless it is the security of he position of the President itself.

Bush can't be excused on the basis of being new on the job. Let the chips fall where they may.

* * * *

Afghan Government Can Take Care Of Taliban

It is absolutely absurd to bring Afghanistan Taliban and Al Queda fighters to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation. Now that the United States through it's costly attempt to destroy the Taliban is going to bring their nationals to an American base for the purpose interrogation does not make sense. To carry these brutal fighters half way around the world, have them questioned and then bring them back to their country is costly and frivolous. Now that there is a government which we established in Afghanistan it is up to Afghanis to take over the job of housing and questioning these fighters along with assistance from US military or other federal services. Say "NO" to bringing these deadly terrorist to US soil where they may be able to work their way into the United States.

Norman E. Mann

San Diego

Why Osama Bin Laden Deserves a Public Trial

The tragic events of September 11 still weigh heavy on my mind. I always wonder who would benefit the most from such dastardly acts. There are a number of questions still unanswered which we, the ordinary taxpaying public who foot the bill for the attacks on Afghanistan that we were promised would not kill innocent people but in fact are, need explained. We are also entitled to examine the " indisputable evidence" that George Bush and Tony Blair claim proves that Osama bin Laden was directly involved with those horrific acts. Many of us would be satisfied that bin Laden was only indirectly involved. Until then, I daresay that bin Laden's only verifiable crime to date may appear to be his big mouth.

Mainstream US media have failed to acknowledge that there are millions of people around the world, including Arabs and Muslims, who have suffered for many years due to hardships at the hands of the US government and its complacent, uninformed populace, and unless we all start asking hard questions and demanding that our elected officials re-evaluate its disastrous foreign "policies", which are really agendas, then, as many others have warned, we might expect more acts of violence against us.

Our ink and air media also fail to advise that when any government continually shovels dirt into the face of another people then it is inevitable that one day one of more of them will scoop it up and hurl it back. Is that not what the US and its allies are presently doing to Afghanistan? In the West we call it revenge, or in some cases as this one, re-revenge. The Israelis, more clever with the use of elastic verbiage, call it retaliation.

Those of us who yearn for the truth should consider the following: Why would people who took such pains to conceal their identity with stolen passports leave behind a trail of evidence about themselves? The biggest question is why would any person be so willing to forfeit his life for believing in an obviously strong cause yet not inform the world what that cause is?

Where is the cause for the September atrocities? Where was the cause for the bombing of the USS Cole and convince me, please, that two alleged unidentified Arabs were able to gain access to the very difficult to obtain super hi-tech explosive of which such a small amount was needed to blow a forty foot hole in the side of a huge American war ship? Who has such access and who would benefit? Where was the cause of the bombing of the US Embassies in Tanzania and Nairobi, and why did the perpetrators who must have believed that they were committing a heroic act, also keep their identities a secret? Why would bin Laden make such horrific verbal threats against America and then convince his followers to commit them but to not disclose their affiliation with him or their cause? It just doesn't jibe.

I am aware that Arabs and Muslims are quick to accuse Israel, but there is sufficient cause to accuse. Colombians and others may find sufficiency as well. Again, who benefits the most from such dastardly acts? Here are a few points to consider: Israel's image suffered enormously by its savage treatment of the Palestinian people. The US questioned the legality of using US-supplied air weaponry to attack Arab villages that killed hundreds of innocent civilians. Since September 11 there has not been a peep of criticism against its ongoing atrocities.

Who were the alleged Arab perpetuators? Saudis, Egyptians, and Emiratis, who just happen to be America's best friends in the Arab World. Who would benefit from the dissolution of such friendships? Known as the Lavon Affair, the Israelis sent a team to Egypt in 1954 to bomb US installations with the intention of destroying its warm relations with America. They were caught, and they confessed. And who arrived nearly instantly at the bombed US Embassies in Tanzania and Nairobi, roped off their perimeters and forbade anyone from entering those sites for several days? The Israelis. Why? Perhaps to retrieve any incriminating evidence after the fact? We don't know.

How did the passports of Saudi pilots get into the hands of the September 11 perpetuators? The answer may lie in the method used to capture Mordechai Vananu, the Israeli who photographed Israel's nuclear facility at Dimona thereby disproving its claim that they were not manufacturing weapons-grade plutonium. Vanunu fled to Italy where he was lured to an offshore yacht by " Cindy", a voluptuous Israeli Mossad agent. An Israeli vessel lay in wait. And, how did Israel gain the information it needed to destroy Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor? They used money and sexual enticement to lure an Iraqi nuclear scientist in Paris to extract vital information from him.

Who in the electronic and print media has asked why five Israelis who claimed to be in the employ of a New York based Israeli-owned moving company were dancing merrily and cheering on a rooftop while taping the airplane crashes into the World Trade Center? Did they have advance knowledge? Why were they simply deported so expeditiously? Why did Codigo, Inc. warn the Israelis by instant messaging two hours before the crashes that an ominous event was about to occur in the US? In 1983 the Israelis knew that a car bomb was going to blow up the Marine barracks in Lebanon that killed 241 US Servicemen but chose not to disclose it so that US-Arab relations would further deteriorate.

How is it that those air traffic specialists who track the flight patterns of all airborne aircraft on their monitor screens and can detect a flock of geese but did not notice or report that several jumbo class aircraft bound for the West Coast suddenly changed their flight patterns? Onboard transponders are not needed for such detections. And, how is it that the indestructible "black box" on the aircraft that crashed into the Pentagon destructed but paper passports were retrieved from the site that burned for four days?

Had anyone else noticed that the alleged letter written in Arabic that was found in three separate places was of the low-grade quality that is typical of first semester military language schools? Arabs from the aforementioned countries are well educated in their language. It is commonly known that Muslims remove their shoes before entering a mosque, so the letter also ridiculously cautioned those alleged 9/11 "Muslims" to make certain that their shoes were kept clean since they were going to enter Paradise upon their demise. How? By covering them with plastic wrap? Not only is this suspicious at airports but one must then ask how the plastic wrap itself was to be kept clean.

The followers of Osama bin Laden have at least adequate basic knowledge of Islamic restrictions and prohibitions and adhere to them. Those who carried out the crimes in question apparently had little knowledge about Islam's strict forbiddance of alcohol consumption and sexual immorality and yet we are asked to believe that the men who were seen in strip joints downing shots of whiskey and gawking at virtually naked female dancers were devout fundamentalist Muslims.

We are also asked to believe that flight manuals in Arabic and a Quran were left in an abandoned vehicle. The manual issue is comical to say the least, and a zealous Muslim with a zealous cause would have taken his Quran with him. This suggests that amateurs were likely involved in the planting of this "evidence" and that we should be looking elsewhere for answers. If these alleged Muslims were carrying out a so-called Jihad to achieve Paradise instantaneously as Shaheed, or Martyrs, then it would have been imperative for their brethren to know their names so du'a, or the asking of blessings, would be made for their acts to be accepted. But then they also would have known that making du'a in such instances is not acceptable. If this is the quality of the "indisputable evidence" then it is understandable why it is being held in abeyance.

Why was Muhammad Atta, an Egyptian and alleged mastermind of the 9-11 attacks, held in an Israeli prison for about two years? Were others on those flights also held? This conjures images of John Frankenheimer's chilling 1962 film, "The Manchurian Candidate", whose Korean War veteran character of actor Lawrence Harvey was brainwashed over a long period of time to assassinate the president of the US after returning home.

Too, what about that Russian airplane that crashed after taking off in Israel? Were any of its passengers persons that someone may have wanted "offed" because they knew too much? One might claim that this was coincidental but where there is a possible connection, coincidence becomes less plausible.

Last, seventeen Christians were recently killed in a church in Pakistan, yet this is forbidden in Islam and the Muslims of Pakistan are among the best educated in Islamic behavior and conduct. Once again, who would benefit most from such a negative media report of this act? Naeem Goladi, an Israeli investigative reporter who speaks Arabic fluently, researched an event that took place in Iraq in the 1950s. An Israeli team was sent to persuade the affluent Jewish Iraqis to transfer themselves and their vast wealth and keen business expertise to the newly formed Jewish state. They refused, asking why they should leave their beloved homeland to go live in a desert with scorpions, presumably the Israelis who were murdering Palestinians as they stole more of their country.

Goladi learned that the Israeli team was instructed to bomb a Jewish synagogue in Iraq if the Jews there refused to migrate and to spread leaflets in Arabic throughout the area as if the perpetrators were Iraqi Arabs. They warned the Jews to leave Iraq or every one of them would be killed. Many Jews abandoned their homes and property and fled to Israel out of fear for their lives. Those that remained were obviously unharmed.

Test time: Who manufactures and has access to the hi-tech explosives that was used on the USS Cole? Who benefits most from the bad publicity against Arabs and Muslims and the diminishment of the increasingly cozy relationship between the US and the three cited Arab countries? Who roped off our two embassies in Africa? Against who did media criticism of atrocities of civilians immediately cease? Who video taped those crashes and danced gleefully on a rooftop cheering the crashes? Who held the alleged mastermind of the 9-11 tragedy in prison for about two years? Which is the only government that approves state sponsored torture and therefore may also have perfected brainwashing techniques? Who bombed a Jewish synagogue in Iraq? So, who benefits most from the aforementioned acts of terror? Hint: It is not Italy, Ireland, or Iceland.

Yousef Salem

Director of The American Muslim Forum

Sunnyvale, CA

Mistaken Gun

Barry Brunstein (the gentleman who mistakenly carried a gun onto a plane) has showed that government airline security is a dangerous fraud that slaughtered thousand on 9-11-2001. He proved libertarians correct in that there is nothing wrong with law-abiding citizens carrying guns, off or on a plane.

Imagine if Brunstein had been on one of the doomed flights of 9-11-2001. If Brunstein had realized he had his gun he could have saved thousands of lives and been a hero.

But Brunstein's gun was discovered and confiscated and he took another flight home disarmed. How ironic it would have been if, on his flight home, terrorists had attempted a sequel to 9-11-2001. Then the government's victim disarmament program would have resulted in more mass slaughter, as it did on 9-11-2001, by searching, disarming and cowing passengers, crew and even pilots.

The government's antidisestablismentarianism in air travel is a dangerous fraud and causes mass slaughter. Government needs to be removed from air travel. Then air travel would develop effective security methods.

Government cannot stop real criminals or terrorists. So instead, the government is creating a criminal felons out of another model citizen who has not committed any act of violence or theft, and who has done nothing to anyone. Perhaps a jury would reject the law and acquit.

Rex Curry

Tampa, FL

[email protected]

Open Letter To The US Green Party

Gentlemen and Ladies of the US Green Party:

Heartiest greetings from exile to all of you! Right on! In these dire new domestic American circumstances each of us should take a careful fresh look at the role small political parties play. We can say with confidence that these small parties suddenly are much more beneficial to RUSG (Rogue US Govt.). They become the most convincing elements in an ongoing multi-billion-dollar-a-year PR/TV scam focused on depicting the US as a democracy. For example, on behalf of the scam they currently get to say: How can you possibly say the US is not a democracy when Ralph Nader got two point seven percent of the vote last time? This is, in fact, one of their very best lines, one of their very most effective subterfuges.

Ah, but fortunately there's an easy solution. Ralph, on behalf of all of you can tell RUSG he's no longer willing to be its pawn in this matter. He can say: Hey, baby, I'm no longer chasing your dangled "matching-funds" carrot because you're dangling it only so you can lure us into chasing five percent of your infamously-manipulated electoral tally so you can put us on your evening "news" (propaganda) shows as part of your democracy scam.

But this of course doesn't mean the end of the Green Party. It merely means you go underground till RUSG demonstrates it's capable of holding free and fair elections. Demand Independent Monitor status at all federal polling places during the 2002 elections in order to determine whether you're willing to dignify the 2004 ballots with your presence. Yeah! Otherwise you play directly into their hands!

Once underground, you'll find a greater variety of appropriate and effective activities than back when you were merely doing loyal-opposition politics;

1--Do your own currency so you no longer help prop up the homicidal dollar economy. There's a burgeoning populist currency in Argentina now.

2--Do your own tax system so you can cover transportation and communication expenses for an all-volunteer underground.

3--Do your own legal system till RUSG totally cleans up its. Why continue to abide by the decisions of anti-democracy judges?

4--Do your own media. Why keep doing news conferences in hopes of getting seventeen seconds on some abominable this-or-that corporate Dan Rather/Katie Couric/Jim Lehrer/Whoever puppet TV "news" show? That also plays directly into RUSG's hands because your brief infrequent video appearances allow it to allege preposterously!--that its media-networks air both sides of important questions in a fair manner. We'd be in a vastly stronger position now if during the past three decades we'd put as much time and energy into our own media as the dear departed hippies did during the late Sixties.

What about your own television networks specializing in video discs and cassettes passed from household to household within the Oral Tradition? Thus we fuse our two most important media. Of course the advantage of the Oral Tradition is that HSP (Homeland Secret Police) surveillance of it necessarily must be labor-intensive. We must use a variety of techniques aimed at forcing the HSP to play us one-on-one. That way, control of us becomes so expensive that concessions to us begin to seem "cost-effective."

Video is qualitatively more effective for organizers than radio and print. Imagine you're trying to organize a large protest action which includes or consists totally of so-called civil disobedience. You're asking a rather large commitment from people, which means they need some firm basis for trusting you. Print gives them only word-sequences on tree-flesh and the folks you want to reach are aware they can easily be duped within this mode. With radio they get not just word-sequences but also voice-quality, which provides its own basis for deciding whether to trust. But the firmest basis comes from video, for there they get not only word-sequences and voice-quality but in fact the entire body-language of the person(s) making the plea. Go, video, go!

Your own video networks give you a base from which to say you'll no longer be available as feed for the monumentally sleazy Larry King Show or in fact any television or radio show containing corporate ads. If Sleazy Larry wants to know where you're coming from, why you just tell him he can find out only by viewing your video show! Nothing less than this allows us to maintain a self-respect adequate to the various challenges ahead. So let's also stop buying or providing information for any print media containing corporate ads or published on the precious sentient flesh of trees.

5--Help give birth to widespread yin-yang activisms utterly necessary now within these current hideous HSP circumstances. By yin we mean the internal that is, the yogic, the meditational. By yang we mean the external that is, the active, the confrontational. From now on, we can't have one without the other. Without an effective daily yogic or meditational practice the activist no longer will have stamina adequate for dealing with the greatly intensified police/military conditions. Without vigorous persevering resistance to these police/military conditions the yogin or meditator is doomed to perish as the planet descends to entropy at a swiftly-increasing pace. Yeah, we can't have one without the other.

Do reconfidencing projects. For at least three decades the bottom-line environmental problem has been human mood: people don't feel good enough often enough to care enough about their futures to be willing to go through the lifestyle changes necessary now to have those futures at all. Of course this problem has been much greater since 9-11 than any time during those earlier thirty years. So we need an effective strategy for dealing with it.

Musicians are central figures in that strategy. Until we indeed do deal with it effectively all domestic US activists will remain mired within a bog of bummed-out emotions. Those who organized that rally 9-29 in Wash. DC didn't understand this: they fed us 90% speeches, 10% music within a mood-level crying out for at least 70% music. We need much hipper organizers than those!

In any case, if you don't go underground at this time you become every bit as quaint as the German Greens, now merely an inconsequential ornament within a banal center-left coalition. You become every bit as lightweight as the Keep-Clean-For-Gene (McCarthy) Kids back during the '68 electoral scams.

Because Ralph Nader is quite well-known, his transition to underground status would be a rough sequel to Lawrence of Arabia's gesture; thus Ralph would graduate from being a mere celebrity to in fact being a legend. Bravo, Ralph! Show us you're not a fame-junkie!

For in RUSG's control-system fame is a much more important element than almost all Americans realize. The ignominious abject obedience to RUSG of Dan Rather/Katie Couric/Jim Lehrer/Larry King/And So On occurs so reliably because they've all been bribed with big doses of both fame and money. I myself was bribed with the early increments of fame while nepotistically accredited to NATO in '57 as a Paris-based correspondent for a US news service. The experience has helped me avoid fame ever since; I was lucky to see fame as a trap while still young enough to have the agility necessary to avoid it.

So is the Green Party already trapped in fame? Is Ralph Nader able to discontinue his appearances on the scoundrelous Larry King Show? Are other Green Party luminaries able to give up their media-niches? Let's hope so. I have seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by fame.

RUSG is to the Fourth Reich's occupation of the US what the Vichy "government" was to the Third Reich's occupation of France sixty years ago. Thus now a US exile energy in Southeast Asia as a sequel to Charles de Gaulle's in England sixty years ago.

Thus also the sequel to the Vichy propaganda monolith is RUSG's ABC/CBS/CNN/NBC/NEWSWEEK/NYTIMES/PBS/TIME/ETC puppet monolith and it must be treated with as much contempt as that accorded the Vichy scoundrels by the gallant French underground. And the 2002 RUSG electoral scams must be boycotted-except as Independent Monitors with as much intensity as those gallant French if faced with any Vichy electoral scams.

When I first heard that Ralph Nader would head the Green Party ticket I wondered whether it would lead to his greening or whether the Green Party would become predominantly a consumer-rights organization. Your decision to investigate Enron implies the latter.

Now that Enron is being investigated by so many others there's an opportunity for you to drop this issue affecting predominantly only a single mammal species and get down, get into an issue affecting all species.

So why not investigate the current El Nino, which made its debut three days ago with floods in Australia? Such an investigation would have significant political benefits within a couple years. Your data would show that increases in frequency and intensity of El Ninos these past two decades are caused almost entirely by humans (e.g., petroleum-burning) and that the pace of these increases when extrapolated two decades into the future suggests that much food-growing soon will be forced indoors.

One way to organize this is as a two-tiered El Nino Diary, one tier recording what's really happening (especially via the most accurate cyber news services) and the other recording the major omissions and distortions committed by RUSG's TV-Radio-Print Puppet Monolith (TVRPPM). Such a diary could be a major part of a database persuasive enough for use in litigation against Big Oil on behalf of flood and drought victims.

Yours for more foliation,

Keith Lampe, Ponderosa Pine

Transition President (and

Co-Founder, US

Eco-Movement, '69)

PS: In closing, I'd like to share with you a few excerpts from the GUSAE White Paper of March 5, 2001: During last December's coup Americans learned painfully that their highest court in fact was controlled not by Justices but rather by Injustices that is, moles for the forces of injustice. With this new knowledge only ULs (Utter Laughingstocks) will remain obedient to such a thoroughly discredited legal system.

In his 1961 farewell address as US president, Eisenhower warned about "the acquisition of unwarranted influence by the military-industrial complex" and also about the threat to "the free university the prospect of domination of the nation's scholars." Those comments were prophetic because now that conspiracy has been broadened to become the military-industrial-university complex. For corporations can't rule without lots of help not only from the military but also from the universities' enormously effective liberal-arts propaganda show. Their take-over of the universities via money is now so extensive that it's only slightly simplistic to say the universities are the corporations and the corporations are the universities. Professwhores now play at least as important a role in the suppression of young people as police and military do.

During the 2000 elections Ralph Nader said the Republicans and Democrats were merely two heads on a single corporation-controlled body. That's true as far as it goes, but there were four heads on that body. The third was the Reform Party, which played a loyal-opposition role within the military element of the complex. It wanted every US military adventure to be 100% Yankee Doodle Dandy and thus unlike slick Colin Powell opposed fighting wars on behalf of the WTO or IMF.

The fourth was the Green Party, which played a loyal-opposition role within the university element. It opportunistically ignored the universities' acquiescence in the very politics it most abhors. The use of university facilities by the Greens is every bit as crass as the use of military or corporate ones. We need a one-year moratorium on liberal-arts education so the freed students can plant trees and engage in huge civil-disobedience actions everywhere...

I include these comments in part because of your UCLA gathering this month. You may soon wish to ask whether a Green Party worthy of its name should be willing to meet indoors more than rarely. In any case, the very best of luck to you!

Lesson For Bangladesh

We must welcome Mr. President of Pakistan to the civilized world after 57 years of military butchering and oppression of non-Muslims in the name of religion on his speech on Saturday, January 13, 2002. I am impressed with the Pakistani President Musharraf's speech at least in the area of curbing terrorism and cracking down Islamic extremism. Of course, the speech itself was motivated by his choice to stay in power. He took this opportunity to seek a favor from the world community especially USA to be a legitimate military dictator. Due to the wrong doing by Pakistani military people paid dearly over many years: loss of East Pakistan in 1971 now called Bangladesh and loss of democracy. We hope this is a lesson for all Pakistani leaders who may come in future as well.

Can Bangladesh Government also get a lesson from this exemplary boldness of Mr. Musharraf and punish those who are responsible for causing human misery there before it is too late? Bangladesh Government must learn from Pakistan's mistake - hatred and Islamic fundamentalism cannot help a country either economically or socially. Like Pakistan, Bangladesh Government has an additional burden of proving legitimacy. In this context, we, in Human Right Congress for Bangladesh Minority (HRCBM), beg to contend that this election result was tainted due to different world events. We can claim that the win can be attributed to the sudden up rise of Islamic fundamentalisms after the declaration of war against Muslim terrorism by President Bush, and war in Afghanistan by the world community. From different international news reports (BBC, Time, dated November 12, 2001, etc.), actions (letter to Begum Zia, dated December 12, 2001) by some US congressmen (Benzamin Gilman, etc.), interviews of secular political leaders of Bangladesh and reports by other neutral organizations (UN and Amnesty International, dated December, 2001), it has now been established to the world that Minority cleansing has been rampant in Bangladesh since the October 1 election win by different Muslim radical groups. Under the above circumstance, one can surely question the legitimacy of the current Bangladesh Government on two important counts: timing of the election and the violation of gross human rights. Secular parties were leading the popular vote before the September 11 disaster. The winning party of Begum Zia saw an opportunity of the moment and used it to its fullest content by exploiting the sentiment of the illiterate Muslim mass of Bangladesh. One can observe and notice many other irregular and inhuman situations in today's Bangladesh. Bangladesh ministers and Government supported and paid Muslim leaders are making public statements in support of the minority cleansing. Among them, examples include changing the constitution to be Islamic, destruction of minority temples, celebration of only Muslim holidays, etc. In other actions Bangladesh Government and its political leaders, in addition of minority cleansing, are taking strong measures to curb the voice of secularisms by arresting neutral journalists and banning organized protests against the heinous crime against humanity.

We pray and hope Bangladesh will not miss this opportune moment to ban all illegal activities by the Islamic extremism.

Amalendu Chatterjee

Executive Director

Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM)

Urgent Call To Reduce Gas Consumption

Reducing America's dependence on oil may be the single biggest step forward we can take for our national security, as well as for our economy and environment. You can help make it happen today by calling

Senator Boxer NOW.

Our cars, trucks, and SUVs consume more oil today than at any time in the last 21 years, despite advances in technology -- we simply aren't doing our best with what we have. Why? Congress has not raised mileage standards since 1988. But now they are finally considering an increase.

The key question is, how much? A 40 mpg standard would save as much oil as we import from Saudi Arabia, and it's the quickest, surest route to energy security. Recent studies by the National Academy of Sciences and the Union of Concerned Scientists show that we can reach a 40 mpg average over ten years. But car and oil companies want to do much less.

Your Senator, Barbara Boxer, sits on the Commerce Committee, which is negotiating the number now. Your call could make a real difference. Please call her NOW at:

Senator: Barbara Boxer

DC Phone: 202-224-3553

DC Fax: 202-228-1338

Make sure her staff knows you're a constituent. Then urge her to:

"Please support a CAFE standard of 40 mpg by 2012." "CAFE" stands for "Corporate Average Fuel Economy," or the average gas mileage of all cars sold by a company.

Please make your call NOW. A deal could be struck at any minute.

Finally, please let us know you're making this critical call, at:

We'd like to keep a count. Thank you.

Wes Boyd

PS: President Bush's recent announcement on fuel cells highlights a promising long-term solution, but fuel cells won't come online for about 20 years at the earliest. We need to take the common-sense, near-term step of increasing CAFE standards now. Please call today.

What The USA Can Do To Bring Peace In The Holy Land?

I am a Catholic priest at St. John of God ( and St. Anne's/ AACC (Arab-American Catholic Community, in San Francisco. Many of my American friends and parishioners ask me:

1) What America can do more for justice and peace in the Holy Land?

2) America has done a lot to bring Israelis and Palestinians together to negotiate for peace! Why violence continues in the Holy Land, what America can do more?

Let me explain things on the easiest way that I can!

Let me tell you in brief what may help you to see things:

1) Before 1948 the year of the proclamation of the State of Israel, Palestinians were living for centuries and centuries in Palestine. Palestinians the descendants of the Cananites and the Jebusites who under different occupations (until the last one the English one during the W.W.I and W.W.II) continued to exist as people. Jews formed around 5% of the people living in peace with Palestinians. Jews were not mistreated by Arabs, they were persecuted in Europe. The English decided under the Zionist pressure to create a Jewish State in Palestine. Since then the problems started between Jews who started to come from all over the world to take over Palestine and build settlements here and there with the English (and European help who felt guilty for what they have done to the Jews, the Holocaust, and to get rid of them from Europe) and American money and weapons. England has long history in doing things like that: I mean to create problems in the Countries that she colonized: India-Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, Argentina, Kuwait-Iraq ... (Sources:

2) The State of Israel took from the new UN over 52% of the Historic Palestine. Palestinians found on this an injustice. They refused to divide their country. War started and with the support of the English and the Americans Israel got 78% of the Historic Palestine. (Sources:

3) In 1967, during the six days war Israel got the 22% of the remaining Palestine that was under Jordanian Control. The UN Resolution 242 and 338 stipulated these 22% are OCCUPIED TERRITORIES that should return their owners. (Sources:

4) In 1993 after the first nonviolent Intifada in the Occupied Territories, Oslo agreement was reached that Israel would give back these 22% to Palestinians and started with the Arabs what is called the Peace Process, LAND FOR PEACE. Palestinians will recognize the State of Israel on the 78% of their historic Palestine and Israel will give back by steps (within 5 years) the 22% of the land to the Palestinians. (Sources

5) During the Peace Process with the help of the USA Israel was building settlements on the 22% of the Occupied Territories and bringing Jews from Russia, Ethiopia and every where. (Sources: The USA against all the Palestinian calls for the UN to decide on the issues of justice and TRUTH was using its Veto's against the UN Resolutions in favor of Israel (24 UN Security Council veto's to date). (Sources: The USA has given up to date an estimated $92 billion dollars to Israel, mainly from our tax money used to build Jewish Settlements in the 22% of the Occupied Territories and sophisticated weaponry and with blind political cover. (Sources:

Rabin who wanted really to build the future of Israel and recognize the right of the Palestinians was killed by the Israelis

The last Clinton-Barak-Arafat camp David meeting offered to the Palestinians part of the 22% and not all the Land but the Palestinians have to accept the presence of the Settlements under Israeli control, the roads and the security, to give up the Israeli army the borders of the Palestinian State, its entries and exits, the airport and the sea, and off course give up the right of the Palestinian refuges to come back (over 4 million refugges) and Part of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Capital. Palestinians saw that they have already given 78% of their historic Palestine and refused to give any inch of their 22% internationally recognized occupied territories and East Jerusalem. The Israeli and the American sides blamed Palestinians for the failure of the Camp David meetings for refusing the so called generous offer of the Israelis. The offer did not give any map it was only word, later on American and Israelis experts

showed that it was just an offer that nobody would accept and they wanted only to trap the Palestinians (Sources:

6) Frustrated with the flow of the setters, the building of settlements everywhere and anywhere, the policy of closure, the demolition of the Palestinian houses, confiscation of IDs and lands, Palestinians started a second INTIFADA after Sharon provoked them and came to the Holiest Muslim Place in Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa with over 3000 soldiers, who killed many angry young people.

Sharon elected as Prime minister of Israel asked President Bush, new elected for 100 days to finish the Palestinian Cause for good. But since then violence nourished violence. And America started to blame the Palestinians, when covering up on the use of the F16, Gunships, tanks etc. used by the Israelis against the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, denying to the Palestinians the International recognize law to resist Occupation.

The Palestinians used suicide bombing in Israel to revenge the Israeli killings in the occupied Territories. These Suicide bombing, considered as Terrorist acts, and as such provoked the Israelis for more killings and house demolition the way the USA did in Afghanistan against Taliban. And as such these terrorists acts by the Palestinians did not serve the Palestine cause. Used by the Israeli-American Media, silenced the whole world who seems unable today to take a clear stand for justice, TRUTH and Peace.

And again violence nourished violence between Israelis and Palestinians. (Sources:

7) Here should come the USA work for TRUTH and JUSTICE I will answer here then the two questions asked on the very beginning of my reflection on the situation in the Holy Land

a) In the name of the TRUTH: The USA should call immediately for the implementation of the UN RESOLUTIONS 242, 338 and respect the International law. In fact the War is main ground of violence is on the Occupied Territories and because of the frustrations in these Occupied territories, the Israeli innocent population is suffering. END THEN ISRAELI OCCUPATION, the source and the reason of violence things will change immediately

b) In the name of justice: The USA have helped Israel with money, weapons, UN veto's and political

support for over 54 years. It is time that the USA help Israel to live in peace with its neighbors The only way for Israel to find peace and friends around its borders is to work for comprehensive justice for the Palestinians, owner of the Historic Palestine

c) Sooner or LATER the Palestinians will see their rights recognized and they will establish their full independent State. The USA short vision today is only delaying this day when the whole world will stand with the Palestinian rights.

The USA should work then SOONER better than later JUSTICE and TRUTH. An open and sincere evaluation of the American policy is needed to bring peace for the Holy land. IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FROM AMERICAN ADMINISTRATION FOR THE SAKE OF THE MANY INNOCENTS (Palestinians and Israelis) WHO DIED WAITING FOR A BETTER LIFE (Sources:

Father Labib Kobti


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