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February 2002

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

By Frank Scott

A new year begins with the economy in recession, unemployment and homelessness rising, and health care and housing costs skyrocketing. But is that anything new, in the center of global capitalism ? Nor is it new that we are inflicting punishment on poor third world people who never did anything to us, while our leaders claim this is only the beginning of a long, long war against terrorism.

Since the evil commies are gone , we've replaced them with evil terrorists so that billions will continue to be spent on weapons and death, insuring a future of even more weapons and death. All this, as we move closer to transforming the world into a massive shopping mall where a minority madly over-consumes , while the majority suffers empty stomachs, poisoned environments and crippling debt.

Noam Chomsky describes our state of mind as "willful and determined ignorance", which is really the will of corporate mind management determining the level of ignorance of our people. Given the massive intervention into our lives by media, how can Americans know anything but what we are told by these consciousness controllers? Their voices spread the party line , telling us that our present demon is even worse than past demons, but not to notice that most of these demons are from the oil rich east. They're just isolated , crazy murderers, with no connection to political or economic issues. Sure.

Remember the Libyan demon? The Iranian demon? How about the Iraqi demon, still high on the Israeli hit list and therefore high on ours? And we can't forget a major Palestinian demon, trotted out every time his people are driven mad enough to make bombs of themselves; the seemingly eternal Arafat, who is used and abused as his people have been used, abused and treated as excrement by the bigots of Israel and their racist sponsors in the USA.

Isn't it interesting that these demons have threatened us for no reason other than jealousy, hatred of modern life, and religious fanaticism? That's believable, if you also believe that we pay rent because god wills it, or that we shop because evolution changed us from field rodents to mall rats. Duh?

Our short attention span is willfully determined by mind managers who see to our mental diet of misinformation. This features a world view focused on strengthening a belief in our national correctness, decency, and invincibility. Given that control of our consciousness, it's easy to conclude that ungrateful and crazy people hate us, despite all the good we do. And when that hatred provokes insane actions like the bloody murder of 911, the only therapy we can propose is mass murder and social destruction, which is called humanitarian intervention by our mind managers. What else can a decent and invincible society do?

What nation has killed more people than any other, over the past fifty years? It would be hard to get a correct answer in the USA, though we are that nation. The rest of the world would know, given its relatively free press. At least by comparison to what we call newspapers, which are really enclosures for advertisements. Add up the number of news pages in your local gazette, and subtract the pages devoted to fluff about recipes, hobbies and ways to be more intimate with your pets. Then compare that to the number of ad pages in that same "news" paper. No wonder we are among the most ignorant and confused people on earth, especially about our political economics.

That's why many polls show that we support social spending over private tax cuts, and often by great majorities, but are ruled by forces that give us the exact opposite. And the constantly repeated 90% support figures for our middle school president only reinforce the obvious. When people are asked simplistic questions like whether they support or oppose fighting against terrorism, what are they supposed to answer?

Yet our media dutifully report that our tongue-tied leader is backed by everyone but a handful of traitors and some kooks who dare to think for themselves. Hardly mentioned is the fact that he was elected by a disputed and even smaller than usual minority and is converting our bill of rights into a roll of toilet paper, with an opposition so spineless it makes a convention of hair dressers seem macho by comparison. What's a people to do?

Perhaps take heart from the fact that so many are working for peace in this fascistic atmosphere of war. And that so many more boldly ask questions they once whispered, gaining strength by learning they are not alone in their thinking, despite the media. Americans are not nearly as dumb as their mind controllers would have it, and public opinion can change in a flash. The anger that has been played upon to win our support for murderous economic policy elsewhere, can be turned around and brought home as soon as we realize that it not only originates here, but is practiced on us as well.

Foreign policy is exported domestic policy. The disrespect for life that sells health care and housing only to the highest bidders here at home, is the disrespect for life that self-righteously destroys the lowest people everywhere in the world. But a growing population is demanding another way of living, one that sees humanity and the earth as more than marketable commodities.

Did you know that since 911, there have been demonstrations against corporate globalization in more than thirty five countries? The voice of democratic life can be heard above the noise of corporate death, but only if we use alternative sources of information that are not censored by marketeers of capital.

It may seem as though things are worse than ever, but it's possible that the best is yet to come. If we think freely and act on those thoughts, we can make a better world. Happy New Year.


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