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Ferbruary 2002

Political Correctness Sucks

By Judy Borello

When I attended a meeting about a month ago pertaining to the EAH housing project in Point Reyes Station. I was flabbergasted. This project consists of 36 units in 18.6 acres right in the middle of the historic business village of town. EAH project manager Lamar Turner opened the meeting and stated that the sewage problems during a 100 year storm could be alleviated with French drains. During the flood of 1982, the Old Western Saloon's basement had French drains, and they couldn't keep up with the water. The basement had three feet of water in it and I installed two sump pumps. Those sump pumps have worked almost every year since 1982 that is normal to heavy rainfall. French drains don't work. Then "Santa Claus" Steve Kinsey announced to the crowd that the "Buck Trust Fund" was going to bail out EAH again with thousands of dollars and how the county would assist EAH with rezoning the property. Could you imagine the private sector getting this incredible package from the county? Money and rezoning the land to fit a development.

Then Lamar Turner put on his other hat of becoming a real estate broker, asking the crowd if anybody wanted to buy for a cool million the two plus acres of the project that could possibly have a home, a guest house, and a small farm. I thought this was a public housing project! The best of all was when Mr. Turner mentioned that the open-space part of the project needed somebody to take on the liability of the project. Once the project is complete, what is EAH going to do if there are any problems? Skip and run?! A private developer would never get away with this project and its distorted manipulations.

The County of Marin is two-thirds publicly owned and you wonder why houses and taxes are so expensive? Wonder why only the rich can afford to live here? Because the same people who are clamoring for public housing and public lands are some of the same people who don't want the rich out here with their "trophy" homes. It's a vicious cycle of cause and effect with nobody taking responsibility for their decisions.

I call this "The Spoiled Brat Syndrome" because the same people who push for parks, public housing, and other governmental ownership of land that drives the prices up on what little private property is left then cry because they can't afford it. And then want the government (which is you and I) to provide "cheap" housing for themselves and are against the wealthier people who are the only ones who can now afford to build out here.

Let a private developer attempt to do a housing project, and the same "spoiled brats" scream, "Bad man developer," but when it comes down to it, development is okay when the government or public agencies do one and subsidize the victims of their own-caused demise.

Some of these "spoiled brats" referred to the government as "big brother," and now they have become "big brother." The "spoiled brats" also harbor jealousy and resentment against anybody who has been independent enough to afford themselves the finer things in life such as a "trophy home." What constitutes a trophy home, anyway? A set of deer horns on the roof?!

All I know is this EAH project is going to destroy the quaintness and historical value of our little town for a few locals who don't care about the town's future as long as they can have their way. The aesthetics, the environmental impacts, and the addition in population in one fell swoop deeply concerns me and, as I have said before, put this project to the outskirts of town instead of smack dab in the middle of it.

And, as I've also previously asked, "Where have all the environmentalists gone?" This is the biggest project and the magnitude of it will affect so many levels of the environment and Tomales Bay. Yet we don't hear so much as a peep from any of the six groups that proclaim they are so concerned about the state of the bay. They'd rather knit-pick a restaurant owner for wanting to build a deck or bitch about a frog pond than take on a real environmental issue. It leads me to believe that their agenda is purely hypocritical. Who they like or don't like (politically) plays a large part in their biased judgment, and they ignore a real threat of destroying a great little town and turn their backs on significant environmental issues that will impact our community for many years to come. These same environmentalists profess to protecting the environment from development and keeping Tomales Bay pristine. It's quite obvious to me that their total disregard of the most important project that has come down the pipe in the past century has fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes by their own choosing. Such hypocrisy!

P.S. Rise up, Point Reyesins, or lose your town! It's up to you and you alone!


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