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February 2002

Bicycle Tour Of US Starts In Bolinas

By Aaron Wiley

The front of Smiley's Saloon has been the source of inspiration for years. people can't help but to attract to positivity there. This leads me to the column I will taking on once a month. My name is Aaron Wiley 29, I'm one of the shy, quiet people who has involved himself in nothing until now. The time is right and creative juices are flowing. Starting January 1st, 2002 Ethan Funk and Jason Rodgers (Argie) will undertake on a journey. They will be packing their mountain bikes for a year long adventure into the sunset.

They will be touring the United states minus Alaska and Hawaii. In a world that seems to be getting more united, here are two courageous individuals pulling together for ride across the country. I can't think of a better way to experience the world than just getting out there and experimenting. They set sail on January 1st with bike in hand and a head full of dreams. This will be the ultimate challenge for the die hard mountain biker. They will be traveling under the pseudonym T.A.C.T, which stands for Tamalpais Area Cycle Tourists, (pretty ingenious huh!)

I will be the eyes and ears from Bolinas, They will be phoning and e-mailing me once a week to give me progress reports. It's then up to me to formulate the information into a readable article. They will be traveling approximatally 25-30 miles a day. I see this voyage as courageous and the biggest mental challenge these two will face. I wish them the best and hope for a happy and safe return in 2003. Good luck guys! I'm routing for you and so is the rest of the town. We all await the wondrous stories and experiences you have to tell. I'll be back next month with the first installment of their journey



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