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February 2002

One Large Palestinian Prison

By Karen Nakamura

Like an Arnold Swartzeneggar movie, Israel's huge array of guns, tanks, helicopters and personnel are confining Palestinians into an ever-narrowing prison. Since January, the net has grown even tighter. For the first time since the Oslo Accords were signed, Israel has re-conquered a West Bank city, Tulkam. What could be the final fight for Palestinian freedom has begun. Palestine is not only in a state of siege, the horrible conditions are comparable to anything out of the Middle Ages.

Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, having kept Western Christians from the holy sites during the holidays so they won't learn the truth, had reopened some roads and lifted some restrictions on movement in Bethlehem and a few other Palestinian municipalities. However, since Palestinians retaliated in the last month for the assassination of one of their leaders, Palestinian cities have been "round-robined" into almost continuous attack by an invading and overwhelming Israeli military.

Not only that, Palestinians families are forced to stay in the path of the Hell-borne devastation as bombs and rockets crash down around them. Israel has locked all entrances and exits, bombed many government offices, the airport, and is bulldozing the country down, humans, animals and plant-life with it. This has been going on for years. Only now it's being stepped up as Sharon prepares to conquer. It's very evident that there are no terms Sharon will accept. He wants the land for a greater Israel devoid of Palestinians and he won't stop until he gets it or is taken down.

Palestinians are concentrated into a large prison. Their very movements are restricted. They're not allowed to work and are denied medical coverage among many other inconveniences. They aren't allowed to protect themselves. Some are in the equivalent of a minimum-security facility. Some are in lockdown such as President Arafat. But they're all in a prison surrounded by sadistic guards. Yasser Arafat, the democratically elected president and founding father of his country, (yes, Palestine has a democracy despite Israel's propaganda to the contrary,) has the barrel of a tank staring him in the face 24 hours a day and can't move from his building.

Hitler's planners never conceived of such a clever set-up to mass extermination as the one Israel is presently playing out in Palestine. Think of the wall built around the Warsaw Ghetto to hold in the Jews as the Nazis prepared to slaughter them. The Knesset recently included funds in its very tight budget to re-build the fence surrounding Gaza.

The Israelis use the flimsiest excuses to level block, village or holy site. Outside of engaging in conflict resolution, they brag about their harsh behavior as though it's honorable. Whereas Israel bragged in January about the 23 roadblocks it had lifted in the "occupied territories, that was only 23 out of the 120. As the Palestinian web site stated, "This is not a sign of good intent."

There's also the 46 permanent checkpoints purposely build to inhibit Palestinian territorial continuity." The effect has been to divide the West Bank and Gaza into 67 cantons. These cantons are usually in the low lands with the ridge-tops populated with hostile Israelis settlers who think they're better than the Palestinians and have no qualms about shooting even Palestinian children.

Most main thoroughfares have been bulldozed and huge trenches either run along side or directly across every major road. Roads have been made even more impassable by boulders acting as blockades. Common citizens can not move from one section to another without massive paperwork and the constant threat of beatings or death. Many children in Bethlehem have never seen Jerusalem, 12 miles away, because they're not allowed to move out of their small section of the country.

None of this is new. All that's new is that the Bush administration and the Congress seem want to appease Israel for some strange reason. Maybe the government knows too much about American covert activities. Whatever, 60 years after the World War II, Jews are big enough not to need to be coddled. "The lean pig has it within him to rage" says the I Ching. That seems to be what's happened to spoiled and ill-mannered Israeli government officials. They don't want us to forget their suffering while they inflict even more vicious attacks on others.

It's been well documented that abused children often turn into abusive adults. This is the condition of Israel's present leaders. Nothing in the past 10 years has shown anything different. Build on the finest principles of democracy, beloved Israel has re-paid its founders by becoming the butchers of the Middle East. American Jews and Americans themselves are eventually going to be made to pay a bitter price if we don't immediately return to the principles of democracy, compassion, justice and fair play. The World Trade Towers are probably just the beginning



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