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January 2002

Eternal Vigilance
By Antonio Serna

   Before we totally get carried away by the current frenzy of showering our commander-in-Chief with undeserved "Hosannas" for the effectiveness by which his administration has plunged us into a senseless conflict, let us stop for a moment and reflect why we find ourselves in this tragic situation.
   Here are some pertinent questions that are begging for answers:
   1) More than half of the Americans believe that Bush stole the election from Vice President Al Gore who garnered half a million more votes in the last presidential election. Why was the election stolen and who are benefiting from it?
   2) It is not a secret that the oil industry bank-rolled the Bush campaign. It is not a secret that Dick Cheney is Vice President because the oil industry wants him a hair's breath away from the presidency. It is therefore not surprising to find both men currently pushing the oil industry's agenda. Is it then a wonder why, like his father who is also an oil man, Bush Jr. is now conducting a war in the interest of oil?
   3) Is there truth to the rumor that the US oil industry has huge investments in tapping the world's largest oil deposits in the Caspian sea? Is it true that what has frustrated the success of that endeavor was the refusal of the Taliban government to allow the vital pipe delivery system that needed to be laid across Afghanistan?
   4) The Talibans were not hostile to the US. The US, as a matter of fact, assisted them in their war against Russia. The only sin committed by the Talibans was to buck the desires of the US oil industry in its quest for oil.
   5) Why did the Bush government irresponsibly walk out of a very sensitive meeting at the UN convened to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Was it intended as a provocation to the Fundamentalist Muslims who were predictably going to react violently?
   6) Was the September 11 attack an expected end-result of that provocation?
   7) US intelligence had previous knowledge that Al-Qaida terrorist cells existed in the country and were ready to strike at the slightest provocation. Shouldn't they have been rounded up rather than provoked?
   8) Was the September 11 attack totally a surprise to the US intelligence authorities considering its magnitude and the number of people and planes involved in the carefully crafted suicide missions?
   9) Could it be a repetition of the Pearl Harbor attack which was carried out by the enemy in exactly the very manner that US intelligence predicted? Was it a fool proof formula to get the American people behind its government in a war effort?
   10) Are we already at war? Did the American people, through their Congress, approve an official war declaration?
   11) The sagging approval rating of President W. Bush jumped to almost 90 percent after the loss of 4,000 American lives in New York and Washington, DC. What did the president do to deserve such a nod of approval?
   12) Is bombing innocent women and children in Afghanistan, in the name of American patriotism, the reason why we are showering President Bush with all these accolades? No one but he and his friends in the oil industry are benefiting from this brutal blood bath.
   13) George Bush Sr. brought us "Desert Storm" to gain control of Kuwaiti and Saudi oil. Bush Jr. is now busy with his Afghanistan adventure in pursuit of the Caspian Sea oil. What do Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein have to do with these oil ventures? Are they terrorists in the service of the US oil industry.
   14) If you are the president, will you want to put an end to the benefits that he and his friends in the oil industry are deriving from the current situation? How about prolonging it up to the year 2004?
   15) Is it not curious to note that of the four commercial jets used in the September 11 suicidal attacks, all the planes reached their targets except for the one that should have hit the White House? Why was that attack aborted and the rest were not? Coincidence? Probably.
   Only time will tell if the above questions are indeed valid and have any relevance to our current national crisis. As an intelligent people to whom the world looks upon for leadership, we have a moral obligation to be leaders and not a bunch of sheep being led to the slaughter house. Our forefathers made serious sacrifices to give us the freedom and independence that we now enjoy. It is incumbent upon us to carry on that glorious task of remaining free and prosperous. We have a form of government that does not only allow us to think and speak up freely, but vigorously demands us to do so. Let us not forget that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Vigilance from external as well as internal threats.

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