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January 2002


The Grinch That Stole The Constitution

By Stephen Simac


   "He knows when you've been sleeping, He knows when you're awake. Who the hell are you, John Ashcroft?" John Ashcroft. Senate testimony.

    From a young age we're trained to distrust the official story, from fishy tales about where babies come from, to tooth fairies and Easter bunnies. Despite our natural doubts we are assured that "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" and somehow he squeezes down chimneys. We accept these fables until the lies cannot hold any longer. Usually after an older child has cruelly disabused us of our quaint notions.

    Maybe I'm naturally suspicious because I grew up in Florida without any chimney.  I'd like to believe the official explanation for 9/11. Yet the story is so full of holes it would only hold water if logic is constructed with colanders.


Dead Men Flying

   Start with the hijackers-suicidal Saudis for the most part, we're told. They entered and exited the country freely with large amounts of cash, even though two were on a suspected terrorists list, the alleged ringleader had an expired visa and others had outstanding warrants. The pilots took flying lessons at private schools in several states. Several even had training at military bases in Pensacola, Florida and Montgomery Alabama.

   Despite their expensive schooling and virtual reality training, their trainers described them as incompetent and would not certify them for solo flight in a small aircraft. Mohammed Atta and his partner even stalled a Cessna, walking away from it in the middle of a runway at Miami International Airport. They definitely were not following the instructions in their Spy Manual 101 to blend in discreetly.

   Neither were the other  Florida suspects who left 8 X 10 glossies of Osama bin Laden in plain view on the back seat of their car, with a Palestinian flag in the rear window. The fundamentalist Muslim martyrs spent their last night in a strip bar drinking vodka, and boasting that America was going to be brought down lower than their lap dancer. A preview of Paradise, perhaps.

   The absence of their names from CNN and other publicly published passenger manifests is a media oversight surely, since their pictures and names were on the FBI's most wanted dead or alive ads.  The airline's actual passenger lists have been seized by the FBI along with most other recorded information about the flights.

   Of course, at least six of the FBI's first batch of suspects had airtight alibis. One had been dead for two years, the others were alive at home in the Middle East. Mohammed Atta's father said he talked with his son on the phone after 9/11.

    What was revealed to the public in breathless, nonstop stories was disturbing enough about airline security or insecurity. Muslims walking through metal detectors with ceramic knives and razor blades in their shoes, or maybe the weapons were stashed under the seats by the cleaners.  Even after security's allegedly been tightened, ordinary Americans have been wandering onto planes with guns or Bowie knives.


Failure To Communicate

   One hijacker didn't even have luggage, he left it behind in their rented car along with a Flying JumboJets for Dummies manual in Arabic. Others paid in cash the day of the flight.

   The DEA has trained ticket agents to be  suspicious of these behaviors when on the lookout for drug dealers, but evidently profiling Muslim terrorists was not as high a priority before Sept. 11.

    Note that the CIA, FBI, the administration and other "intelligence" agencies were given specific warnings that terrorists were planning to hijack domestic planes and crash them into symbolic structures, yet failed to communicate adequate warnings to the FAA and airlines.

  The Egyptian president, the Russian government, Israel, Iranians  and other individuals have all come forward claiming they gave credible warnings to the highest authorities right up to the week before 9/11. Lower level FBI agents claim that they knew of plans for hijacking planes to use as bombs and that higher level administrators either ignored their warnings  or actively quashed investigations which could have stopped them.

    No congressional investigations are yet planned for this stupendous failure of our bloated intelligence agencies, airline security corporations, immigration policy and the lapse in air defense of restricted air space over Washington.


With Knowledge And Aforethought

   The anonymous investors who placed  several hundred million dollars in short selling puts on the stocks of the same airline companies and insurance companies affected by the attacks must have known or called psychic Sally. Their profits are still unclaimed in the Deutsche bank.  ( Only one Israeli citizen died in the twin towers collapse, out of 4,000 feared dead in the first days. At least two Israelis were warned about the attacks two hours before the crash. They told their management that they'd gotten a urgent warning through Ondigo, self proclaimed "World's Greatest Instant Messaging Device." (Haaretz Daily) Ondigo is funded by the Israeli government, just like the contract company which conducts all the FBI's wiretaps. Hey, if American intelligence isn't going to warn Americans, the  Israeli's must have thought at least we'll warn our chosen ones.

   Back to the official storyline and the changing timeline. The hijackers were able to easily overpower passengers, stewardesses and pilots with boxcutters and plastic sporks, (uncomfirmed rumor). They immediately shut off identifying transponders which are obscurely located, but allowed one pilot to make surreptitious contact with air traffic controllers.

   The tapes of those last moments have been seized by the FBI along with a horde of other evidence which might blow the story out of the sky like Flight 93.

    The official storyline is based on news reports of partial transcripts and frenzied calls on passenger cell phones. These stories and a horde of unsourced and undocumented information have formed our opinions of what happened, including the immediate pinnning the blame on Osama the Donkey.


Accelerated Learning

   The hijackers on the Pentagon bound plane, who had been bumbling pilot wannabes in training, were suddenly able to pull jet fighter turns at top speed and hit their target  exactly. Flight 175 flew over the restricted airspace of Washington with no response from nearby military bases and crashed directly into a recently reinforced section of the Pentagon.

  Just as odd as the hijacker's  sudden skill was that the reinforcement worked as planned and came in under cost.  Now, with the replacement, those costs are doubled, more typical of Pentagon expenditures.

   In the aftermath of the attacks even more incredible stories were broadcast and swallowed by the American public as quickly as children eating candy. The undamaged asbestos passport of one hijacker was found a few blocks away from the twin towers, no sign of the hijacker, not even a turban.

  The twin towers themselves collapsed in a perfectly Controlled Demolition, not even a sideways wobble to take out a few more blocks. Firefighters and witnesses who escaped the destruction heard other explosions and witnessed extensive damage on lower floors, but the official story emerged before the dust had even settled. The collapse was caused because the jet fuel fireball, fed by loose paper, melted the steel supports of the floor. So much for the paperless economy.

  When it was pointed out on the internet that the melting point of steel is several hundred degrees centigrade higher than jet fuel burning, the story changed to structural steel weakening because of poor maintenance of critical fireproofing. This allowed the famous pancaking  effect, defying a few more laws of nature. Including that the second tower hit fell first, although it took a much less direct hit.


The Usual Suspects

   Osama the Evil One got all the credit for plotting this assault. He's escaped American vengeance for now by slithering out of Tora Bora. Maybe like Saddam Hussein he'll be used as a bogeyman for years to come. He's on the run leaving behind his video collection. Soon enough we'll probably find his kinky sex toys and drugs, like Noriega.

   His style of management is reportedly hands off, a post modern Mafia CEO type, so it's theoretically possible he could have planned it, wound it up, funded the cells minimally and been responsible without much involvement with the 19 suspects, other than a little training at his terrorist boot camps.

   It's more likely that the terrorists had some national agency support to pull it off so successfully. Mohammed Atta, the suspected ringleader reportedly met with an Iraqi agent in Czechoslovakia the month before. He was an international jetsetter, a frequent flyer domestically. These terrorists were all first class passengers, even videotaped flight crews, or sat up front with pilots. They were loaded with cash with no visible means of support.

   Atta was sent $100,000 by the head of the ISI, Pakistan's intelligence agency last summer. The general resigned the same week that was revealed by the Indian government, to spend more time with his family.


An Inside Job

   Osama is undoubtedly a CIA funded rogue rooster coming home. The CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia even visited him in his hospital suite in July, when Osama was getting a checkup. What did they chat about?

   The CIA, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan's ISI have funded and armed the mujahideens, Taliban and Al Quaeda at one time or another. The Bush family has an incestuous history with the Bin Ladens. Will we find out decades from now that their involvement extended right up to the day of the attack, before they offered Osama's head up like some Santeria rooster?

   Certainly the fascist forces inside our government have gotten almost everything they've been wanting for the last twenty years all in one fell swoop.

   If there were treasonous agents inside the administration, the CIA, the NSA, the NRO or one of the other alphabet intelligence agencies providing support or allowing the attack to go forward without interference we'll never learn without a real investigation. None are even in the works. Considering the past history of official investigations in the US  there would still be room for doubt left.

    Interestingly enough the investigation of the WTC collapse will be handled by the same FEMA expert who mangled the Oklahoma City bombing investigation. The hauling away of any evidence in the WTC rubble is contracted out to Controlled Demolitions, the same company which  handled the OKC cleanup. They reportedly destroyed evidence of other bomb residue inside that government building.   Since Americans accepted that official story, the TWA story and Waco, we're likely to accept this fable no matter how much contrary evidence.


Best Friend Betrayal?

   The media has played up the Arab arrests but virtually ignored the Israeli detainees. The only mentions were snide comments about middle eastern conspiracy theorists blaming Mossad.

  A Washington Times story on Sept. 10 quoted sources in the Army's School of Advanced Military Studies stating that Israel's Mossad was capable of pulling off terrorist attacks on US territory, disguised to look like Muslim assaults in order to gain support for Israel's war on Palestinians. The School headquarters were in the section that went up in flames the next day.

    At least three Israeli companies moved out of the WTC before their leases expired in the weeks before the attacks.  Dozens of Israeli's have been arrested in America since 9/11, some with boxcutters, blue prints of nuclear power plants and the Alaskan pipeline, (Fox News)  Another crew from an Israeli moving company was arrested after being seen videotaping the burning towers while cheering and dancing.

   And there's the smoking gun of the Ondigo affair. Benyamin Netanyahu, ex-PM of Israel, initially approved of the attacks as a "Good Thing" for Israel. Israel has a history of attacking American targets.   The lease ownership of the towers had been sold only months before 9/11 to Abe Silverstein, a real estate mogul. WTC 5 another building of his a block away from the towers also collapsed, even though buildings in between were only partially damaged.  His insurance was paid up and he stands to make billions, without the hassle of tenants.

   This is only a partial tally of the flaws in the official 9/11 story, undoubtedly there remain many other anomalies yet uncovered. The media has pasted over the sieve-like tale and never looked back as they cover the unfolding developments in Afghanistan and further plans to battle terrorists around the globe.

  (Notes on sources: The official storyline was taken mainly from the NY Times, the Boston Globe and other dailies.  A quick search on will provide you with your choice of mainstream and alternative sites to confirm details. If only one outlet reported it, or was the primary source then I've cited them. The information and links available at:,,,,,,

  These sites are  extensive and a good place to start researching to make up your own mind. Reading through  google discussion groups on .alt/conspiracy provided many leads, not all reputable, but entertaining and equally plausible as the official story.


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