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January 2002

John Walker; Hold On Just a Minute!

   John Walker has been held prisoner, incommunicado, on a US Aircraft Carrier somewhere in the Arabian Sea  for the last three weeks while being interrogated by US officials.  He has so far, not yet been charged with any crime, yet never in the history of the world, has there such an uproar of discussion and argument over his guilt and his parents guilt and liberal, affluent Marin County's guilt for something or other.  It is like OJ, Chandra Levy, Bill and Monica, the Rosenberg Atomic Bomb spy trial, Sacco and Vanzetti, the Lindbergh kidnapping case, Patty Hearst and Benedict Arnold have been lumped into one critical explosive mass of media coverage.
   The Justice Department has outlined several charges that might apply to Walker which carry penalties from ten years to life, to the death penalty and there is even discussion  about holding his trial in federal court in Eastern Virginia where the jury pool is considered to be more conservative than "liberal" Northern California, which is the Federal District in which he last lived.
   Portions of a CIA interrogation video have been released of a semi-conscious, wounded Walker, outtakes of which have appeared on the front pages of the Chronicle and Examiner , with long hair, filthy face and black eyes rolled back into his head which make Walker look like a grade B movie maniac. Portions of another CNN video made early in December while Walker was in US Special Forces custody.  Walkers statements on the CNN video seem to have released a volcanic eruption of anger towards him as a traitor or turncoat at worst or as a obnoxious spoiled brat rejecting mainstream American values. For the time being, everyone seems to have forgotten Osama bin Laden, the influence of Saudi gold and the involvement of the Bush Cheney administration in the Enron bankruptcy, the biggest business disaster in US history.
   Who knows what Walker knows about CIA and FBI interrogation methods and what he might say when not surrounded by US military and secret agents.
   The Justice Department of John Ashcroft has shown great respect for the constitution in not checking into the gun purchase records of the thousands of middle eastern immigrants and visitors currently imprisoned without charges. The Coastal Post would like to remind Mr. Ashcroft, Mr. Bush and the US Supreme court, that according to the Constitution, "Congress shall have the power to declare war..." and that it is the duty of the Judiciary, not Mr. Bush to decide what charges to file.  And finally, guilt or innocence are not determined by opinion poles or the collective wisdom of talk show hosts and guests.


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