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September 2001

Hamilton Documents: Where Are They?

By Tracy Carg

While the Army continues to search for Retired 6th Army Hazardous Material Inspection Team Leader Robert Foley's documented inspection letter, concerned individuals may wonder about the location of other documents regarding Hamilton. Where are they?

After hundreds of hours of research, I can start to answer that question.

There are 6 portable buildings out on the runway at Hamilton. These buildings are called the Repository. There you can find the old documents, maps, and some of the new reports that haven't made it into the Depositories (libraries) yet.

The Repository is very hard to find and the weeds by the runway are higher than your car. As you go through one of the fences, there is a No Trespassing sign. When you get to the back side of the unmarked portables, you are asked to sign in and sit at a desk and have "Joy" the librarian push the button on the photocopier for you if you are planning on duplicating the documents.

The libraries (plural) are the Depositories.

If you would like the Dioxin/Agent Orange Report, the Methane Gas Report, the Environmental Impact Report, the Hamilton Field Master Plan, some of the WetLand-Ammunition Pit/Burn Pit/North Antennae Field and Landfill 26 Reports, go to 1720 South Novato Blvd. Library.

If you would like the Gas Station, MTBE, Benzene, Chromium, Storm Drain and Ground Water Reports, try the Ignacio Library next to Safeway. These reports affect Novato Charter School, Hamilton School, Lantham Village, 2 day cares, property north of Hamilton and the San Francisco Bay.

The WetLand Project (without much of the ammunition burn-pit cleanup information) is at the Civic Center Library along with other reports yet to be researched.

The documents for the North Marin Water District excavation for a water tank approx. 100'x200'x20' deep on Ammunition Hill and next to Landfill 26 and burn pits, can be found at the construction building near State Access Road.

The California Regional Water Quality Control Board San Francisco Bay Region Order No. 00-064 on the internet discusses the site cleanup requirements for the US Navy property located at the Dept. of Defense Housing Facility former Hamilton Air Force Base, Novato.

The Fast-Track regulations can also be found on the Internet or be purchased from Kinkos in Oakland for approximately $75.00 for both volumes (I/II). The regulations are not being adhered to for Hamilton.

For Hamilton Homeowners, the paperwork for the special tax being paid to maintain "open space" and levees can be found with the City of Novato. Since Landfill 26 is part of that "open space", how will that impact us financially in the future? When the levee is removed, the burn pit toxins will seep into the bay, will this special tax cover related costs?

Another interesting document is the "Stakeholders Association" minutes, which can be found on the Internet. These people decide how the Department of Defense Land is returned to the public at the lowest cost to the government. Each one of us is a "Stakeholder". The toxins from Hamilton have now reached the San Francisco Bay through the waterways. Hamilton, Bel Marin Keys and Black Point are listed on the Unexploded Ordnance/Issues and HAZNET lists (UXO/UXI) they are certainly "Stakeholders" .

These meetings are twice a year.

If you can't find the documents you are looking for, you may try calling the Department of Toxic Substance Control (Sacramento), Regional Water Quality Control Board (East Bay), Navy, Air Quality Control, or The City of Novato. They can probably direct you.



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