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September 2001

Israel Chooses Between Heaven And Hell

By Karen Nakamura

-From THE WALL, a novel written in 1950 by John Hersey about the destruction of the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto by the Nazis. In this excerpt, a group of residents are stuck hunched up in a sewer pipe for 24 hours while they wait for rescue. The narrator is talking with the Zionist, Zilberzweig, a former University professor. Zilberzweig speaks. "...It came to me that extreme nationalism can be as frightful in a Jew as in a German. What does Nazi stand for, anyhow? National Socialism. I should not like to survive the ghetto and go to Palestine, only to fall into the hands of Jewish Nazis."

It's time the world forced Zionist extremists of Israel to grow up, face reality and stop thinking only of their own wants and needs. Their plan for a greater Israel is not going to happen. If it does, then all freedom loving people world-wide are in danger. The Israeli attempt to confiscate Palestine is no different than the Nazis in Poland or Austria.

In the past month, more and more international peace activists are throwing themselves in front of Israeli tanks and armor to protect Palestinian civilians. The Bay Area's own and KPFA's Barbara Lubin was there, laying her life on the line for Palestinians and for the soul of her Jewish people. She reported from the front lines on a brave and valiant 11 year old Palestinian boy stealing an Israeli bulldozer and tearing down one of the many barricades in the West Bank. Why can't Jews see the correlation between that boy, the student stopping the tanks in China and the Warsaw Ghetto? Why are they being so childish? Because they're in denial or, more accurately, within the inner circle, they want power and the money that comes with it. Plus some nice beach front property.

The world is aghast at Israel's blatant Nazi behavior and the United States' refusal to get truly involved. Just saying that both sides have to agree to international peacekeepers is to convey the US's tacit approval of the Israelis' refusal to accept criticism of its actions.

It can't be more obvious that the single, greatest problem in the Palestinian-Israel conflict is Israel's refusal to own-up to its responsibilities in creating that conflict. However, to say the country is in denial is absurd. Over 50% of Israelis want Sharon and his thugs to crush Palestinians into submission. That number corresponds closely with the German people's support of Hitler. Somehow, Israel is rationalizing that because it suffered in the Second World War, the rest of the world is suppose to allow it to get by with genocide, the the exact opposite hope for Israel expressed in 1950.

Instead of allowing democratic voices to be heard, any dissent is silenced by ridicule and threats. A local example was when the Israeli consulate pulled its support from the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival for allowing a left-wing panel to discuss the possibility of getting along with Palestinians.

It's so obvious these days that Israel is trying to appropriate the lands of Gaza and the West Bank so it can built a greater Zionist state. While Israel blames everything and everyone else, it has only itself to answer for its problems. Assassination is okay. Destroying families and children is okay. Stealing land is okay. Causing massive misery, death and hardship is okay. Locking people in a small area then bombing that area is okay. What isn't okay is dissent. Whatever it takes to fulfill the zealots dream, so like the Nazis, so horrifyingly exactly like Hitler.

The Zionist, Ziberzweig, continued summarizing his life's experience, his words ringing with clarity down the annals of time. "No, I have rebelled only against excessive nationalism. The religious zealot ends by being (because of his excesses) anti-religious. In the case of the Jews, the national zealot can likewise become anti-religious--and even, in the consequences of his deeds, anti-Jewish."



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