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September 2001

Cell Phones And Your Health

By Stephen Simac

You can hardboil an egg if you put it between two cell phones is the latest urban legend. Millions of people laughed at the ignorant woman who tried to dry her Bichon Frise in the microwave. Now a hundred million Americans regularly press a little microwave broiler against their head, with thousands more signing up every day to dry their poodle, as they say. The oddest thing is people want cell phones for safety sakes.

Those inane one-sided conversations you overhear in public are not just crazy people, although they are rapidly becoming brain damaged. You will not see public service announcements that this hard-boiled egg is your brain on cell phones. Instead of warning that children's' noggins are fried over easy by the microwave emitting devices as the British do, the American industry markets straight to the crib.

Caution: Cell Phone In Use

There's plenty of evidence for a precautionary note to be in that annoying little cell phone chirping, and in radiophones too. "Use only in emergencies and the life you save may be your own". Especially while driving, or walking or razor scooting. Traffic is no place to radiate your brain.

The hands free sets can be more hazardous, if you're wearing it you're steaming your kidneys, ovaries or liver while microwaves may run up the wire through the ear hole, bypassing your somewhat insulating skull. Everyone around the user not only has to listen to their conversation but is also being gently basted.

The cell phone towers that service the brain baking devices are sprouting up everywhere and merrily toasting the neighborhood with even more power. Cell phone companies have started to disguise them as church steeples and fake chimneys, because it alarms the neighborhood.

Naturally our government and the industry experts say there is nothing to worry about. The debate is still inconclusive medically here, although other countries have drastically lowered allowable levels of radiating emissions, Most studies in the US have been paid for by the telecommunications industry.

Becker's Ground Zero In Stinson Beach

Cell phones are not quite like sticking your head in a microwave but used for long enough reportedly cause memory loss, fatigue, dizziness, sleep disorders and headaches in some people. There are many reports of heavy cell phone users quickly developing brain tumors, including Terence McKenna, psychedelic prophet.

Cell phone towers are much more powerful generators of microwaves, so measurably radiate people up to 200 yards radius plus or minus some.

The industry has been growing like a mushroom cloud through the 90's. Cell phone towers are going up on apartment buildings, government buildings, churches, near schools and residences, and coming soon to Becker's convenience store in Stinson Beach. Marin is the center of resistance to cell phone towers so many residents of the town are upset and determined to stop the installation. They've even gained a county hearing in September on it.

The installation of cell phone towers are hard to stop by neighbors who are concerned for their health or safety. By federal fiat those concerns can not even delay the erection of a microwave-emitting tower. The industry bribed enough federal representatives, including all of the Bay Area's, with campaign contributions to pass the Telecommunications act of 1996.

This law denied community objections to the placement of cell towers on the basis of health or safety. Hardly constitutional but our representatives won't bite the hands that feed them, if they can keep the hands that vote for them happy.

Cell phone microwave towers have not been proven safe or healthy. In fact increases in cholesterol and stress levels, immune system dysfunctions, damage to pancreas, heart, blood cells and brain function have been linked with cell phones and their towers.

Steinmetz And Edison

Non-ionizing radiation is the whole lower end of the electro-magnetic field, measured in millions of waves per second, herz frequencies. Non-ionizing and magnetic radiation, like those from alternating current powered electrical lines and devices, radar, radio and TV towers, color TV sets and computers, microwave towers, ovens and phones all emit measurable non- ionizing radiation which interfere with cell and organ function of most living things. We may not be aware of EMF but biologically we operate in certain frequencies we evolved with. There are claims that some frequencies are more harmful to human health, others for viruses and bacteria some channels may even promote healing.

Ionizing radiation is from the upper end of the field, X-rays, gamma rays and other high speed wavelengths. Ionizing radiation is known to cause cancer, heart disease, and cellular mutation and aging. Non-ionizing is a little more subtly hazardous.

Don't Worry Be Happy With Farraday Fashions

The electromagnetic field was an undiscovered universe for humans until little over a century ago. It includes sound and light waves which humans can distinguish. They are a tiny band in an enormous spectrum of wavelengths that were invisible to humans until scientists and technicians began revealing them. Humans have been busy using and polluting this invisible world for military purposes, industrial output, consumer entertainment and diversion since.

Now Americans consider it normal, as essential to our lifestyle as petroleum, to live in a flood of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. The vast majority of this new electromagnetic pollution has been unleashed by humans in the last century. Because it is invisible pollution we are much less concerned about it, even though it may cause or contribute to many of the major medical problems in America.

Marconi Stole Tesla's Radio

There are several areas in west Marin with enormous electromagnetic radiation pulses, anomalies on a planet with historically fairly low levels of EMF background radiation. These sites were discovered and developed for radio use by Marconi, using Tesla patents. During WW1 they became military bases for the duration, then RCA, a government/private corporation took over to broadcast and receive radio frequencies.

Most of the EMF and microwaves bombarding us are done without our knowledge or even consent, although we may enjoy the fruits of the towers for a price.

There's no need to be concerned experts agree. Compared to the other health risks in Becker's radius, including traffic accidents, gang fights unsafe sex and great white shark attacks the cell phone tower won't significantly increase injuries in Stinson Beach.

The 4-way stop sign on weekends already has a toxic cloud of motor vehicle exhaust and brake pads. The alcohol, tobacco, packaged convenience and high fat foods for sale on the premises and vicinity, taken in excess are the classic cardiac and cancer recipe.

Cell phones and their towers are the latest manifestation of the pollution of the invisible world, and with the promised wireless revolution even more tweaking of it will cascade over us.

The evidence is enough to act in a precautionary way, now. It may take decades to "scientifically" prove whether electric power substations, radar, radio and TV towers and now cell phone towers are killing or sickening people. Meanwhile researchers and the industry are profiting off those unlucky enough to be part of their uncontrolled experiment.

It's alleged that the military already knows many of the harmful health effects of the electro-magnetic field. Our military has been doing extensive research and operations with all frequencies and power levels of EMF, reportedly even beaming voices into psychiatric patients brains with radio frequencies. Supposedly this works better with certain psychiatric pharmaceuticals.

There is enough evidence that microwaves are an unhealthy stressor to humans and animals. The former Soviet Union perversely microwaved the US Embassy in Moscow for years, and two ambassadors in a row went home with leukemia. Other health problems were widespread in the embassy staff.

US Allows More Cell Phone Radiation Than Russia

This should justify extreme caution in their placement in neighborhoods or near schools. That hasn't stopped cell phone companies from imperiously putting up towers in those areas. They can act this way, because that federal clause lets them. Just like the tobacco companies their arrogance will come back to haunt them.

Telecommunications companies are competing to provide more coverage, more towers. They are paying large sums of money to public and private property owners all around the country to place their towers. The fact that these towers are measurably radiating their neighbors up to hundreds of yards away has not stopped many property owners from eagerly accepting.

It pays well and making a profit off the potential pain and suffering of their neighbors is their federal right. Property owners are lining up to microwave their neighbors, which says a lot about the lack of community these days.



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