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August 2001

Letters To The Editor


Letter To Mr. Scott

Dear Mr. Scott and Chomsky,

Someone just sent me the Globalize Democracy essay. I guess it was written by Frank Scott and distributed through Noam Chomsky. Anyhow, it was literate, witty, funny as hell, and exposed some truths which would be very discomfiting for the comforting liars of the establishment.

If you fellows could cough up an email address for each of you, I would be glad to put that in my address book and inform you of any relevant insights from my own piddly-diddly world as an East Coast small businessman, bohemian, and anti-establishment buffoon.

Kit Slitor

via Fax


Rent Increase Moratorium Update

Three months have passed since the San Rafael City Council rejected the request of rents that packed the City Council Chambers requesting a moratorium on rent increases.

The City Council, at that time, gave the landlords three months to "cool down" the rent increases.

Sorry to say, this landlord voluntary program did not work and tenants will return to the City Council at their August 6 meeting and demand a moratorium on rent increases.

All San Rafael residents are urged to attend at the City Council Chambers at 7:30 p.m.

Coleman Persily

Tenants Association of Marin


Recognize All WWII Civilian Workers

I was a civilian working with Army and Navy servicemen and servicewomen during World War II from 1942-1945.

Our group was The Army-Navy Veterans Medical Specifications Procurement Office. The medical specifications were very important as it provided quality healthcare to our men and women who served our country.

I am a resident of Marin County, California, where they recently erected a World War II memorial at our Civic Center. The memorial gave recognition to the civilians and the various groups who served our country during the War.

Our medical specifications group provided a vital medical service and it is incomprehensible that we were not recognized with the other groups.

Sylvia Gordon


Comparative Morality

I'm an inmate in the Marin County Jail who was incarcerated for a probation violation. I had a positive urine test for a drug which I use medicinally. My probation officer told me she was trying to help me "get my life on track."

This incarceration is costing me my job, vehicle, and home. She starts preaching morality to me yet she had just returned from maternity leave. She is unwed and the child is not in the care of its mother. I don't think she has the moral "high ground."

Bill Torgansen


Million Misguided Mom Marchers

Representatives of the silly Million Misguided Mom Marchers have again been spreading their deliberate disinformation in Marin to obfuscate the truth and confuse and mislead the public.

They falsely claim the Second Amendment guarantees only the militia's right to arms, not our individual right to arms, although the right has been acknowledged as an individual right of the people by the US Supreme Court in at least nineteen cases, by five US Circuit Courts of Appeal, and by one US District Court.

They falsely claim that "the militia" today is the National Guard, period. But the current federal militia law (Title 10, United States Code, Section 311) clearly states that the militia consists of all able-boded males (with a few exemptions) aged 17 to 45, and adds that the National Guard is merely a part - actually the smaller part - of the militia. Furthermore, my own correspondence with the Adjutants General of the 50 states has found that at least 22 states today include females in the militia on an equal basis with males.

Why do the media continue their slavish devotion to people like Rosie O'Donnell and the lying leaders of the Misguided Moms?

Fielding Greaves

San Rafael

Infinite Number of Fools

When Janet Reno was the Attorney General during the Clinton administration, she was heard to say, "Whoever is responsible for bombing the Oklahoma Federal Building, killing 168 innocent people, when caught, justice will be swift and severe."

Timothy McVeigh bombed this building over five years ago on April 16, 1995. He was found guilty and sentenced to death. It took the Federal Government that long to bring this idiot to face the executioner.

One of the reasons this circus of inaction continues is the ongoing legal workings of the American Civil liberties Union (ACLU). This organization's major priority is to sell the idea that crime is caused by external forces; hence, criminals are not responsible for their actions and should not be punished.

This idea has tied the hands of police, eliminated much imprisonment and put felons back on the street.

The ACLU was a major influence in backing the Miranda Decision which was enacted to protect criminals by ruling that voluntary confessions are not admissible if police fail to warn the accused that their confession might be used against them. (Did anyone think otherwise?) In short, this outfit is the litigating vehicle behind the explosion of crime in America today.

Over three millennia ago, King Solomon noted (Ecclesiastics 8:11), "For because sentence is not speedily pronounced against the evil, the children of men commit evils without fear." He also observed (Ecclesiastics 1:15), "The perverse are hard to be corrected, and the number of fools in infinite." Truly spoken, and validated by the perverse and foolish statements and actions by our justice system...

Chuck Galletta


Americans Obsessed With Explosions

Here it is July 4, Independence Day, and I am struck by how obsessed Americans are with fire and explosions.

Our national holiday is replete with people grilling meat over the burning coals of barbecues; some people get off on setting off firecrackers or streamers or smoke bombs, and of course millions across the nation will watch fireworks tonight.

Most Americans will be getting around today in their automobiles which operate on the controlled explosions inside the internal combustion engine.

Our national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner," is full of imagery of explosives, "the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air..." The song was written by a man watching a military battle in the War of 1812 against England.

All these July 4 activities contain violence in and of themselves: barbecuing the meat of mammals that have been killed for human consumption; the auditory and visual violence of firecrackers and fireworks; the loudness that automobiles add to the landscape and the now common psychological violence of road rage.

These activities also highlight the different types of violence experienced on a daily basis in modern urban American life: the mindless prevalent consumption of mammals domesticated for the sole purpose of being slaughtered for mass consumption; the tormenting and abrasive loudness created by a mass culture of automobiles and trucks (ever try walking along a busy street or living next to a freeway?); and the insane, competitive frenzy of urban auto travel with its inherent frustrations and rage and despair.

What else is a large metropolitan area in America than a place for millions upon millions of people to compete with each other for space, money, status and resources like rats in heat? Sure, we've got our comforts of electricity, running water, sewage systems, paved roads, grocery stores, and lack of contact with dirt, but to me the massive and thorough urbanization of the United States landscape during the second half of the twentieth century has created a population virtually divorced not only from Nature, which is ultimately what we are all part of, but the natural part of ourselves.

Happy (?!) Birthday America.

Alex Caylee

San Rafael

Inauguration of Our 43rd President

Long after the historic event that took place in Washington D.C. on Jan. 20, 2001, which featured the official inauguration of the 43rd president of this great nation, we will remember the numerous banners and signs that the American people fashioned and waved all over the country to declare, not their support but their protest against and rejection of the man being inaugurated in office. Much has been said about the way the presidential election was brought to its infamous conclusion by the unprecedented intervention of the US Supreme Court in a case that the Florida Supreme Court was in the process of adjudicating. The case was involving a strictly state matter that the Florida Supreme Court was better equipped and had adequate jurisprudence over to decide on. The US Supreme Court had no business pulling rank on a State Supreme Court because of partisan reasons. It has violated its long standing policy of allowing State Supreme Courts to decide on State matters. Consequently, Bush won.

The outrage and anger that the signs represent will be eked in our collective minds to remind us of another day of infamy in the history of our country such as that of the Dec. 7, 1941 bombing of Peal Harbor. Let us review some of them:

Hail the Thief * The Thief * Illegitimate Son of a Bush * Shame on You * Not Our President * Honk Ur Horn if U Agree That Bush Stole the Election (a lot of horn tooting) * The Village Idiot.

Antonio Serna

Rohnert Park

Torture And Death For Montagnard Refugees

"Train Wreck in Central Highlands Kills Four Hundred." If this was the headline it would be in your paper. Four hundred forcibly repatriated to Stalinist regime in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, facing certain torture and death is not news. Why ?

This week the fate of four hundred Montagnard refugees, our former allies, now huddled in misery and fear in a refugee camp in Cambodia, will be decided in Hanoi. They fled their homes following government reprisals over peaceful demonstrations held last February.

Why is our government not fully involved? We are responsible for these people not being absorbed into the communist regime because of their steadfast loyalty to the US. Mercifully, there are now bills being sponsored in the House to right this horrible wrong, but we need to address these four hundred now...before they are dead.

If the millions spent on Kosovo and Bosnia were worth it, why have we empty hearts for a people who saved so many American lives during the War in Vietnam?

Steve Hatch

Isleton, CA

227 Main St., Rio Vista, CA 94571

Senator Feinstein:

I tend to vote Republican, but not in your case. I appreciate your relative accessibility, and the sense of honor and integrity I perceive in you. Should you run for President, you'd have my vote.

I am an advocate for the Montagnard minority living (if you'd call it that) in Vietnam. I served with the Marine Corps there, and believe that I and every American present at that time potentially owe our lives to their efforts on our behalf.

Perhaps I'm naive, but I think it's wrong to subordinate their welfare to trade with Hanoi. In my mind, this is a bipartisan issue.

I ask that you consider the merits of the "Vietnam Human Rights Act", HR 2368 (now in the House) should it come before the Senate. There are, I'm certain, powerful lobbying interests working against this bill. People such as me can't do much in their arena, but I thank you for the chance to speak. Let's help these people.

Theodore Schulz, DVM

Rio Vista, CA 94571

Bay Refuge And Nina Gladish

I'm sorry that Nina Gladish, now after 25 years of living in Kentfield ignoring the increase in traffic, must now be concerned with the future cost of housing for her college bound kids. My family has lived in Marin since 1939. My wife's family since 1906. Like her children, we were raised in Marin.

We have lived in beautiful Sonoma County for 20 years. We moved here after graduating from college because we could not afford to live in Marin (gasp). Sorry Nina, the North Bay, and especially immediately around the Bay, does not have enough green space. Yes we do need a train for all of us former Marin kids (and there are many) who live in Sonoma and work in Marin or the City. We also support re-establishing the train on Center, and right through Kentfield.

We support the establishment or purchase of lands for green space. As much of it as we can get. Save our Vernal Pools and Wetlands!

Roger Wilson

Santa Rosa

Bush Messing With Medical Research

US News and World Reports has listed Johns Hopkins Hospital as first in its polls for years because they deserve this honor. Recently, a volunteer died in a clinical trial, a tragic accident. Hopkins medical researchers immediately suspended that portion of the research which failed. They feel especially bad because the volunteer in the clinical trials was an employee at their hospital.

Following the death, Bush spoke at Hopkins to seek endorsement of his Medicare reform, with Thompson by his side. Incidentally, this administration cut the funding for medical research nationwide before Hopkins administration had the courage to adopt a reasonable and cautious approach to Bush Medicare reform. Then, the halting of funding medical research at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions seems an apparent retaliation for Hopkins administration failure to endorse an untried Bush Medicare restructuring which appears harmful to recipients and beneficent to HMO's, pharmaceuticals, and Big Business. Further, Bush, Cheney and Thompson halting the funding of all medical research by the finest hospital in the world seems to pose a danger to the lives of every American and countless citizens worldwide.

Another reason for halting the funding for Hopkins medical research seems to be a transparent excuse to eliminate medical research funding whenever possible.

Equally important, this halting of funding Hopkins medical research appears to signal all medical researchers that unless they back the Bush-Cheney-Thompson Medicare and other fiscally dangerous health proposals, the administration will cut off their research funding as well. This cessation of funding of the finest medical research available endangers the health and lives of all Americans and others now and in future.

By the way, the media and others pressure Bush to lower gasoline prices, which is partially working, although $1.60 to $1.70 a gallon is far from the Clinton and Gore more regulated gasoline prices of just one year ago. It is higher, however, in New York City and $2.00 a gallon in San Francisco, in the states with the highest numbers of electoral college votes. This letter asks the members of the media that they please continue to expose the encouragement of price gouging.

Similarly, the media can expose and thus pressure this administration to restore the necessary medical research funding that all responsible Republicans, e. g. Nancy Reagan, and Democrats, for example, Rep. Ben Cardin, MD, call for. While few respect the damaging economic policies and duplicitous Iran-contra deadly scandals of the Reagan and Bush administration, no decent citizen wants to see anyone suffering needlessly from Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions is well known for breakthroughs in medical research in these and in many other areas. Their staff is world renowned, and people travel globally to see them, for example, Dr. Ben Carson, who wrote Gifted Hands. Written for the layman, it typifies the extraordinary superiority of Hopkins medical care. Bush has already done everything he can to erode world confidence in America. For instance, according to the Baltimore Sun, John Negraponte, the Bush UN ambassador appointee, hid Iran-contra era death and torture abuses (by American trained operatives) from Congress. Whatever the media can do to expose and help to reverse this despicable act of halting Hopkins medical research funding is needed and appreciated, along with deterring the raiding of Medicare funds.

Hilda Coyne

Baltimore, Maryland

Charter School Should Apologize, Take Action

Last month the Novato Charter School board and director were found by the Marin County Superior Court to be in multiple violation of the 48-year-old 'open meeting' Brown Act... the first public board to be so found in Marin history.

In the weeks that have followed, the silence of the NCS 'leaders' has been deafening, in contrast to their previous self-congratulatory rhetoric.

NCS parents opposed to the illegal firing of their 8th-grade teacher and the 'fast-tracking' of the school to a possibly toxic site at the former Hamilton Air Force Base had notified the NCS board and director in writing of their violations of state law last December and again this March.

Parent concerns were arrogantly ignored by the NCS governance, along with requests for a parent vote on the controversial school move. In light of these facts, the NCS board should at once:

1) Terminate director Rachel Bishop.

2) Halt the school move to the so-called Exchange Triangle, and ask the Novato Unified School District to help find a healthy alternative site, such as the 21 acres the NUSD owns in San Marin.

3) Resign, and allow free and fair elections for their positions (not just candidates 'approved' by the board, as in the last 'election'.)

4) Pay all fines and legal costs themselves and not with school funds.

5) Apologize to NCS parents and especially the children, over whom they can no longer claim any moral authority.

Kyle Keilman

San Rafael

[email protected]

Hamilton: An Open Letter to Rep. Lynn Woolsey

As the concerned step-parent of an eight year old at the Novato Charter School, I applaud your decision to call for additional environmental testing at the so-called 'Exchange Triangle', the new school site chosen by the school's director and board in spite of the active opposition of over sixty NCS parents, as well as many others who will quietly not be sending their children to this questionable place.

In the announcement of your decision in the Marin Independent Journal on July 3rd, NCS board member Jeannette Longtin discussed your action, and was quoted as saying "If she's relying on information from Renee Kenney (and others) I would question (Woolsey's) judgment."

In my experience with this matter, I have found that Renee Kenney has integrity of the highest order. Her courage in speaking up last year gave my companion Carol Griffin and I the first inkling that something was in fact quite wrong at the former Hamilton Air Force Base. Our own research as well as that of other parents, environmentalists and journalists raises serious questions about the safety of children and residents.

There is much current dispute among physicians about exactly how much toxicity the human body can carry before human health is impacted. Unfortunately, substances like PCB's and dioxins, both found at Hamilton, do not leave human tissue once taken in. So adding any amount of these and other toxins like MTBE to children's bodies is folly, to say the least. This is the message of Renee Kenney's non-profit group, Safe Sites For Children.

The current 'acceptable limits', cited by the Dept. of Toxic Substance Control and others, are subject to change. I believe within the next few decades the acceptable levels for many of the toxins found at Hamilton will be lowered dramatically as the results of long-term research comes in. Children's levels will likely fall to a zero tolerance,

for the reason that their developing brains and bodies are uniquely susceptible, much more that adults, to damage from harmful substances.

At the pre-meeting with your aide Tom Roth, which I was privileged to attend with Renee Kenney and Marin environmentalists Elena Belsky and Tom Hinman, I stressed the lack of cooperation I had experienced with the Hamilton RAB board, which is largely composed of members who in my view have a serious conflict of interest regarding toxics at Hamilton. Later that night Mr. Roth watched at the RAB meeting as I had to ask three times for a direct yes or no answer as to if the actual NCS site had been tested to see if the nearby MTBE plume had migrated in the direction of proposed school site. The answer of course turned out to be no; no test wells have been dug on the proposed NCS site.

I deeply regret that a prior commitment prevented me from meeting you. I want to join others who ask for an investigation of the entire process of how toxics at Hamilton have been handled, as well as complete and fully independent testing of Hamilton in general and the Exchange Triangle in particular.

It is clear that should toxic substances be found, a large number of people who have called Hamilton "safe" will be embarrassed, including the Novato Unified School District, the City Manager and

many members of the Novato City Council, Marin Supervisor Cynthia Murray, the U.S. military, the firm of Harding and Lawson, the RAB board, the California Dept. of Toxic Substance Control... and the Novato Charter School director and board, who, if they truly care about children's health, should welcome further testing- instead of questioning your judgment that it is much better to be safe than sorry.

Kyle Keilman

San Rafael, CA 94003

Coastal Post CPR

Thank you for a fine, interesting & very informative monthly paper. A true "one of a kind", unique, and at the same time, classic publication. Over the years it has not merely rehashed the news, but brought to light the facts behind the stories, given a voice to those that otherwise would never get their voices heard, and has given the reader something to get the "gray matter" working.

As I was reading your July issue it struck me that your writers refer to the "Coastal Post" as CP. Why not make it "CPR", by adding Review to your name. CPR would be more than just an abbreviation, it would make a small statement as to what your paper does for the journalistic profession. A breath of fresh air. Coastal Post Review, what do you think?

Keep up the challenging work, and all the best to you & each of your staff.

Ron Mullins

Novato, CA.

About Guns And Doctors

Some interesting facts for you anti gun folk. There are 700,000 physicians in the US. There are 120,000 accidental deaths caused by physicians per year. Accidents per physician.... 0.171. (US Dept of Health and Human Services)

Number of gunowners in the US; 80,000,000. Number of accidental gun deaths per year(all age groups)1,500. Accidental deaths per gun owner 0.0000188.

Statistically physicians are 9000 times more dangerous than gun owners. Fact. Not every one has a gun but every one has at least one doctor.

Please alert your friends to this alarming threat. We must ban doctors before this gets out of hand(especially small concealable ones).

Glyn Morgan,

[email protected]

sprint antenna tower in stinson beach

my name is persis, i live in stinson beach, i have for the past 10 years.... i was born in san francisco in 1940, raised in marin, moving to muir beach in 1945, after the war.... i am very concerned about what is taking place in my community, my village.... it is in the planning stages, but the owner of the building that houses "beckers by the beach" wants to put up a sprint wireless antenna/tower, right on top... right on top of the store, a place where thousands of people go daily... in the middle of the busiest section of this small village.... i am in disbelief that this may actually happen... these antenna/towers are toxic, people become ill from the energy given off when the tower is on.

it is a bad vibe...

i am in great hopes that this will not be allowed to happen, please people, let us not pollute our village anymore than it already is...

please look for notices of a public hearing to be held at the civic center in regard to the airey's sprint antenna/tower.... also announcement notices will be posted on the bulletin boards and in the stinson beach village association monthly bulletin.... for more information about the health implications, the stinson beach library has a video called PUBLIC EXPOSURE available for viewing plus a box full of newspaper clippings and pertinent documents, including the report made by cindy sage for the bolinas fire department in regard to the distribution of electromagnetic energy being emitted from the three wireless towers in that area.... lastly, on august 8, at 7:30 pm, the stinson beach community center will be hosting a free viewing of PUBLIC EXPOSURE and libby kelley, executive director of the council on wireless technology impacts, will be available to answer questions....

persis norton

[email protected]

stinson beach

Parent Wants Apology

I would like to join with all the other Novato Charter School families in demanding an immediate apology from the Novato Charter School director and board of directors. I ask that Ms. Rachel Bishop and the board members pay for the fines incurred for not obeying the Brown Act from their own pockets and not from either public funds or money donated by the NCS parent community. This money was donated in good faith for school supplies, teacher salaries, and other expenses, not to pay the fines that have been imposed on these lawbreakers who were supposed to represent the will of the parents and protect the Novato Charter School. Since they have failed to do this, I also ask that they resign immediately.

I was a loyal. hardworking, and dedicated NCS parent for many years. When Chris Topham was suddenly and wrongfully terminated in the fall of 2000, I hoped, indeed declared that "it must have been for a good reason." I shamefully turned by back on the eighth grade and that mistake came back to haunt me and the rest of us who soon learned : United we stand, Divided we fall.

When I realized, along with many other NCS parents, the Exchange Triangle was not a safe site to move the school to, I expected our director and board to value the research, principles, and especially to value these parents and myself for the important members of the NCS that we were. I was shocked to discover that we were ignored, shunned by the director and her supporters and generally treated with contempt. We were considered utterly expendable. These feelings would have been more appropriately aimed at the toxic chemicals that plague Hamilton Field.

Why were these concerned parents deemed untrustworthy, while the profiteers at Hamilton held the podium, during hundreds of hours in meetings to tell us that the plethora of poisons at Hamilton were "at acceptable levels?" We were the parents that had devoted our summers to improving the school facilities, had assisted countless hours in the classroom, garden, driving on field trips, chaperoning outdoor education, and made ourselves available to help in whatever way we could. We donated our hearts, our sweat, our tears, and certainly gave of our wallets to the NCS. We did this gladly, lovingly because we loved the school community and it's members as our own family.

When I realized the NCS director and board did have a valid reason to fire Mr. Topham, and that their decision not to reinstate his position as the eighth grade teacher in spite of a petition requesting that, signed by every single parent of every eighth grader but one, I was outraged. Especially tragic was the knowledge that this decision cost the school tens of thousands of dollars in legal and fairness fees. This was money that the school could not afford to pay and should not have been held responsible for. This apology is long overdue. Ms. Bishop and the NCS board members have ruined the school that I, and my fellow parents who value truth and justice once loved and cherished so deeply.

Mary Mixter

29 San Domingo Way, Novato

[email protected]

No Free Air

Air used to be free, but now you have to pay for clean air with every gallon of gas you pump.

Rich Martin

[email protected]

Ft Worth, TX 76133

True Colors In Novato

Having the Novato Charter School Board and Director be judged in violation of the 'public meeting' Brown Act helps put into perspective what we, as concerned and involved parents, have been up against at the only Waldorf-method school (public or private) that has chosen to move onto a polluted former military base.

As environmental concerns developed, we faced an unusual situation in that our Board and Director had already handled a teacher termination illegally and had learned to ignore parent outrage and to use below-the-belt methods to dismiss, polarize and intimidate those who took a stand.

It has been a heart-wrenching and agonizing year of crazy incongruity at the school. The Director eliminated ways for parents to openly discuss issues, and also controlled school newsletters, communications and "environmental forums" to a propaganda-like extent. The parent body became polarized and attempts to petition, inform and counter the "normalization" of a move to a toxic site were met with snickering belittlement and glaring contempt. People were shouted down and humiliated at Board meetings. Name calling, shaming and blaming, rumor mongering and character assaults became commonplace.

At a school touting a reputation as an open, progressive alternative, it became an everyday experience to be met by downcast eyes and to have to hold parking lot discussions to avoid verbal attacks.

Rather than fostering an inclusive community, where consensus and communication would have promoted collaborative decision making, the leadership of the school encouraged divisive attitudes where parents were told "If you don't like it just leave 'our school'. "

This was very painful to many sincere, well-meaning people, including many founding parents.

The true colors of the Director and the Board of the Novato Charter School are coming to light and it's not a pretty picture. The violations of the Brown Act begin to crack the thin veneer of civility that has hidden immoral and unethical actions that have led to a nature-based school beginning its fall session by placing portables on an ugly, unhealthy and very wrong site.

Carol Griffin

San Rafael, CA

Keeping The Nation In The Dark By Design

It is very convenient for the local papers to "Track the National Debt." As of June 13th 2001 it was listed as being $5,644,248,972,243 and that each person's share of the debt is $19,853. Is it by design or just forgetfulness that a very major part of the debt is completely overlooked. I am referring to the Social Security Trust Funds as well as all of the other trust funds which are used to operate the government and even go towards reducing the National Debt. Never the less these are a debts which are accruing interest and which will some day have to be refunded. As part of truth in disclosure I suggest that the newspapers which report the "National Debt" either include these debts or list them as a separate National Debt #2. This would create more transparency for greater awareness. That is if the Congress, Executive branches and Fourth Estate really want the people to know.

Dr. Norman E. Mann

San Diego, Ca.

The Power Of Journalists

I was always, like all of you, asking myself HOW CAN THE WORLD SEE WHAT ISRAEL IS DOING AND STAND WITH THE OPPRESSOR AGAINST THE OPPRESSED? I asked an important journalist who works on the fields of the GROUND of Palestine and Israel:

1) I do not understand how the journalists of the world working in Israel or Palestine do not tell all the OBJECTIVE truth?

2) How do these journalists work their reports on the issue of what is happening in Palestine and Israel?

3) Why so many of them are biased when they report?

The answer of my friend was:

1) Israel (very smartly) has build for them a News Information Building where they have all what they need to be in contact with their own countries and agencies.

2) Israel provides them with all what they need to report on.

3) BUT the ISRAELI version:

a) The Journalists do not go to the fields to take pictures or report on the ground of the event.

b) They got from Israel the pictures and the videos.

c) Israel bring to that building speakers to explain every single event and report on what is happening They question these people, video them, work the report on what they hear form them. That is why their report is filled with quotes from the Israeli people...

d) They do have easy way to report then, they get what they want without going far from that building. They do not care for what is true or right. They got their money from their agencies so easily them. They work some hours only and rest all the rest and enjoy themselves.

e) Their reports then will reflect always what Israel wants them to give to the world.

4) Israel invites them to restaurants, to parties, offer them all kind of gifts and awards.

5) France Deux (France 2) is one of the only news agencies who go with us to the fields. They have been the one who reported on Muhammad Al-Durra. They are under a lot of pressure by the Israelis since then and the authority do not give them all the chances they need to go here and there, they stop them a lot.

6) Imagine that one of the CNN was shot by the Israelis and was not able to give the report on how he was shot by the Israelis. When the Palestinians took them to a Palestinian hospital, he was called from US to leave the Palestinian hospital and go to an Israeli one ...

7) Look since Muhammad Al-Durra was killed in front of the whole world cameras, the Israelis said: NEVER AGAIN, So they created this center for the journalists and told them I will do the work for you and get you all what you need. A lot of Children were killed like Muhammad and worse then Muhammad Al-Durra, did you see since then any journalist reporting or giving pictures? Do you see why the whole world do not know all the TRUTH? Please tell all your friends about this IMPORTANT TRUTH.

My friends: Our target should be nowadays the Reporters and the Journalists. 1) We need to challenge them to get us GENUINE PICTURES and not pictures given by agencies .. 2) We need them to go to the fields and report from there LIVE. This is journalism and TRUTHFUL source of information. 3) We need to call on their agencies and tell them to stop to deal with the Israeli office of Information. It is not fair, it is not right. It is not an AUTHENTIC REPORTING. 4) We need to tell them that we cannot believe them any more ..they are lying to us and to the world.

PLEASE HELP IN ANY WAY YOU CAN. We deserve to know the TRUTH, all the TRUTH and the Truth only will set us all free and help us to bring about peace and justice.

Abouna Labib Kobti

[email protected]

Pray For Israel

We need to pray in a group for the LORD to help ISRAEL, remember ISRAEL is the HOME of THE LORD. The lack of harmony is a reflection of whats about to happen.

Remeber GOD knows everything. When things get out of hand, GOD will come. PLEASE PRAY IN GROUPS, Psalm 91,over and over again. Then pray for the holy land.

God Bless You


Uniting Patriots In America

It is time to put Americas best interest first, and help build an Alliance of all Patriots nationwide. This Alliance does not in any way state that you are joining another Party/Group, it is an Alliance of Patriots who have simply had enough of the politic games involved with "trying to win a Presidential Election."

The millions of dollars being spent to win an election has been wasted, and their efforts futile, its time to pull all resources together, and Elect a 3rd Party Candidate... otherwise... what is the use of investing in these 3rd Parties in the first place. Your investment to date has not yielded a 3rd Party President, so your return on your investment is and will forever be... zero!

Contrary to popular opinion, a 3rd Party Candidate CAN win the Presidential Election, if the Parties will form the Alliance necessary to win. Therefore, I issue this invitation again, to 3rd Parties/Groups... to form the Alliance.

Those of you who have signed the Alliance, have done so knowing that a 3rd Party cannot win without an Alliance. Those of you who will not sign onto an Alliance, are once again dragging your feet and spinning your wheels (so to speak).

The job needs done... and done right in 2004, without this Alliance... once again we fall far short of a much needed Victory by any 3rd Party. Those who have signed this Alliance, are needed to start putting pressure on those who's egos are not... and will not allow them to see the truth. The facts are there, 30 - 40 years of playing politics, and no Victory. That in itself should be enough to wake you up. Unfortunately, you refuse to see it... you refuse to accept it. (I'm speaking to all the 3rd Party Leaders now) When I say you are not stupid enough to think you stand a chance to win without an Alliance of all Patriots, I say it because we know you are not stupid... but it is not hard to assume that you are in it for the money, its a job to most of you. How long will you continue to rob Americas Patriots of the chance to Unite under an Alliance for all Patriots... and get down to SERIOUSLY getting a 3rd Party Candidate elected in 2004? How many Buchannan's and Perot's will it take for you to accept the fact that without an Alliance of all Patriots, you're wasting Americas time!

Each election year brings America one step closer to the UN's "One World Government", but knowing this as you do, you still drag your feet. It is time to DO something now for America... instead of for yourselves.

If I sound like I'm coming on to strong, its only because you obviously need to hear it straight and direct. The facts are starring at you, and you keep ignoring the obvious. You continue to try to build your Parties by having us "Join" you. Why should we "Join" you, when you will lose because of your stubborn egos! Many of us out here can see what you 3rd Parties are doing, we have seen it for a long time... so why try to pull this off again for the next election! America wants and needs a Victory, A Victory we will not get in our lifetime... without an Alliance of the Patriots.

Many of you know that I speak nothing but the truth, and I urge you to start applying the pressure to these 3rd Parties... to Join the Alliance, and bring these Candidates and "Leaders" to the table to put together a Platform FOR America, and choose the Candidates from all the Parties/Groups... a Presidential Candidate for 2004. It cannot be done any other way !!! Many of you talk of an Alliance, but only if it means "Joining" your Party, I say to you now, an Alliance is not possible... if your sole intention is to get all of us to "Join" you. BUT... somehow I think you already know this to be fact! So it comes down to this, You will talk the talk... only for its cover value, and not for the intentions of actually getting the Patriots United for a Victory.

I myself, do intend to Unite the Patriots for a Presidential Election Victory. My personal intentions is that a 3rd Party Candidate win the next election... whoever that Person may be... from what ever Party that Person belongs to. There is a difference you see... but then I'm an American Patriot who is putting the needs of America first... and not my own.

Do the right thing this time... help us forge this Alliance so desperately needed for Americas future. Let us Together Forge Americas future. Let the egos and the stubbornness lay dormant this time, and let us build for the future... an America that our Children live Free and Safe from the corruption's of a greedy government.

The Alliance can be found at >><A HREF="">United America Party (Operation Clean Sweep)</A> Find the "Alliance" link at the bottom of opening page of the U.A.P. website.

Dennis P. Slatton

Founder/Chairman, United America Party

[email protected]

NAFTA And Trucks

Politicians everywhere are getting in line behind the Mexican trucks ban. Safety is the first word out of their mouths. Have they forgotten that the Senate is on record as ratifying the NAFTA Treaty? Rationally, it doesn't make sense for NAFTA to send Mexican crates over our highways, still, that's what they are arguing in Congress.

Their real goal has nothing to do with the condition of trucks. When they are through debating, you can expect US companies with plants in Mexico to move their US based trucks south of the border, where taxes are lower. Freight companies will have a Mexican subsidiary, if they don't already. What they aren't asking aloud is: what will the nationality of the drivers be and will they be paid Teamster union scale, or in Mexican pesos?

Minority Leader, Senator Trent Lott (R-MS) is playing games when he says: "truckers in my state want to go into Mexico. Remember, this is a two-way street." What he should be remembering is that eventually all trips are round-trips. But even if it were true, I suspect drivers in "his state" would have solid reservations about risking their rigs on El Camino Real and those that would couldn't compete with the Mexican pay scale until Congress repeals the minimum wage law.

Rich Martin

Fort Worth, TX

[email protected]


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