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August 2001

"He is totally an asshole."

Japanese Foreign Minister, Mikako Tanaka, describing President Bush.

By Frank Scott

The above wisdom from the east entered our consciousness during the media season of patriotism. While most Americans have the good sense to simply picnic, watch fireworks and have a good time, many pundits find the Fourth of July a time to extol the virtues of our founding fathers and our unique democracy,

They never mention the class interests of those "fathers", nor the fact that many of them, including Thomas Jefferson, were slave owners. But why mix real history with a legend , or ask pointed questions about what we call a democracy and why it might be terribly flawed?

Thanks to our Japanese friend, we have publicly heard the obvious. Bush is, indeed, a total asshole. So? He is not the first dunderhead we've had in the White House.

It is the political system that is the problem, not the dim-witted assortment of functionaries for corporate capital it produces. Coal mines manufacture coal, auto factories manufacture cars, and American political economics manufactures supporters of American political economics. The regular change in personalities at the top is a bait and switch game played between the two factions of our ruling party . The miracle is its continued tolerance by people who should, at last, know better.

Every social, environmental and personal problem identified by groups ranging from the extreme right to the extreme left originates, directly or indirectly, from the economic and political foundation of life . Past advocates of change may have stressed that fact to the exclusion of important issues like race and sex, but present generations have gone to the other extreme. It is time to bring culture and political economics together, if we would ever achieve social justice , a healthy environment and a peaceful world.

Democratic capitalism is an oxymoron, both of language and morality. For every group that thrives under the present system, a larger group suffers, and despite techno-modern trappings, the modern reality is no different than that of the mills and mines of the nineteenth century, when the system was first analyzed by Karl Marx.

What is presently called globalization, the triumph of capital , the era of electronic marketing, or other euphemistic drivel used to cover the sounds of misery and the smells of pollution, was then called the bourgeois revolution. It was seen as uniting the globe with a single rule of production and development. Then; boats, telegraphs and markets; now, airplanes, computers and markets. But then as now, minority domination of those markets, exclusive pursuit of private profits at public loss, and the engulfing and devouring of most for the betterment of some.

Recent cultural struggles have brought about some material gains and a growth in public awareness of the importance of human rights , but a system will not evolve simply by having a token handful of blacks, gays and women in positions of authority or public acceptance. It is small pleasure, indeed, to have an Albright or Powell at State, or a transvestite openly marching in a Gay Freedom Day parade, when the death tolls in Iraq, Palestine and Colombia continue to climb.

The rapacious pursuit of private profit that destroys people, land and other natural life is not going to stop until the political economics of capital are challenged, at and from the roots. That doesn't mean putting blacks and gays on sitcoms to bring "diversity" to TV, but rather to make TV a medium of information, instead of an advertising tool for mindless consumption. Nor does it mean sharing the fruits of corruption with a more diverse group of crooks, but rather doing away with that corruption .

As long as the monotheistic market god religion, dominated by high priests and rabbis of finance capital and their secular political servants continues despoiling for profit , the particular thief, liar or numskull who serves as CEO at the White House wont matter. It will give one or another group of corporadoes their jollies at organizing to replace him-her with one of their own, but if those replacements continue to be supporters of the problem, the label "asshole" must be applied to those who vote them into office.

The majority's disregard for voting in America is understandable, since it is unrepresented by an alleged democracy which responds to money far more than people. That majority sees the replacement of President Dickhead ,who spoke twisted English , with President Asshole, who speaks broken English. Big difference. They both speak the language of corporate capital and global domination, which is why they were selected to serve . And whichever sector of wealthy interests they serve can only bring benefits to those closest to that group, which always amounts to a minority, never in the history of this country a majority.

A survey of those who voted for one of the two candidates of corporate capital would find that they thought the other candidate an imbecile, a scoundrel or an enemy of the people. That the current resident at corporate headquarters is dubbed "asshole", privately by millions of Americans, publicly by an outspoken foreigner, should give none of us cause to feel smug. How did our system produce such a jerk? How could the opposition fail so miserably? Who are the bigger fools? The candidates, or those who tolerate them ?

Finance capital can make room in its corporate culture for all manner of so-called minorities, while respecting only their market value and not their humanity. it will continue its rapacious pursuit of profit without regard for human rights anywhere but among its minority investor class. Until we learn that, and change it, we are no better than the CEO. Thank you, Japan, and wake up, America.


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