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July 2001

Book Review:

The Totalitarian Librarian

By Hawk Weston

"The Money and The Power (The making of Las Vegas and its hold on America, 1947-2000)" by Sally Denton and Roger Morris (Alfred A. Knopf)

If I really were a totalitarian librarian, I'd force everyone over 12 years of age to read this well written and thoroughly researched expose of the increasing hold that the syndicate has on the United States of America.

Conspiracy theorists have known for 50 years what this meticulously researched book spells out loud and clear: The power of organized crime has reached to the highest levels of the American government and is directly influencing government policy both here and abroad. We were right, so now apologize!

According to the authors, from "humble" beginnings during WW II to the highest levels of government in the 1960's and up to the present time, sophisticated and not-so-sophisticated criminals have been calling the shots (so to speak) in Washington, D.C. as syndicate hit men carry out CIA assassination plots in Cuba, Chile, Guatemala, and the good ole USA.

Speaking of Cuba, people who ponder these things have been wondering for years why we trade with China and not with Cuba. Visit China, but not Cuba? Cuba, before Castro was governed by a puppet regime owned by the Syndicate. It was a money laundering haven for the criminally rich through which billions of un-taxed dollars would flow, be skimmed, laundered, and eventually find its way north into the pockets of "understanding" judges and other appointed and elected officials at all levels of government. No wonder they're so mean to Castro.

So no more sitting around scratching out heads and trying to figure out why those in power are making such bad decisions and follow such cruel policies. The government has been bought and sold and woe is us.

Anyone interested in politics would have read several books listed in the extensive 18 (!) page bibliography but here it is all under one roof. Anyone not interested in government corruption and contemporary politics is urged to curl up in a fetal position in front of your TV with one thumb in your mouth and the other on your mute button.

"The Money and The Power" is available in the Marin County Library system.



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