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July 2001

Letters By Readers

Conspiracy? Who Knows? Not Us

I was curios about some of the details regarding the Oklahoma City bombing, which used 4800 pounds of ammonium nitrate in a rental truck.

I have seen some farmers blow stumps using ammonium nitrate. They used to stay away from the hole for several minutes until the brownish fumes from the nitrogen compound dissipated. If you happen to get a whiff, you received a pounding headache.

While in the service, the same precautions were told to us that a single lung filled with the compound would kill us. There was no mention of headaches or falling dead after the explosion in Oklahoma City by any of the people in any agencies that were first on the scene.

I have read that several building demolition experts have claimed that the pattern of destruction could have not been caused solely by a truck exploding outside the building.

There is also the fact that the continuously running seismograph at the University of Oklahoma at Norman, Oklahoma registered "TWO" surface waves made by the explosions, ten seconds apart. If the truck made one wave, what could have made the second.

Walter Schivo


Letter To The Mother

Dear D.L. Schaeffer:

I appreciated [your story] "Collateral Damage In War On Drugs - A Mother's Story." I am sure that you will appreciate the following story as well.

"New Accomplice In Golden Gate Park Barrel Murders Uncovered" A jury convicted defendant, a former police officer, of six counts of First Degree Murder. It assigned the death penalty. Each of the murders had occurred in defendant's warehouse; each of the victims, allegedly, was a prostitute, a pimp, or drug dealer, and each of the bodies was disposed of similarly.

An undercover investigative reporter has uncovered another accomplice in the 1991 Golden Gate Park Barrel Murders.

If you are interested in my press release, contact my attorney: Diana Frappier, 1230 Market Street, PMB 409, San Francisco, CA 94102, Attn: Monet Zulpo-Dane, #(415) 951-4844 x22.

In connection to this discovery, I was arrested and am in: Marin County Jail, 13 Peter Behr Dr., San Rafael 94903. Name: Dr. Gilbert E. Atencio, Number: 0042480 POB B.

The continuing story commences on June 20, 2001, Judge Boran, Presiding.

I am open to an interview.

Gilbert Atencio, Ph.D.

San Rafael

Antennas May Make Business Sick Too

There has been quite a bit of concern in Marin lately about potential health effects of cell phone and emergency systems antennas. In addition to our legitimate concerns about our health and that of our neighbors, I am also concerned about the impact on our treasured local businesses. Given the substantial debate about the safety of this nascent technology and also our awareness that Marin already suffers from extremely high cancer rates, businesses that host these antennas may find their bottom lines affected in quite the opposite way than they expected.

For example, in Fairfax our beautiful local theater which is surrounded by homes and other popular businesses, is in discussions with several companies now. Considering how upset so many neighbors and others in Fairfax are about the potential health effects of close proximity to an antenna, I believe that numerous families would choose to stay away from the theater rather than participate in an involuntary experiment as to the what the effects might be on them and their family and friends. As far as I am concerned I would not be willing to take the risk.

Industry leaders may dismiss our concerns, but of course that is in their interest to do. Science buffs may question whether there is adequate proof to show that the antennas are dangerous and I welcome them to do independently funded work on that important question and to invent safer technology. I don't want myself and my community to be a guinea pigs.

Why am I writing this letter?

I want to go to the movies at my local theater without worrying about my health.

Hannah Doress

Fairfax, CA

[email protected]

Brink Of War

We stand on the brink of war and these fools are about to make a martyr for the Gun advocates.

They know that the constitution still says shall not be infringed and Even though they know that No Amendment has ever been made that would grant any constitutional power to infringements on the right to keep and carry any gun We the People want to, They still attacked Waco to enforce their rebellion on those people.

The government has been able to get away with war on the people over drugs only because of the non-violent nature of those people. the only violent ones there are after the money.

But guns are kept by violent people or those willing to be violent. Violence begets Violence, For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Just remember people that the King of England lost his head for TREASON when He started to bring in a foreign army against the English People. So prescient has been set and if Congress or the President calls for UN troops to fight against the people of the several States "THEM" it will also be TREASON.

Thomas Jones

Weston, Oregon

[email protected]

Oklahoma Bombing-Sin Of Omission

The travesty in the OKC bombing and Timothy McVeigh case is that there is a growing body of evidence that McVeigh did not act alone and there were co- conspirators involved in this heinous crime and that some agents of the Federal government had "prior knowledge" or even advanced warning of the bombing! Elements within the government and judiciary, some politicians, and some elements within the media are aware of this evidence and are willing to subvert this evidence and punish McVeigh as the sole scapegoat in this heinous crime in the belief that this will pacify and bring closure to public curiosity on this subject. As an understatement, this would be one of the greatest sins of omission of all times...but, McVeigh's death will not bring closure to this case. Logically, if a person wanted to find these co- conspirators, he would have to trace McVeigh's activities and associations in the months prior to the bombing.

This story leads back to Elohim City with the involvement of characters mentioned in Kelly O'Meara's article(, such as Louis Beam, former grand dragon of the KKK in Texas, Kirk Lyons, of the Aryan Nation, Dennis Mahon, and Andreas Strassmeir, with links to the CIA and German government with his father as secretary of state to Helmut Kohl.

Where is major media? I believe only one network(maybe it was CBS) reported on the Carol Howe connection to the ATF and FBI (but, none of the majors are reporting on this now). Some "second string" electronic media reported on this and some of the print media: Insight Magazine and The New American( have reported on these other links. It seems much of the evidence for prior knowledge of the bombing by the FBI and ATF surface in the Tulsa trial of Carol Howe, ATF Confidential Informant 53270-183. She had been reporting all along, and prior to the bombing, about the list of gentlemen above and their activities at Elohim City, and their association with McVeigh.

Carol Howe reported directly to ATF Agent Angela Finley, of the ATF's Tulsa office and Ms. Finley filed numerous reports on the information Carol Howe was making available to her. The Tulsa World seems to be the only major media outlet to have reported on this trial. The FBI and ATF are covering up this information and trying to make McVeigh the sole scapegoat in this major crime. If the 3100 pages of additional documents, released by the FBI, do not have reference to this Elohim City gang the printed media and attorneys should continue to document these facts and force the FBI and ATF to release these. This writer filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, approximately 2 years ago, against the FBI on this subject, but they continued to lie and deny having these records and are harassing this writer for reporting on this. Will Bush, Aschroft, and the Senate allow Freeh to avoid these issues.

US New and World Report of March 31, 1997, Newsweek, of Feb. 19, 1996, p. 29, and Newsweek, of Oct. 12, 1998, p. 48, also reported on this Elohim City gang, but the FBI mysteriously has no records of these individuals!!

Woody Voinche

Marksville, LA 71351

[email protected]

Protecting The Constitution

We can all hope that there won't be any avenging after McVeigh is put to death. However McVeigh was just a warrior fighting a cause.

As long as the cause exists, as long as Our Constitution is threatened, there will be people who think they have to defend IT.

The United States of America, is not Our Federal Government, it is not Congress, it is not the Judicial branch or the Executive branch. The United States of America is a Union of We the People of all the States. Our Constitution is still the supreme law on which all other "legal" laws must be based.

The power to make changes to the constitution was delegated to the States. The federal Governments attempts to change the constitution by laws not pursuant to the IT, while the Constitution still says shall not be infringed, is a rebellion against, that part of the Constitution and therefore the United States of America.

Innocents and semi-innocents have always died in rebellions. However sad that might be, but As long as Our sworn protectors, the military, refuse to defend the Constitution of United States of America, against the Federal government.

That duty falls to We the people, who by nature and lack of training, don't always make the right choices in targets or timing.

McVeigh is still a Patriot, however misguided.

Thomas Jones

Weston, Oregon

Dear Karen Nakamura:

Thank you for your mot informative and helpful article, "And The Band Plays On In Israel" (CP June 2001). God bless you.

Jack O'Neill


Local Proof of Global Warming

Saw numbers on the local weather report on television tonight that seem to very clearly indicate an example of global warming.

Here it is, May 30, still three weeks from summer, and it reached 101 in San Francisco! It was the fourth hottest day every in San Francisco. Weather records have been kept for 150 years in S.F. and the five hottest days in its history have all occurred since 1987!

If that isn't proof on a local level of global warming, what is?

Alex Caylee

San Rafael

Dear PG&E

Thank you for your letter, which I received today, threatening to turn off my power if I didn't pay the $11.98 which is past due.

Of course I will pay your bill, as I have always done, in full, on time without exception for the last 25 years. No doubt your records will agree. However, I do so under protest. The reason why I did not pay your bill in full for the last three months is the Electric Emergency Procurement Surcharge (EEPS).

What the hell is this? Haven't you been procuring electricity every day for the last 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, even 1 year ago?

Isn't there a person sitting at a desk procuring electricity? What happened, did he quit? What's the emergency? Isn't it your function to procure electricity?

A few things are curious to us all about this 'crisis". Hundreds of millions of dollars paid to a "parent company." Who are they? How much electricity do they produce? Also, bonuses paid to top brass at PG&E. In light of what they are doing to us, I'm sure they deserve them.

This whole thing is bogus and contrived and you know it, as well as do we. But what can we do? I'm sure that the roomful of bought and paid for idiots in Sacramento will be of no help.

Anyhow, enclosed is my check for $11.98, so please don't turn off my electricity.

Kind regard to you and your parent.

Your loyal customer for the last 25 years,

Mike Waddell



Don't Stop!

Friends: Don't stop! We read you regularly - free, from the Park Headquarters near Olema. It's time we helped.

We grind many of the same axes and take comfort (alas!) from your pages.

Karen Nakamura, especially, speaks regularly to our informed "prejudices" concerning Israel and the Palestinian people. She is informed and fair. We encourage her to continue the effort.

W. Robert Usellis

I want to "second" my husband's relief that once in while we hear something positive from "the other side." Having lived in Lebanon before and during the war, we began to see a "new" reality.

I find the "blind support" of Israel so wicked, by the USA, and totally amazing.

Of course, each parent suffers for the lost child or relation, but you can only humiliate a people for so long, then they feel they have nothing more to lose and they explode. I find it traumatic to bulldoze homes and uproot orchids which take generations of loving care, etc.

M. Usellis


And Counter Obesity

One suggests to go around and pull the curtains at night to keep warmth in, or to open the windows to cool the house, and the mild exercise of lifting one's arms up above your heads will provide some warmth from the added circulation of calling it a night by pulling the curtains closed, and opening them in the morning to let the warmth of sunshine in for natural free light in the day; and starting your blood circulating with mild exercise as you wake up and perhaps sip tea or coffee with the sunshine. Besides reserving some of Earth's resources for our children, you will help to counter the heavy trend of obesity in America.

Mark Andrew Hall


Suspend Aid to Israel

In light of Israel's continuing violation of United Nations resolutions, and in view of the escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine, the Board of Directors of the Social Justice Center of Marin passed the following resolution:

The Social Justice Center of Marin, Board of Directors recognizes that UN peacekeepers are necessary to end the violence in Israel/Palestine and that continued Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory will only perpetuate the conflict. We therefore, call upon the US Government to suspend all aid to Israel until Israel agrees to an international UN peacekeeping presence in the Palestinian territories that Israel is illegally occupying under international law.

We further call upon the US government to make any renewal of aid contingent upon a complete Israeli withdrawal of armed forces and Settlements from the occupied territories, including the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

Barbara Sykes

Chair, Board of Directors

Social Justice Center of Marin

"Obscene Phonebooks"

In spring/we get our Obscene Phonebooks/(good for one year)/Made from Old Growth Trees/growing for 20 centuries/in the Claquot Sound of B.C./Twelve thousand people/ marched/to stop/the cutting/and took out the bridge/I hear./Two thousand year old trees/were cut/and pressed so thin/their treeness eludes me,/though I weep for their/unfathomable grandeur.../their glorious majesties/ripped and raped and shredded--/the oldest members of our community/so disregarded./I keep a pot/of hot hatred on my stove/for everyone who helped./As I stir/I wonder when/my Grand Mother/will ripple her Mighty Feathers/give a Great Shake/and rid herself/of these men-mites.../or will she simply/SINK/the fertility rate/ another 50%/and softly whisper,/"time for bed now...dear"?/*To close this circle/of senseless waste, I advocate/the use of cloth, washed out &/reprinted year after year.

Charlotte Bertram


A Noble Sentiment

Reader Orpheus Stephens of Bolinas expresses a noble sentiment in his letter to the May Coastal Post in suggesting a national day of remembrance and honor for Native Americans.

The contempt that the American conquerors have displayed toward Native Americans ever since the United States began invading their lands has been worthy of contempt itself. Perhaps the fact that so many Indian tribes fought to defend themselves and their territories against invaders caused envy Americans just would not own up to.

Indian warriors like Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Red Cloud, Geronimo, and Chief Joseph were simply defending their women and children and homelands against invaders who were merely more clever in their desire and ability to manufacture superior weapons of destruction.

Giving Native Americans a national day of remembrance is overdue.

Keith Bramstedt

San Anselmo

Bush Admin.'s Destructive Policies

It is comforting to know that George W. Bush and his supporters still conclude that the global warming concerns raised by the international scientific community are not relevant -- even despite their knowledge and dedication, and the ongoing evidence underscoring their findings. With such inverted logic, they have justified curtailment of conservation and alternative energy development to advocate further exploitation of our limited oil reserves -- even inventing an "energy crisis." Like his supporters, he downplays the environmental and social consequences of his policies. This can only encourage comparable practices in developing nations, thus compounding their efforts.

Can any rational person actually believe that Mr. bush has made the world better place by reinstating the Regan-Bush gag rule on international family planning assistance -- thus depriving illiterate and abused women in undeveloped countries of options to abortions or even infanticides? As his first executive order on his first day in office, he cites his opposition to abortion as justification, even though this aid did not directly fund abortions. How would he react if his daughters were trapped in the same deprived environment as these women, only to have simple but essential aid taken away for no reasons other than political payback?

Although Mr. Bush's "Faith Based Initiative" may sound appealing, a closer look renders his motivation highly suspect. The government already supports several charitable organizations managed by religious groups. They function well without undue government influence but cannot discriminate on religious or ethnic grounds and must agree to routine audits. Why replace this successful system with his "Faith Based" system that would only be more vulnerable to political influences?

The affiliations and obligations of the Bush appointees (San Francisco Chronicle, 2/9/01) only raise more concerns. At this crucial stage in world development, the severity of environmental and social damages resulting from such adverse special interest influences on governmental policies cannot even be calculated.

Ineffective and misleading concessions, such as those now proffered by this administration to appease those concerned with environmental and social problems, must never be accepted in lieu of meaningful measures. If Congress fails to force this administration onto a course that benefits the populace rather than special interest groups, it will be judged by history with the same disdain that Mr. Bush will certainly receive it he continues his present policies.

Robert Settgast

Professional Geotechnical Engineer

Opposes Bayland Refuge

To Cathy Osugi, US Fish & Wildlife Service:

For twenty-five years, I've lived in Marin County where we've raised our four children. We've loved living in Marin and for years ignored the increasing traffic and skyrocketing housing prices. Now, however, as our kids start going through college, we are increasingly concerned about their ability to live near us. Most of our county is green and scenic, and our family has enjoyed that, but we do not want the greenery we have enjoyed to be expanded any further if it in any way interferes with having our children live nearby.

You are proposing to put over 17,500 acres of Marin land into a Baylands Refuge. Many politically involved friends believe merely putting that designation on the land will harm the land's ability to deliver some affordable housing and to provide land that could create solutions to our traffic congestion. For that reason, I register my opposition to your designating any Marin lands as a Baylands Refuge.

If a land owner supports you designating his land as a Refuge, then I support his decision and your decision to put his/her land into your proposed Refuge Boundary. However, if he/she opposes your designating their land as such, then you should respect their cherished property rights. Is this respect for the property owner's desire always adhered to by the US Fish & Wildlife Service in their decision making process?

Marin already has 28,000 acres in green space. If our four children were each to buy an average sales priced home in Marin today, they would have to scrape up about $2.8 million dollars. What do you think that cost will be 5-10 years from now? How many kids will have that kind of piggy bank to drain?

The North Bay has enough green space. We need more housing and a train. If your Refuge in any way negatively effects our critical needs, you should take your program to those counties where they need to do more to protect endangered species and wildlife. In Marin, we are already protecting the wildlife and endangered species.

Please let me know whether you will abide by the property owners expressed wishes such as those of Canalways, St. Vincent Silveira, the Marin Airport, and farm owners in your decision making process.

Nina Gladish


Editor's Note: The Coastal Post has received 23 letters this month and lasts on this subject, opposing this deal.

Inspired By Deputy DA

I read Kathryn Mitchell's letter pertaining to me in the Coastal Post's June issue. She failed to identify herself as the Deputy District Attorney who prosecuted my case, and I feel inspired to point out a few other things the Post's readers should be conscious of. a) Ms. Mitchell is an employee within the most corrupt government ever to disgrace America. Strike One. b) She is an attorney practiced at the art of deception and so a member of what for centuries has rightfully been the most distrusted profession on the planet. Strike Two. c) In this land where a feigned adherence to the principle of "equal protection of law" was used to install a buffoon of a President, Ms. Mitchell should be able to claim that any Marin citizen (even the rich and influential) would have received the same sort of trial I did. Ms. Mitchell and her boss, the DA, would never, ever dare violate the rights of the privileged as mine were violated. If they can't refute what I just wrote, then it's Strike Three, and so much for those stinking lies about equal protection of law and fair trials.

I'll close this with two questions for Ms. Mitchell and DA Kamena: If you, your family, friends or neighbors had been convicted of charges in a trial process conducted exactly as mine was, would you dare publicly say the convictions were fairly obtained? If charged with criminal offenses, would your rights be afforded to you where mine were not?

"The essence of bigotry is claiming rights for yourself that you would deny to others."

James Kor


Corroboration From Soledad

I read your June 2001 issue and took interest in the paragraph by Kathryn Mitchell regarding a prisoner I know to be James S. Kor. Your readers should know that Ms. Mitchell is the prosecutor who gained the convictions mentioned in her letter. Having spent considerable time assisting Mr. Kor challenging those convictions, including reading massive amounts of transcripts and documents, I am 100 percent certain that sooner or later there will be Federal intervention in his behalf. I agree with an on-record characterization made by his former attorney regarding the prosecution's conduct; he described it as being "horrendous." Yes, James was convicted, but his trial was no more than a Kangaroo Court which nobody with an ounce of integrity could fail to be ashamed of.

I have also become aware that Mr. Kor's writings to the Post and other places have angered Marin authorities. He has had his cell torn apart on multiple occasions and recently had all of his correspondence seized by the prison goon squad. Most of the material was returned but it is plainly obvious for all of us in here to see that he is being retaliated upon for his writing. If Deputy District Attorney Kathryn Mitchell and her cohorts had no wrong to hide, they would not be having James harassed, nor would they be seeking to vilify him while not having the decency to address the many illegalities by the government which he as written of in the Post since 1996.

For those readers who would like to hear more of the real truth about the sort of judge who helped Ms. Mitchell illegally gain those convictions against Mr. Kor, take a look at the June 2001 Post article "Collateral Damage In War on Drugs - A Mother's Story." It includes more than just a hint about how fair Judge John Stephen Graham is. He was viewed as being biased by a group of attorneys who participated in a poll to assess the county's judges. He also inflicted a 25 years to life in prison sentence against an indigent, uneducated defendant for missing a court date.

So that I am not also retaliated upon for speaking this truth, I am submitting this letter anonymously.

Live From The California Gulag


Islam And Misinformation

When it comes to Islam, the level of ignorance among most Americans is pathetic.

I refer specifically to two writers whose letters appeared in the April issue of this paper.

Mac Kher erroneously stated that there is no room for non-Muslims or unbelievers in an Islamic state. First, not one of the more than fifty predominantly Muslim countries is an Islamic state since they are all ruled by oppressive misleaders, many of whom are despots and dictators. Islam forbids the oppression of both Muslims and non-Muslims. Second, Kher knows not of what he speaks. Before the theft of Palestine by Zionist Jews, mosques, churches, and synagogues were evident throughout the land. It was the Jews who later destroyed or desecrated many mosques and have many assaults upon Muslims as they bowed their heads in prayer. The renown Al-Aqsa and Dome of the Rock mosques have been attacked by Jews many times.

A few readers may remember the Jew doctor, Baruch Goldstein, who mowed down a large number of Muslims as they performed dawn prayers in a mosque in Al-Khalil (aka Hebron) while the two Israeli soldiers who allowed him entry with his automatic weapons laughed as they ate oranges outside.

Muslims have always protected the holy places of others. The keys to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the most holy place in Christendom, have been entrusted to a Palestinian Muslim family for generations. The Nuseibeh family maintains the cleanliness of the church and prepares it every Sunday and on holy days for mass. Muslims also help maintain security of the church and rush to protect it each time the Jews make assaults upon it.

Mosques have also been destroyed by the thousands (over 25,000 in the former USSR alone) and the Serbs and Croats blew up every mosque as they destroyed Bosnia-Herzegovina and slaughtered and raped Muslims by the thousands while churches and synagogues have always functioned under the protection of Muslims in Muslim countries, including Iraq, Bosnia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan. I wonder if Kher thinks that it was it safe to be a Muslim in Bosnia? How about places like Bulgaria where Muslims were beaten and murdered if they refused to change their Muslim last names to Christian? Where in the world would Kher feel safe as a Muslim? In Palestine? Kashmir? Chechnya? Iraq?

Remember when Spain it fell back to the Christians after Islamic rule from 711-1492 when the Spanish Inquisition forced the conversion of Muslims and Jews to Christianity or face torture and death? Muslims sent ships to rescue both Muslims and Jews from that catastrophe, which accounts for the several million Sephardic Jews who found safe homes in many Arab countries whose ancestors would otherwise have either been killed or forcibly converted. Their appreciation is the wholesale slaughter of Muslims in Palestine today.

True, the Taliban sought to destroy the huge Buddhist statue in Afghanistan but for reasons that are not apparent to Kher. A group of Buddhists wanted to spend a large amount of money to perform repairs on the aging statue and the Taliban asked if they would reconsider and use the money to feed its starving people, citing that about 600 children had recently died of starvation. They refused. The Taliban then ordered the statue to be destroyed as a message to the so-called "enlightened" West that human lives are worth more than stone statues, a fact intentionally omitted by the Muslim-bashing, Islam-hating Western media.

The other writer that I take exception with is Rachel Weinstein, a Jew who also exposed her ignorance of Islam. Rachel stated that the Quran (not Koran) should be revised to exclude parts that incite Muslims to massacre others. The truth is that had she transposed "Jews" for "Arabs", "Torah and Talmud" for "Quran", "Israelis" for "terrorists", and "Zionism" for "jihadi (sic)" she would be right on track.

Weinstein cites "9/15 (sic)" (Sura, or Chapter 9, "Repentance", Ayah, or verse 15) as her supporting source that the Holy Quran incites the alleged massacre of "infidels", which is not an Islamic term but rather Christian/Judaic, but 9:15 reads: "And (God) will remove the wrath that is in their hearts. And God will turn in His mercy unto whom He wills. God is all-knowing, wise." Where is the inciting to massacre in this verse? My source is "The Message of the Qur'an", a translation by Mohammed Asad, formerly Leopold Wolf, son of an orthodox Jewish rabbi who converted to Islam after touring the Muslim World as a journalist and wrote many scholarly books on Islam.

Perhaps Weinstein intended to cite verses 13 and 14 of the same chapter that asks Muslims if they would hold in awe those who had broken solemn treaties (the Jews and Pagans in Mekkah) and who attacked first. "Fight against them! God will chastise them by your hands, and will bring disgrace upon them, and succour you against them; and He will soothe the bosoms of those who believe." (9:14) No inciting to massacre here, either.

Or perhaps Weinstein confused the Quran with the Torah / Old Testament (Moses was allegedly commanded by God to massacre every man, woman and child in a village), or the Talmud that teaches Jews such things as only Jewish women are clean and pure while all others are whores and harlots, or that only Jewish men are real men while all others are expendable human cattle, or "goyim". For more on this I recommend retired Israeli professor Israel Shahak's revealing book "Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand years" which is available from the "Washington Report on Middle East Affairs" (1-800-368-5788 ).

Weinstein urged everyone to read the Holy Quran. I agree for the reader will come to know its true contents and thereby understand why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, including the USA despite the massive hate campaign that is being waged against Islam and Muslims in the mainstream press at the behest of Zionist Jews.

Yousef Salem

Sunnyvale, CA

Feinstein Responds To Bush Energy Concerns

Thank you for writing to me to oppose President Bush's National Energy Policy report. I appreciate your letter and welcome the opportunity to respond to your concerns.

On May 17, 2001, a task force headed by Vice President Dick Cheney published a 163-page report listing 106 recommendations to "develop a national energy policy designed to help the private sector, and as necessary and appropriate, promote dependable, affordable, and environmentally sound production and distribution of energy for the future."

Collectively, the many specific recommendations formulate a portfolio of broad proposals to increase domestic energy supply, improve our nation's energy infrastructure, import more resources from abroad, and, to a lesser extent, expand America's use of renewable energy and energy efficient improvements. According to the report, the Bush Administration supports:

Drilling on more federal lands, including 2,000 of the 19 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge;

New tax incentives to encourage oil and gas production;

Boosting research funding for "clean coal" technology to limit emissions from coal-fired power plants and streamlining the approval process for siting of coal-fired power plants;

Streamlining licensing procedures for hydropower and nuclear power plants;

Tax breaks to encourage more electricity production from nuclear plants;

Limiting the liability of nuclear plant operators in major accidents;

Expanding a current 10 percent tax credit for all-electric vehicles so it includes the new gas-electric hybrid vehicles;

Providing tax benefits and regulatory relief for cogeneration plants that produce both heat and electricity;

Expanding the federal Energy Star program to include not only businesses but schools, homes and hospitals;

Extending the energy tax credit to stimulate the production of wind energy.

A 15 percent residential tax credit for users of solar power;

Boosting research funding and continuing tax credits for biofuels, which are made from crop and farm animal waste;

Allowing federal taking of property for power lines by invoking eminent domain;

Relaxing clean air rules to give refiners more flexibility in producing gasoline and urging states to end requirements for "boutique" gasoline blends;

Reviewing economic sanctions policies against Iraq, Iran and Libya, three major oil exporting nations, and directing Secretary of State Colin Powell to step up diplomatic efforts to expand oil production in Latin America, Asia and Caspian Sea nations such as Azerbaijan;

My main concern is that the Bush plan focuses on the long term energy situation and provides no immediate relief to California. This lengthy document will not provide one more kilowatt to California this summer, prevent one less minute of blackouts, or keep one less dollar from being transferred from California into the hands of the energy producers intentionally withholding supplies of power from the market.

President Bush says that the federal government cannot do anything in the short-term to help California, and this energy plan reflects that philosophy. I could not disagree more and I am working hard to ensure that the federal government acts quickly to help California. Earlier this year, I wrote to Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham asking him to look at the feasibility of significantly reducing energy consumption at the Federal Government's various facilities located in California. Recently, President Bush agreed with my recommendation and announced that he would order federal facilities in California to cut energy use by 10 percent. I believe the federal government, however, must help California fix the flawed market structure set up by the law passed by the State legislature and signed by former Governor Pete Wilson in 1996.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is the federal entity entrusted to ensure that energy prices are fair and reasonable. Since FERC has not sufficiently intervened to protect Californians, I have proposed several bills in the Senate that would force FERC to act. Most recently, I introduced S. 764, a bipartisan compromise with Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon to direct FERC to impose "cost-of-service" based electricity rates in the Western wholesale market.

In sum, the Bush Energy Plan is largely a bible for long-term energy production and not even a pamphlet for the urgent short-term actions needed to help us get out of the current Energy Crisis.

And while the Bush Energy Plan is focused primarily on increasing the supply of oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power, it appears only belatedly to have considered the value of energy efficiency, renewable fuels, and conservation. In fact, President Bush's budget proposes to cut renewable energy programs, such as solar, wind, and geothermal energy by 36 percent and energy efficient research and development by 28 percent. Increasing energy efficiency would reduce blackouts, save consumers money, and reduce pollution. In fact, at a time of rising gasoline prices, increasing fuel efficiency is the single most effective action we can take to limit our reliance on foreign oil, save consumers at the pump, and reduce global warming.

Today, the United States is dependent on oil for 97 percent of its transportation energy needs. Just ensuring that Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and light trucks meet the same fuel efficiency standards as automobiles, as I have proposed in a bipartisan bill (S. 804) with Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine, we could save one million barrels of oil a day, reduce oil imports by 10 percent, and prevent 240 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere.

Please know I share your concerns with the President's energy plan. I have enclosed a press release from my office and I would encourage you to review the plan yourself by visiting Again, thank you for your letter. If you have any further concerns on this, or any other issue, please do not hesitate to call my Washington, D.C. staff at (202) 234-1158.

Dianne Feinstein

United States Senator


Every activity or creature is organized into a form; every creature has a trip, every person has an outfit, every day has its way, every breeze has its direction, every movement has its momentum, every body at rest tends to stay at rest. Every horse has hair, every hair lays in a certain direction; all of life involves a certain level of fabrication.

There are certain places where the form is so enormous, monumental, that the innermost of the form is calm, like the eye of a hurricane, while the human activity is this great powerful storm of energy swirling around it: namely, I'm thinking of the human sexual form, human mating. We allow all sorts of public dancing, proper public activity, which involves any movement excepting the overtly sexual movement, the in-and-out, the actual or pretended sexual act.

Our last child graduated high school last week; we gave up our house, and are camped on the Pacific. It was always unimaginable to me, being from the Midwest, to come out here and camp on the ocean. I was much too afraid ... that the enormous water would come in, that we were staying much to close to the edge of the vast and great continent. Now, the worry situation is reversed: we are afraid to leave the ocean, and go thousands of miles inland, afraid of the heat, the humidity, the lack of freedom, afraid of the white-bread Midwest, of the blandness, the rednecks, and death on the highway. Regardless, I'm returning to the small Nebraskan town of my youth, for my fifty-fifth, for re-invigoration, for adventure, for whatever. I'm taking my bike to ride around the paths I used to ride as a kid. We'll probably end up back here on the Pacific within a month; wish us luck.

Harry Holdorf

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King And Gandhi Teach Non-Violence As Arafat Seeks Jehad

There is an equivalency between what Hitler described in Mien Kamph and the historic determination of Arabs to destroy the Jewish presence in the Middle East. There is also no similarity between the Palestinian struggle for statehood compared to the Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi struggle for freedom. These leaders differing from Arafat preached NON-VIOLENCE as Arafat preached JEHAD to children and the deliberate destruction of innocent civilians, glorifying suicide bombers.

M.L. King had youth teach ins on how to achieve goals non violently along with Gandhi. Secretary of State

Powell should be mindful of these differences when he confronts Arafat who glories in civilian brutality. Had the Palestinians and their allies used some of the non violent philosophy they would be better off today. The Indians and American blacks should shun Arafat and his henchmen

Dr. Norman E. Mann

San Diego,

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Government Energy Interference Will Fail

California's Gray Davis has flexed his muscle and gotten FERC to set limits on what California and ten other Western states are allowed to pay for electric. What they haven't done is address the problem of shortages. How in the world do they imagine that paying less for power will end rolling blackouts? As a matter of fact, unless someone forces the generators to sell power at less than what the other 39 states are willing to pay, it may prove to be counterproductive.

Government interference in the market place is exactly what caused the problem to spread beyond California in the first place. When Clinton and later Bush ordered generators to sell power to California's bankrupt utilities, it was widely reported that they were creating a summer problem. By lowering the lakes to generate power to spare California, other states now share their plight. Of course, they were hoping for a cool summer, but just in case, Davis hired two higher-priced PR men to blame the evil oil barons/gouging power companies/greedy Republicans, to cover-up their inadequacies. You know, it's real tempting to call these guys a bunch of socialists, but even a socialist knows he can't snap his fingers and say "let there be light."

Who do they think they are?

Rich Martin

Ft Worth, TX 76133

[email protected]

Bush Not Smart Enough To Know?

Mr. President, if you're not smart enough to know that the oil companies are gouging the public on gasoline prices, then we need to worry about you.

Inflation is a euphemism for theft, which is caused by the simultaneous and arbitrary price increases by the collective monopolies. (A collective monopoly is where less than 10 companies control 90% or more of the business in a particular category.)

Certainly the oil companies qualify as a collective monopoly.

James M. Carroll

[email protected]

Corruption In Marin, Go Sanford!

Based on the widely perceived levels of fraud and corruption associated with Marin County government, which has been commented upon from San Francisco to Los Angeles, I would expect that "No Name" from the April issue would be grateful to have such a persistent gadfly "vexatious litigant" as Sanford Grossman nosing around our municipal corridors, exposing as much iniquity as he can. That is, unless "No Name" is, perhaps him or herself, part of that segment of Marin municipal life that brings out all those knowing chuckles from so far off.

Here's to ya, Sanford ! Keep it up, I say !

Vladimir Hrycenko

San Rafael, California

[email protected]

Taxes For Increased Pesticide Risks

What if California mandated that Organic farms had to use Pesticides? Sounds preposterous doesn't it? But the State of California is currently suing our town for having a pesticide ordinance designed to protect our health. Our ordinance simply asks that homeowners give 48 hour notice to neighbors within 150 feet that they will use pesticides so that there is an opportunity to close windows, bring pets inside and keep children from playing indoors while these health harming chemicals are in use. Also the Town itself would not use Pesticides on public areas. Pesticides can be used with a two-thirds vote of the Town Council in case the health, safety and welfare of the community is threatened. Given that many pesticides contain known carcinogens, this is a very reasonable and forward thinking measure.

Due to California's interference, our small town must raise thousands of dollars to defend the law, while the State is free to waste tax payer money to fight this reasonable health measure that many towns are beginning to adopt. Fellow citizens and tax payers, please let your representatives know that you don't want your taxes misspent in this way, and that you don't want the State telling localities they can't protect themselves against pesticides.

Hannah Doress

Fairfax, CA

[email protected]



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