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July 2001

Colonial Dreams

By Edward W. Miller

The once-great British Empire, unable to cope with the successive rebellions which characterized the 19th century's tide of economic expansion and nationalism, was gradually torn apart, and today is reduced to a tiny island kingdom.

Washington and Tel Aviv, blind to the lessons of history, are enchanted by their dreams of colonial grandeur. Joined at the waist by the bonds of Jewish money with its political and economic power, the Sharon and Bush governments each seem intent on establishing hegemony in what they perceive as their potential colonial empires.

In the Mideast, where the Sharon government pursues its dream of Eretz-Israel, the fragile reduction in hostilities between "the butcher" Sharon and Arafat will not last. Israel's intent is to fulfill that "Master Plan," outlined in the World Zionist Organization's Oct. 1978 "White Paper," written by Matityahu Drobles. The scheme was later reinforced by the Knesset's Allon Plan. As an editor of the Jerusalem Post told TIME magazine in March 1980, the Palestinian West Bank, "Is to be carved up by a grid of roads, settlements and strongholds into a score of little bantustans so that (the Palestinians) shall never coalesce again into a contiguous area that can support autonomous, let alone independent, existence." (see Zogby

Washington has marched in step with Tel Aviv as Drobles'-Allon plans developed. Our Washington-appointed Zionist negotiating team of Albright, Ross and other Jews, has again and again purposely delayed any meaningful decisions while the illegal settlements, politely termed "facts on the ground" were being constructed. At Madrid, Oslo, on the White House lawn, and wherever Arafat and the US-Israel team have met, the mantra of a "future Palestinian State" has been presented to an ignorant public by our Washington-subservient media. Today, those public relations firms on hire by America's Zionist organizations fill the media with columns and "news reports" which denounce Arafat for "failing to accept Barak's generous offer of 95 percent of Palestinian land and a secure foothold in Jerusalem."

What is never said is that Barak's 95 percent of the 95 percent which remains after Israel subtracts her huge expansion of Jewish East Jerusalem almost to the Jordan River, her illegal settlements with their 200,000 plus Jews, and the thousands of dunums of Palestinian land paved over with by-pass roads forbidden the Arabs. Barak's 95 percent actually represents about 17 percent of the land promised the Palestinians in the 1947 UN partition plan, their future State, owned by them before the 1967 war.

As Israeli military analyst Ze'ev Shiff observed: "Most of Israel's governments have tried various ploys regarding the settlements... there was only one interpretation... to help Israel close off the option of the Palestinians being able to establish a viable state." (Zogby, Ibid)

Today, Sharon's "7-Star Plan, an unprecedented military blockade that slices the West Bank into eight enclaves and Gaza into four, decanted around 200,000 Palestinians from their jobs in Israel and barred all imports into the Palestinian area except food, but including gas and oil." (MiddleEast International, June 15).

On June 1, an Arab suicide bombing killed 21 Israeli teenagers at a discotheque and wounded some 120. German foreign minister Joscha Fischer immediately warned Arafat he would lose all European economic and political support unless he declared an unconditional cease-fire, while the PLO leader received a "ferocious phone call" from US Secretary of State Colin Powell that "unless Arafat declared a cease-fire and immediately arrested Hamas and Islamic Jihad people, not only would the US sever all relations with the PLO, it would not lift a finger to prevent Israeli reprisals." (Ibid) Like our own colonial patriots who were fighting the foreign mercenaries of old George III, this cautionary advice is not likely to subdue these Palestinian patriots who are risking their lives to disperse Israel's' cruel occupation army.

What the future holds for Israel's dream of a Mideast colonial empire no one knows. A majority of American Jews support the Nazi-like expansionism of Zionist Israel, seemingly oblivious to a growing US-public anger at Sharon's violence and other human rights violations. In Washington, with Bush seemingly bought, as was Clinton, by AIPAC money and with our New Secretary of State behaving like an Uncle Tom rather than a statesman, Israel's leaders may feel free to involve us in a war in the Mideast. In Israel, the Jewish majority, cowered by the repeated violence of Palestinian martyrs, and desperately seeking a security it doesn't deserve, seems unlikely to curb Sharon's militarism.

As for the ongoing fighting in Macedonia, here again the American people are being lied to by both Washington and our media. The carefully-camouflaged support for a Greater Albania first surfaced in Washington when Senator Dole and Representative DioGuardia accepted campaign cash from the Albanians in this country, sponsoring bills in the Senate and House intended to severe Kosovo from Serbia. Senator Lieberman joined the campaign, lauding the brave Kosovars in resisting Serbian violence. The US lead the NATO pack to sponsor first Trudjman in Croatia and then Isbegovic in Bosnia-Herzogovenia in military campaigns to drive out their native Serbian populations, and pry their respective states from Milosevic's Yugoslav Federation.

The Albanian insurgency in Kosovo, termed the KLA, has been secretly supported by the US military aided by drug money via Turkey and Albania arranged by our CIA. It is those same KLA forces, tutored and armed by US-funded mercenary units which are today threatening the stability of Macedonia. Once Macedonia falls into NATO's net, that corridor from the Black Sea into Europe will be open to US' new economic colonization.

Lubricated by international oil and nourished by our CIA-organized drug cartels, these Balkan fragments, forming a corridor from the Black Sea into Europe have become the prey of Western-style "economic colonialism." With or without permission from our NATO allies, the US intends to elbow both Germany and the Russian Bear out of what will become a commercially-vital region. (see Michel Chossudovsky June 14).

Just before NATO's devastating bombing of Yugoslavia, Washington used its muscle in the UN Security Council to void UN Charter rules and set up a pseudo "International Court for Yugoslavia." To give the appearance of legitimacy, the Court was moved into some empty rooms in the Hague loaned by the Red Cross. Senator Biden, amongst others, has been campaigning to cover-up NATO's 1999 illegal, irresponsible, and devastating war against the Yugoslav people by actively demonizing Yugoslav's Milosevic, and his Serbian friends.

This vilification campaign, now in full swing, is forcing Yugoslavia's puppet-president, Kostunica, to choose between either extraditing Milosevic to NATO's pseudo-Court, or denying his people those funds from the IMF and World Bank needed to support Yugoslavia's economic survival. Squeezed by the US, like Arafat, Kostunica may let the Parliament in Belgrade take the heat. This week (June 17) Russia's Putin, in a surprise visit to Kosovo, sided with Kostunica in blaming NATO for failing to control the Albanian-KLA violence which has already driven 200,000 Serbs from their Kosovo homes, and extends now into Macedonia.

In the US, a public obsessed with the economic slowdown and rising costs of gasoline and electric power, shows little interest or even awareness of Bush's military adventurism in the Balkans, a militarism urged on by his dad's oil-supported advisors, who seem intent on establishing US hegemony in an east-west corridor stretching from the Caspian Sea to Europe.



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