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June 2001

Letters To The Editor

Tax Cut Is For Bush's Big Money Backers

George Bush trumpeted his tax cuts before the economy slumped and now says we need it more than ever. I'm sure his big money backers would agree. But why should a tax cut favor the rich? Ours is now a global economy. Tax breaks for the rich will surely end us as foreign investments. So I ask, are tax cuts for the wealthy to invest abroad better for our economy than tax cuts for the rest of us to spread around town?

Look how he plans to pay for them. He wants to cut funds for the environment, toxic clean up, jobless benefits and programs to help states in hard economic times. Most children's programs will be frozen or reduced. Head Start will have to turn away 2,500 children. Child abuse programs will loose millions. Some cuts even seem mean spirited, like eliminating contraceptive health coverage for federal employees. Whose priorities are these?

George Bush doesn't have a mandate to take us in this radical new direction and we need to let him know that.

Brian Lynch

Mine Hill, NJ 07803

[email protected]

Readers Be Aware...

You and you readers should be made aware of the fact that the letter writer "James S. Kor" who lists his address as "Salinas" is an inmate at the Salinas Valley State Prison presently serving a life sentence for first degree murder, robbery, carjacking, false imprisonment, grand theft, and being a felon in possession of a firearm, as well as numerous serious and violent prior felony convictions. This is a matter of public record.

Kathryn Mitchell

Hall of Justice

San Rafael

Mass Immigration Responsible for Energy Crisis

Governor Grey Davis is fond of saying that our energy crisis is not his fault. Sorry, Grey, but it just isn't true. If Pete Wilson were still governor, I don't think we'd be facing a summer of blackouts, the five billion or so dollars they'll cost us, and another 10 or 20 billion dollars (including huge budget deficits) for new power plant construction.

How so? Grey Davis torpedoes Proposition 187 that would have prohibited the welfare that illegal immigrants now get with free medical care and free K-12 education. Without that huge welfare magnet, there would be much less pressure to migrate to California. Pete Wilson never would have trashed 187, the voice of the people saying loudly and clearly that we're tired of paying billions of dollars every year to finance people who respect America so little that they don't even bother to come here legally.

There are now about three million people in California illegally. That's nearly a tenth of us. If Governor Davis had the integrity to simply send them home, as our law requires, then our energy crisis would vanish -- at least until legal immigration forces our population higher and back into the realm of blackouts.

It is time for us to face the fact that our energy crisis simply would not be happening except for mass immigration. It is time to send the illegals home. It is time for a moratorium on legal immigration. I'm tired of blackouts, ugly sprawl, overcrowded schools, ridiculous traffic, inflated tax bills, toxic air, and on and on and on.

Jason Dinalt


US Postal Service Deteriorating

Enough is enough! The rapidly deteriorating operation of the US Postal Service is outrageous. Costs increase to cover perks for executive, advertising, and other attempts to function as if mail delivery is a competitive, profit-making business. Government is a service, not a business, and it's high time this quasi-public operation was returned to the people. Let's face it, the privatization experiment is a total failure and we need to take our post office back from the anti-government profiteers. Mail carriers appear to be overworked, underpaid, inadequately trained, and driven to increase productivity at the expense of efficiency. I know I'm not alone when I receive other people's mail and don't receive my own, including publications to which I subscribe at considerable expense, while junk mail fills my recycling bin. My efforts to determine who is responsible have included voluminous complaint forms, letters to the Postmaster General, the USPS Inspection Service, the Office of Consumer Advocate, the Mill Valley Postmaster, and the USPS Inspector General. The result? Finger-pointing, apologies, and disclaimers. The situation is getting worse and it's time for a concerted effort before we lose Saturday delivery and receive yet another undeserved rate increase. Are you with me?

Eileen Sideman

Mill Valley

Moratorium on Rent Increases

I am sure you realize the housing situation here and in the Bay Area.

Specifically in Marin County. landlords are taking advantage of the housing shortage and demanding steep rent increases.

As you will see from the following article, "grass roots" activity is beginning to take place, fighting to get the civic authorities to declare a moratorium on rent increases.

I would appreciate the printing of this article with the hope of receiving responses for support from tenants in Marin County.

A Home is a Basic Human Right

In this area, Northern California, many medium and low income workers are being deprived of their right to live in a decent home.

Rents are being increased as much as $300-$400 a month. Workers, the elderly, the disabled, the low and medium income workers are being driven from their homes because of their inability to keep up with the rent increases. But they are fighting back! In the City of San Rafael, which is a suburb of San Francisco, hundreds of rents, majority Spanish speaking people, held a demonstration in front of City Hall demanding an immediate moratorium of rent increases. Many signs were evident and slogans such as, "Asi se puede," with the singing of "We Shall Overcome." They marched into the City Hall Chambers, filling it to capacity, with signs demanding an end to rent increases. Tenants, one after another, spoke before the City Council, advising of the exorbitant rent increases and demanding a stop to the increases.

The City Council requested landlords, on a voluntary basis, to stop raising rent beyond ten percent. This decision is not satisfactory and, as a result, the tenants are forming a tenant organization to continue the fight to stop the rent increases.

I'm sure many other areas have this "scrooge" problem and perhaps we should pay more attention to this fight for economic justice. Perhaps we should form a national organization of tenants and begin demanding fair rents on a national scale.

I'm willing to take the lead. Don't hesitate to call me at 415-479-1731 or fax 415-472-1913 or email: [email protected]

Coleman C. Persily, Vice President

Golden State Mobilehome Owners League

Real Truth About DA Recall Censored

Most reporters and newspapers in Marin County and surrounding areas, have consistently censored information and disseminated false and misleading propaganda regarding the recall effort against DA Paula Kamena. Published stories appear to have been deliberately crafted to discredit anyone who complains about illegal or criminal activity in the guise of custody and other legal proceedings. It is clear that there is some hidden--perhaps political--agenda, that has interfered with the professional obligation to report news accurately.

The blatant cover up of issues such as the mishandling of child sexual abuse cases in our courts and by the DA's office, has no place in ethical journalism. I believe that the consistent printing of false and erroneous information, could be construed as intentionally malicious, in addition to probably being libelous, slanderous, or even criminal in nature.

Today is an especially sad day for Marin County voters, who supported Paula Kamena primarily because they were denied factual coverage of the recall effort by the media. Those who backed the recall and/or Tom Van Zandt, are not the "small minded" nor "thuggish" liars and losers you persist in calling them. Cases involving judges, lawyers and others named in the Karen Winner reports and/or involved with the Mardeusz case, have been identified by the National Alliance for Family Court Justice (NAFCJ), as affiliated with a perverse agenda which underlies family court corruption nationwide.

These cases are all connected to the misuse of federal programs. Underlying what is being dismissed by the press as a matter of "disgruntled" litigants who "had their day in court and lost", is a pedophile ring with connections to federal fund diversion, drug trafficking and deaths.

NAFCJ--primarily through the efforts of National Director Liz Richards and myself--has been able to prevent the confirmation of President Bush's nominee to Asst. Sec. of HHS (Wade Horn). This morning, every US Senator and Representative on Capitol Hill has already seen the story. We prevailed in our opposition to Horn, because of his connections to the same crooked, pro-offender court-affiliated organizations, individuals and programs, that are operating in Marin County through collaborative efforts between the family court and the DA's office.

Paula Kamena is smiling on the front of the today's newspapers because the public was misled, with assistance from the media. She won't be smiling (nor will any reporters or editorial staff who covered for her) when she realizes that as CA director of NAFCJ, I have been able to connect Marin County Courts and court affiliated individuals to the very core of a custody corruption scam and pedophile ring which is operating nationwide.

Cindy Ross

Fairfax, CA 94978-0744

Price of Freedom

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Americans are constantly proselytizing about freedom, liberty, democracy - all impressive buzz words - but in my experience, the majority of Americans are afraid of freedom, especially on a personal level.

As a child and teenager, I was aware that I did not have freedom, that I was at the mercy of my parents and other authority figures. But in my early twenties, I decided I needed to begin taking advantage of my adult status by becoming an independent thinker and decision-maker, or else be at the mercy of vast impersonal and hostile forces for the rest of my life.

The challenge of asserting one's personal freedom is in dealing with those who allow themselves little freedom, including one's family and friends. These people are threatened by and envious of independent thinkers and actors because deep down they wish they had the courage to act independently rather than passively go along with convention and "normality" all the time. Because of their resentment of the independent person, they would rather attack him or her by trying to shame, criticize, moralize or preach than allow themselves greater choice and freedom. This is an example of the phenomenon that Carl Jung classified as projection.

Vigilance is necessary for a freedom-lover because of the masses of choice-inhibited people who are so prone to telling him/her "you have to... you should... you can't..." The domesticated American believes that a bent toward independent thought and action is a liability to be reviled rather than an asset to be admired!

There's nothing a coward hates more than true bravery, and there's nobody a slave resents more than someone who asserts his freedom.

Is America really the land of the free and the home of the brave?

No, America is merely a land run by emotionally stunted and brutal adult children.

Alex Caylee

San Rafael

MOMs' Distortions & Lies

While the Million Moms March Foundation brays its irrational drivel lobbying our state legislature, legislators and public alike should be aware of the distortions and outright lies of both the MOMs and their allies of Handgun Control Inc.

For example, HCI President Michael Barnes flatly lied to Congress, manufacturing a spurious Supreme Court "quote" on our right to arms, and lied again saying that no federal court in history except the one in the Emerson case had ever said that individual citizens have a right to possess arms, this during his testimony in the Senate Ashcroft hearing.

San Francisco MOMs branch's executive director Andrew McGuire recently told Greenbrae San Sebastian Church parishioners that no federal court had so ruled, until reminded of the Emerson case.

In fact, decisions of the following US Courts of Appeal have recognized that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right: First District (Cases v. US, 1942), Fifth (US v. Bowdach, 1977), Eighth ((US v. Hutzell, 2000), Tenth (US v. Swinton, 1975), and Eleventh Circuit Court District (Gilbert Equipment Co., Inc. v. Higgins, 1990). Add to those the US Supreme (highest federal) Court in at least 19 cases has acknowledged that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to arms.

The muddle-headed MOMs and HCI tout licensing and registration as "reasonable." The Supreme Court in Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 1943, ruled that requiring a license fee for the exercise of a Constitutional right was a tax on exercise of the right and was therefore unconstitutional.

Only law-abiding persons would obey registration and licensing laws, and the Supreme Court in 1968 in Haynes v. US explicitly ruled that convicted felons were entirely exempt from obeying gun registration laws, being protected by the Fifth Amendment. How do you like the idea of a law aimed solely at you, while thugs are excused from compliance?

Besides, registration cannot prevent or solve crime. A study of ten years of gun registration in 44 states found a grand total of only six robberies and six murders solved as a result of registration, while New York, with the toughest gun laws in the nation, could not point to a single crime solved through registration in that ten year period.

The lies of HCI's Barnes violated the federal False Statement Statute (18 USCS 1001 - penalties include heavy fine or prison or both). Too bad California doesn't have a similar law for MOMs' lies in Sacto.

Fielding Greaves

San Rafael

Help Us Stop School Violence

In writing, my hope is that we will all unite in taking action to bring peace to our communities. I, like you, have seen the effects of a world at unrest. We have seen wars, hatred and much death. This death is not only upon foreign lands, but also right in our schools and homes. On April 20, 1999, the tragedy of Columbine High School occurred. On March 6, 2001, almost two years later, we had another horror in a school in Santee, California. This shows that we have done nothing to change the hearts and minds of the students to make sure this does not occur again. Unless we get to the cause of these tragedies, unless we stop trying to put a band-aid on the symptoms of a sick society, we will continue to mourn without hope of change. My hope is that you will see there is a Peaceful Solution and a positive way to change the way our society is heading.

On Feb. 23-25, 2001, the Third Global Conference on Peace was hosted by The House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas. It was co-convened by Dr. Yisrayl Hakins, from Abilene and Dr. Oryema Johnson from Canada. There were 16 countries represented there, including men and women from China, Russia, Israel and Nigeria, to name just a few. Representatives from various peace organizations across the United States were also in attendance.

Though the people came from many nations, the problems all stemmed from the same cause; a lack of education in the laws of moral principles. It was agreed upon by all that with proper education, starting at a very young age, all forms of the negative effects that we see in modern day society would be eliminated. "The only way to stop hate and killing is through education, taught through the laws in the Peaceful Solution," said the representative from Israel. The representative from Armenia totally agreed with this statement. These two men have seen the devastating effects of their countries at war, because only war is taught there. Now, they will be taking back with them hope, through the teaching of the Peaceful Solution.

What is the Peaceful Solution? The Peaceful Solution is a set of moral principles that can be taught to all people. Everyone who is taught and practices The Peaceful Solution will greatly benefit from these principles.

I urge you to obtain and consider this information. Free samples of this program are being offered. To receive your free copy, call 1-888-613-9494, or write to The Peaceful Solution, POB 2442, Abilene, Texas 79604; or email: [email protected] and request the Peaceful Solution program which was offered at the Third Global Conference on Peace in Abilene, Texas. Yisrayl Hawkins is also available for interviews.

You have the opportunity and the responsibility to do something to make a change.

Elizabeth De Leon


Outraged By Bayland Refuge Study

Dear Congresswoman Woolsey:

I am hoping you will share my outrage at the recent intrusion of the US Fish and Wildlife Service into Marin County. What I particularly resent is that they unilaterally decided to place specific properties in their Bayland Refuge Study, without consulting the property owners of local elected officials. I'm also hoping that you will ask USFWS to stop their study and allow the process to revert to our local jurisdictions so that Marin County can decide through [its] own planning process whether or not we need a wildlife refuge and who we want to manage it for us.

Marin County has an excellent environmental record and, as you know, has over 85 percent of its land in open space -- in perpetuity. It's just insulting to have USFWS come in and make decisions for an area that has no trouble taking care of its environment by itself.

But even if they insist upon throwing their weight around, it seems they would at least take into account the needs of the community before they make their decisions about which properties to "study." Specifically in the cases of the Canalways property and the St. Vincent's Silviera land, critically necessary housing must be placed on these lands, and no federal agency out to be able to tell our local officials "no."

I know you to be a thoughtful person of an independent mind and spirit. Is there anything you can do to stop federal agencies, particularly USFWS, from their arrogance against local governments and individuals? This situation just has to stop.

Susan Little


Editor's Note: The Coastal Post has received nine other letters on this subject, opposing this deal.

Audubon Leader Drunk With Power

Put your checkbook away, Marin Audubon members, you are being deceived by your leader Barbara Salzman. She has become drunk with power, misleading and misguiding your funds and you. She has been exposed for being a fraud and liar. The good people of the Audubon Society need to know they are funding communism -- socialism, if that is too harsh. [She is] using the good name of Audubon Society to destroy property rights, constitutional rights and your civil rights under the guise of environmentalism.

She wants to stop roads, housing, water, power, transportation, land use... everything.

To Barbara, "the collective needs of non-human species must take precedence over the needs and desires of humans."

So, put your checkbook away. You're funding one world order, new world order. United nations biosphere reserves basic, anti-American activity.

Harvey Goldberg

San Anselmo

When Is A Tax Cut A Tax Increase

According to the politicians, they are giving US a $1.3 trillion tax cut while they spend 5% more. Do they really think that we're stupid enough to believe they can give US our cake and eat it too? I don't know if these idiots we elected think they can suspend the laws of economics and math, but if spending goes up 5%, so will our collective taxes. If they don't collect it in the form of new taxes, fines and other fees, the cost will be reflected in our monetary system as inflation or devaluation of the dollar. What part of THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH don't they understand?

Rich Martin

[email protected]

We are not PRO TESTING!

"There is beauty in resisting that which we know is not right. We are not pro-testing, rather un-investing in the current molesting by the standardized testing which is infesting our schools..."

We, 17 students of all grade levels from Drake High School, gathered this morning in the front of our campus. We represent the 100+ students who are refusing to participate in the STAR testing-some who have already turned in waivers signed by their parents excusing them from the test, others who are simply not attending the test period and who will receive unexcused absences.

We represent the numerous students who are taking the test against their will due lack of parental signature. We represent numerous teachers and faculty who do not support the STAR test but who are not allowed to express opposition to the test openly at school. Fearful of the power of our youthful, truthful voices, and fulfilling their legal responsibilities to administer the test, members of the administration nudged us off campus, explaining that our activism is not a school matter but a civil matter. So we stood valiantly on the curb, as our community passed by in speeding vehicles, honking in support as they read our freshly painted signs: "Say NO to the STAR test!" "STOP STAR!!!" "Morals before Money!" We shouted out unexposed information, revealing the truth about the STAR test as our peers arrived at school to take the test: "The STAR test is NOT a graduation requirement. Your parents can request your excuse under California Education Code 60615. It is not too late!" "Did you know it is against the law for teachers to speak out against the STAR test?" "Already more than 100 waivers have been turned in at Drake! This is over 10% of students expected to take the test! This means that our school scores will NOT be valid!"

We, as young people today, are taught to accept, without questioning, an unfulfilling, uninspiring, submissive, assembly-line approach to education. We feel that by coming together this morning, we are demonstrating that we do indeed have the power to think for ourselves and act together to create our ideal community. We feel that stopping the STAR test is one step in reclaiming our educations to be liberating, to value knowledge before aptitude and morality before money.

After the bell rang at school for the STAR testing to begin, we paraded to Red Hill Shopping Center and talked amongst ourselves, sharing our knowledge and thoughts. We are taking our education into our own hands today, since our school is not providing us class time this morning. We are learning from and empowering each other. We decided to write this letter to share our experience with the entire community and we invite anyone interested in joining our peaceful demonstrations to arrive in front of Drake High School between 7:15 and 8:15 am for the rest of the week. Testing ends on Friday, May 4.


Lucia Comnes, Alexandra Liss, Tessa Brunton, Nina Basker, Dominic Colacchio, Demian Bartholomew-Keller, Daniel Drexler, Sara Nelson, Sarah Janko, Daniel Cottrell, Kieth Fleming, Breeze Kinsey, Daegan Sheehan, Chris Sheehan, Kyle Misher-Dryovage, Phil Eastman, and Alicia Nichols

[email protected]

Is Anyone Awake Out There?

While the energy cartel threatens the state with financial ruin, the Gov. and some Democratic lawmakers are wasting precious time trying to figure out how to rescue Edison from the folly of its deregulation law.

Our elected officials just don't get it: the utilities gambled, won at first, then lost. Game over. The generators will continue to rape and plunder California's businesses and residential ratepayers this summer. We don't have the timeâ or the moneyâ to spend on an Edison bailout, and good luck to the politicians that vote to do it anyway, we'll see you at the ballot box.

Deregulation is possibly the crime of the century, with $6.7 billion spent by the state since January. California paid $1900 million last Wednesday to avert blackouts-ten times the Gov.'s projection for average summer wholesale prices. At this price, the average residential utility bill in California would be: $950/month.

When will the reality of this mess seep through California's political and business establishment: we cannot buy or pay our way out of this deregulation disaster. If the generators won't refund overcharges and lower prices to fair profit levels, the state will go broke, the lights will go out and Governor Davis will have no choice but to commandeer the plants and operate them at cost, at which point prices will plummet. Treasurer Angelides made the same point on Friday. Free market extremists brought us this debacle, and tough measures are the only response.

What's more important: right wing ideological purity, or staying in business? That's the decision our business leaders are going to have to make. Support a return to regulation and public power, or let the state be crushed in the name of "deregulation." The PUC's rate hikeâ a majority of which may land on the big business users who backed deregulation in the first placeâ may serve to involuntarily deploy these folks as lobbyists for cost-based, regulated wholesale prices.

Michael Lind

Oak View CA 93022

FBI Withholding of Evidence Not Uncommon

The withholding of evidence and obstruction of justice appear to be habitual FBI practices. In recent months, this pattern has become frightfully clear.

Revelations of FBI misconduct in Boston are appalling. The FBI manufactured evidence, which put two innocent men in prison, while the real murderers were protected and allowed to kill with impunity. Evidence about FBI misconduct in the Birmingham bombings is no less disturbing. For years the FBI did nothing to pursue the racist murderers of the four young girls, all the while knowing who the culprits were. And now it has been revealed that the FBI illegally withheld evidence relating to the Oklahoma bombing. Somehow, the news comes as no surprise.

Equally troublesome is the case of Leonard Peltier, the Indigenous rights activist considered by Amnesty International a "political prisoner" who should be "immediately and unconditionally released." The FBI is also withholding evidence in his case.

Peltier was convicted of killing two FBI agents after the FBI coerced witnesses, utilized false testimony, and intentionally withheld a ballistic test reflecting his innocence at trial. The ballistic test was later released through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit and it prompted the US Prosecutor to admit, "we can't prove who shot those agents." Yet, Peltier has remained in prison for over 25 years and the FBI refuses to release the 6000 documents still held in secret files today.

Before another victim is allowed to languish one more year in prison, Congress should hold investigations into the FBI's handling of the Peltier case and subpoena the remaining 6000 documents. When the most powerful law enforcement agency in the country considers itself above the law, each of us becomes a potential victim of injustice.

David Rasmussen

St. Helena

[email protected]

More info on Peltier:

Unsigned And Disillusioned

"Despite an overwhelming preponderance of evidence of wrong-doing and job-duty failures by her office, dollars and deceit carried the day, as District Attorney Paula Kamena handily rebuffed the recall election pitted against her, with well over 80% of the vote in her favor.

Early public relations errors by pro-recall interests, and insufficient funding with which to deliver their arguments, made the result an inevitable "no contest."

Disillusioned in Marin

National Park Service Mess At Ft. Baker

Carol Sterritt's coverage of the NPS plans for Ft. Baker was thorough and well written -- and her introductory quote from the NPS mission statement " provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations" should be taken to heart.

Hundreds of hotel rooms, ballrooms, a restaurant, a 200+ person wedding chapel, concession stands, pavement for almost 900 cars and a 50+ year lease to a private hotel developer reads like gross over-development, not unimpairment. Placing that side by side with a 300,000 visitor per year children's center, and locating both directly off the north entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge seem ludicrous.

It also sounds like a national resort, not a national park. It is interesting that the NPS plans to require 10% of the hotel's rooms to be available at government rates to members of a "National Park Institute" they have yet to form.

One point needs correction. The NPS has consistently implied, and Ms. Sterritt repeated in her article, that a "congressional mandate" requires the NPS to get national parks onto a self-funding basis. Not so. Yes, the Presidio Trust has that requirement -- but the NPS has never been able to point to any legislative or executive action requiring fiscal profitability of any other national parkland.

As to public input and due process, shame on the NPS. They point to 140+ hearings and the Ad Hoc Committee effort, but most hearings were poorly noticed, not taped or recorded, and managed to diffuse public comment rather than elicit it. I've been to "hearings" where attendees were divided into "focus groups" whose comments were filtered by park service employees, recordings were not made and minutes were not released to participants. Ad Hoc Committee meetings were not taped, minutes never approved or released, and "votes" included advance polling of members not in attendance! In three years not one hotel room or parking space has been removed from the NPS scheme. That alone should be a red flag.

Sausalito should be commended and supported in its effort to hold the NPS to its mission.

Pat Zuch

Sausalito, CA

Star Testing And Student Values

As a Marin native and a product of this public school system, I was frankly shocked and disturbed to learn of verifiable harassment and inappropriate and unlawful behavior on the part of school administration in the Tamalpais High School District. In a bizarre and misguided action, Tam High School administrators pulled out of class students whose parents are opposed to the STAR test in order to question, intimidate and guilt-trip the students about their not taking the test. Such alleged intimidation and coercion is a violation student's lawful rights and is rather troubling.

Further, students are not required to take the STAR test! The STAR test is not the law, (though this was stated as fact by Marin County's top school administrator in an I.J. opinion piece 10 days ago). California school districts cannot make the STAR test a condition of graduation because state law provides exemptions. The Tamalpais School District must and does provide an alternatives. The alternatives to the STAR test for reading are a score of 4 or better on the Senior Reading Assessment or a score of 3 or better on the Golden State Exam. For math, the alternative is a score of 4 or better on the Golden State Exam or a passing score on the Metropolitan Math Exam.

These infractions come at a time when many students are questioning if it is possible to have a caring education or a meaningful democracy in a culture that is fundamentally competitive, materialistic, and technocratic. It is tragic that the biggest cost of a system oriented single-mindedly to test scores is that we rarely hear any public discussion of what it means to use your mind well, to appreciate, understand, and create knowledge, to be an educated, fully realized human being. It is sad that students are right to conclude that many school administrators do not seem to care about these values, nor it would seem, the law.

David Kupfer

San Rafael, CA 94901

[email protected]

Bad News Bush

The Internetfreepress predicts that four years of a Bush Administration will take its toll on this country. In fact the Bush Conservative approach to governing is likely to result in a serious negative impact in several key areas: The environment will likely be irreparably damaged; unemployment, inflation, the national debt and interest rates will soar to all-time highs, while international relations will sink to new lows. America's role as a super power and leader of the free world will decline significantly, making it more difficult to deal with madman bullies like Saddam Hussein. And it is quite probable that the policies of the Bush administration will damage our relations with China and Russia...a highly sensitive and important issue.

Whether it be the economy, foreign relations, the environment, race relations, etc. (whatever the arena) the Bush Administration lacks the foresight and open mindedness and management skills to deal with these problems effectively.

For Liberals to sit around and twiddle their thumbs at this juncture is a very foolish and dangerous game. Now's the time for all free-thinking people to work diligently to make sure George Bush is a one-time President.

Liberals need to concentrate on getting more people elected who have a mind to Congress in 2002 and in ensuring that we don't elect George Bush again....or that we don't elect a Bush clone.

James M. Carroll

[email protected]

Essential To Life Rule

Tired of robber barons? Third world countries have known the bite of Corporate predators for years. Now California gets a dose of this sociopathic behavior through the manipulation of energy prices by the Energy Syndicate.

ESSENTIAL-TO-LIFE RULE: When Corporations are unable or unwilling to provide a life essential service or product to the public at an affordable price, then the government is obligated to intervene to insure the life essential item is provided.

The ESSENTIAL-TO-LIFE RULE is a public interest standard which should apply to essentials such as air, water, food, medicine, shelter, and energy -- all which are vital to life in the 21st Century.

The ESSENTIAL-TO-LIFE RULE may be proposed at the upcoming Regional Peoples Assembly to be held June 29 - July 1, 2001, at San Francisco State University.

These regional meetings will find activists from Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Colorado and elsewhere joining to discuss furthering the cause of establishing a permanent elected body representing "we, the people" either as a new body within the United Nations, or as new world body-- a democratically elected World Parliament (currently called a "Global Peoples Assembly").

There will be workshops on Global Economic Democracy, Sustainable Environment, Democratizing the UN, and How to Make a Democratic World Parliament Happen.

The Global Peoples Assembly strategy argues that we need a fundamental global systems paradigm shift and a new type of global government since the present global system favors the elite, not the people, and hence fails to serve the world public interest.

Peace, human rights, and environmental activists are welcome. Call (415) 896-2242 for details.

Dr. Roger Kotila

San Rafael

[email protected]

Serving The People

I just want to thank Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont for leaving the Republican Party to become an independent. What he did was both courageous and heroic, something that I have not seen in a long time.

Politics has become a war between two parties where the game of who wins is more important than what is done. Party members from both sides are expected to put loyalty to the party ahead of the interests of the People. Finally one person has stood up and put the People ahead of party politics, and it is my hope that this act sends a message to the members of both parties -- that the government exists for the sole purpose of serving the needs of the People, and not the self interest of members of the Republican and Democratic parties.

Marc Perkel

San Francisco Ca. 94131

Space Exploration Nonsense

With all the energy emergencies on earth affecting just about everyone, why in the world are we wasting time, effort and trillions of dollars in space exploration that only benefits a few? How can the knowledge of what kind of rock or the weather on another planet alleviate the sufferings of the populace here at home? Will it fill the tank of your car, warm you in winter, run your appliances or fill your water glass? It's great for impressing the public and to temporarily take our minds off problems here at home, but does nothing to help the majority of people facing critical shortages and the burden of increased expenses that are occurring.

Just imagine what the same scientific, engineering, manufacturing and industry expertise combined with a comparable amount funding that developed the space program could accomplish if it were applied to the problems facing the citizenry. If you believe in the ability of American technology, then you have to know a solution can be found...and in a relatively short time. Benefits would be reaped worldwide.

Taxes are paid in the hopes of deriving some benefit to the problems of living in this country. Why are such large sums diverted to areas from which so little public benefit can be derived? How can space exploration benefit the people unable to pay the exorbitant fuel costs to heat their homes in the winter or drive their vehicles? To supply electricity when it is turned off due to shortages? To provide life-giving water when the reservoirs run dry? To give adequate medical and prescription coverage? These are the necessities of life we need to survive. What is the Government doing to help its citizens get these necessities and at a cost they can afford?

Aren't you angered at the ever-increasing ransom we are paying for fuel or electric lately? Why do we want to allow ourselves to be at the mercy of oil producing countries? Yet, nothing we are currently doing will provide a release from their bondage and an ever-dwindling supply of natural resources. When our country will develop affordable solutions, we will all have more money left in our pockets with which to spend in our local economy instead of sending it to the oil producing companies and other countries.

If we don't act now, what do you think the future will be like? Current energy sources are finite and will run out in time. You know it won't get any better in the direction we are now heading.

It's time we insist that our paid representatives do the job they were elected to fulfill. Have them put their house in order here on earth before wasting our tax money satisfying the scientific curiosity of outer space. Our governing officials should be contacted and informed that we are dissatisfied with the situation and request that they discourage space exploration in favor of relieving the distress here on earth first.

Bill Cabana

Venice, FL 34223

<[email protected]>

Crimes Unpunished

We live near the ink wells in Lagunitas. Around the end of January there was a big party at the ink wells. During that time my license plate was stolen from my Honda 600. This is a collector's car that I am restoring the license plate is the original and this is the first car I owned. Anyone that has seen a license plate with the number 115FDR anywhere like a pawn shop, on a car on in a room contact the Sheriff.

On March 12 an UPS package was delivered to your house. Apparently someone on the way to the ink wells saw the delivery walked down to our deck and stole the package sitting in front of the door. This package was a birthday present for our 3-year-old daughter from her grandmother. Congratulations, ink well persons you have graduated from trespassing, (the ink wells STILL are on private property) to theft (stealing from a child). Past ink well persons have pasted that point with pulling out Marin County no parking signs, ripping down private fences, no trespassing signs, illegal parking and vandalism. Not to mention the problem with drugs, needles, razor blades, garbage, nudity and fights at the ink wells.

Anyone who was with this person during these thefts is just as responsible for the theft as the one that took them and needs to tell his or her parents at least! It is your duty. The person guilty of this crime can not go unpunished otherwise he will continue committing crimes and they will get more serious. This is not a petty crime.

Kevin West

Forest Knolls

Voter March Demonstrations

I am disappointed to see that you did not cover the Voter March demonstrations in Washington, DC and San Francisco last Saturday. I hope in the future you will give better coverage to those with dissenting views.

Margaret Mathews

Charleston, WV

[email protected]





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