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June 2001

New World Disorder

By Frank Scott

Only a few years ago , the syntax shattering Bush-One spoke of a New World Order, with the USA as lone super power, making the planet a better place for corporate capital. This was to benefit everyone, except those we killed in foreign countries . Market forces, much beloved among politicos who suffer intellectual disabilities, were to bring us the highest living standard in history. Sure.

Now his tongue twisting son, Bush-Two, may be presiding over a New World Disorder .

Remember the claims that everyone would soon be employed, thanks to the "new" economy? Well, we recently suffered the biggest decline in jobs in ten years, and not only in manufacturing, but in the invincible service sector, loved by investors for its low salaries , lower benefits and lowest job security.

The endless economic boom has become an eternally fizzling firecracker. As its financial and moral values fall down to earth, millions of people go down as well.

Fed-meister Greenspan, once labeled a genius by market morons, has had his IQ lowered by reality. Nearly in panic, he's dropped interest rates several times to revive an economy threatening to go into a coma. He obsesses over controlling inflation for his leisure class patrons, but hardly notices the working majority paying increased prices for essentials like gasoline, energy and housing.

In truth, this economy is still totally dependent on consumers piling up ever more financial obligations. Like the national debt, the over six trillion dollar private debt burden carried by Americans will never be paid; in fact, if political organization ever develops around the idea of canceling personal as well as public debt, a revolution may be near.

As awareness grows that this "new" economy is not only old and tired, but increasingly dangerous as well, our global status is declining.

At the United Nations, usually a rubber stamp for US policies, we were recently dropped from the Human Rights Commission, and also lost our post on an international drug control board. Our petulant congress threatens to continue reneging on our bills to that international body, but our collective hissy-fit doesn't seem to matter.

Lecturing other nations on human rights isn't effective when they consider, say, the number of unarmed black men who have been killed by American police. But it's even worse when they ponder the tens of thousands we have killed in Iraq, Serbia and Columbia, to name only a few places where our foreign and domestic policies strike the same notes of ugly dissonance.

Our irrational war on illegal drugs kills, imprisons, and wreaks havoc on natural and social environments. This, while we nurture the legal dope peddlers in major pharmaceutical corporations, who buy , rent or lease our government and are untouched by regulation. This hypocritical policy makes us the laughing stock of the world, although it is not humorous to those who suffer our dreadful stupidity.

We tell people how to live and set examples by showing little awareness of anything but how corporate capital can further tighten its grip on humanity. The world seems to have grown tired of our arrogance, and is beginning to act as though it has had enough .

We use the rhetoric of peace and cooperation to cover the actions of violence and coercion. A quarter of a million American military personnel are stationed in more than 100 countries, and almost all of them are deeply resented. We are moving towards warfare in space, with an incredibly expensive and more incredibly stupid proposal for a missile defense system, years after the supposed soviet threat has vanished.

Our biggest military threat is the empty space between the ears of our Washington warheads. This bad science fiction scheme is opposed by everyone but the serial killers in our munitions industry , who will fill their wallets by emptying those of our taxpayers.

The world is responding to the neoliberal years of market fascism that have meant great prosperity for some, but more poverty, suffering, environmental destruction and bloodshed than the people or the planet can tolerate. We are seeing the backlash, from all forms of nature.

As the UN begins to "just say no" to the imperial rogue nation, nature seems in open rebellion against its continued mistreatment. The earth is regurgitating the filth and waste it accumulates from this economy, and environmental pollution is growing world wide. The serious problem of global warming is called a myth by some corporate lap dogs, but it is a reality to most reputable scientists.

And international capital is under attack, by people interested in human rights, democracy and breaking the bio-genetic food chain which has been applied to their stomachs and minds. They oppose industries that produce more food , but feed less people, and make more money, to profit fewer people. And all this, while poisoning the foundations of life.

The USA is still the baddest gangster in the global community, but the neighbors are becoming tired of its protection racket and strong arm tactics. And even its mob members and hired hands are starting to act up, whether in demos against corporate power or in speaking dangerous thoughts about doing things differently in the future than they have been done in the past.

Sometimes it takes calamity to bring on change, though we cannot afford many more natural or unnatural disasters. But the signs of breakdown in the imperial class are encouraging. Bush-Two's born-again conservatism has awakened many slumbering citizens, and the movement against the brutality and hypocrisy of corporate capitalism has a large and growing membership. Under circumstances of a diseased form of order, good health and progress demand a positive form of disorder. Good news: It seems to be at hand.


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