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June 2001

Hail to the Village Idiot

By Antonio Serna

It is unfortunate that Mr. Robert Kuchem had to resort to name calling in his rebuttal to my article entitled, "As The Village Idiot Sees It." The first rule in journalistic debates is the observance of the basic tenets of common courtesy and ethics. Only those who run out of reasonable arguments are compelled to resort to personal attacks.

The reason I used the title for my article was to dramatically illustrate that even a village idiot could discern the very patent anomalies that characterized the outcome of the last presidential election. Actually, I was inspired by Mr. Nostradamus. In one of this great seer's pronouncements, he predicted that sometime in our contemporary period, a village idiot will rise to lead the world. It is obvious, however, that my article was not referring to Mr. Bush as the village idiot. I simply referred to him as a Lilliputian relative to comparing him to the giant of a leader that he replaced in the White House. Let us be absolutely clear that this comparison is exclusively confined to their stature as public officials and their respective track records as chief executives. We have no business measuring these men on how they live their personal lives, which is their personal and private prerogative. If we did, we may tempt the American people to read the "Fortunate Son" and discover the real reason behind the book's unceremonious recall. Anyone who will honestly assess the performance of Mr. Clinton as president of our country for eight years, as opposed to Mr. Bush's performance as the governor of Texas for the same length of time, will agree that Mr. Bush is indeed a Lilliputian in comparison -- particularly if one is to consider that the constitution of Texas relegates the office of the governor to virtually a ministerial function.

I also wish to emphasize that my use of the words Lilliputian and Giant refer specifically to magnitude and size. It is a wonder why Mr. Kuchem got the impression that I was comparing the intelligence of the two presidents. Given the well known reputations of these two gentlemen in the cerebral department, it is unfair, cruel and even ridiculous to make such a comparison. The words made reference to the size of their respective personal images, professional statures and the shadows that they cast as effective leaders and proven achievers. To claim that, "Mr. Clinton's presidency will forever be tainted by the scandals, dishonesty and personal conduct during his tenure" is wishful thinking on the part of his detractors. If the Republicans truly believe so -- why then do they launch this vicious campaign of personal vilification against Mr. Clinton, who has already stepped down from office? It is because they know that he remains as "America's Darling." These guys are clearly whistling in the dark and are not even being subtle about it. I am willing to put a friendly wager with Mr. Kuchem that it is the "Come Back Kid" who will boot the current Lilliputian out of the White House come 2004.

My article has not attempted to suggest that democracy and capitalism are antithetical. I simply pointed out that true capitalism indeed works best within the frame work of democracy, as Mr. Kuchem has correctly stated -- provided democracy takes the hind seat. Mr. Kuchem's lengthy discourse regarding the Coastal Post's success as a capitalist entity, therefore, was moot and unnecessary.

Let us withhold further discussions on what transpired in Florida during the last presidential election. The whole sordid mess is currently under investigation by the media and it is only prudent to wait for the final results. The premature conclusions appearing in some publications are obviously efforts of those who are trying to second guess the ultimate findings of the investigation for very obvious reasons. Let's just wait. Mr. Kuchem's pathetic attempt to put a spin on my statement that, "The American people and the whole world know about it," which refers to the anomalies reported in Florida and the unprecedented involvement of the split US Supreme Court in taking sides on a strictly political tussle, is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. And to conclude that "most Americans are happy about it" is blatant mockery. If there is anyone who appears to be in total denial of the truth, I am afraid it is Mr. Kuchem. I, however, thank Mr. Kuchem for his kind endorsement of the Coastal Post, for which I applaud him.


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