Coastal Post Online

May 2001

Letters To The Editor

CP Like Fresh Air

This week I spent a few days in Point Reyes Station and really enjoyed your paper. We're not local, but loved the area and the general feel of things in Marin County. We live in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC and the "kill or be eaten" lifestyle that permeates this area is stressful to us. I think your paper will give us a breath of fresh air and remind us that life outside the beltway isn't the Republican lockstep it sometimes appears to be.

Keep up the good work. Check enclosed for $24 for one year subscription.

Howard & Lisa Brown

Falls Church, VA

"Just One Little Paycheck Away"

What would you do if you were to become homeless today?/Would you turn to family, friends or agencies?/How long before you wear out your welcome or/How soon would help from Social Services be on the way?/Would everything you know and love fit into a shopping cart?/Where is the best place for you to find a large cardboard box in which to stay?/How soon before all of your meager possessions are destroyed and you are taken away/Never to be seen again after that day?

Lor Rine Hall Trombitas

aka No Time the Mim

Sub Accident Not Totally Accidental

When reading Jim Scanlon's "Subs, PG&E..." in your recent issue, it occurred to me that there is another scenario to explain the collision of the submarine and Japanese fishing (training) vessel off Hawaii rather than calling it an accident of astronomical possibility. I reason this way. The fishing vessel was no doubt equipped with the latest in fish and whale detecting and tracking devices. This sonar detected the submarine but did not identify it as a submarine. The fishing ship was set on a course to track the object thought to be a whale or school of fish and the rest was an incident that spoiled the submarine commander's entire day. Has anyone interviewed the Japanese survivors of the fishing vessel?

Ken Hill

South Carolina

[email protected]

Give Indians "A Day"

Don't get me wrong in writing this letter; Ceasar Chavez was an honorable, great man who did much for his people and our country and we should respect him for that.

I just don't understand the culture I live in. Let me see, we have Columbus Day, Washington's Birthday, Lincoln's Birthday, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Passover, Easter, D-Day, Flag Day and Independence Day. I believe Thanksgiving Day is the only holiday that one could vaguely associate with the aboriginal people of this country, Indians.

Are all the great chiefs such as Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph, Red Cloud, Geronimo and countless others unworthy for a national day of remembrance? I dare anyone to stand up and say they are not! Are the Battles of Little Big Horn or Wounded Knee not worth remembering in our calendar; or the slaughter at Sand Creek?

Postage stamps and little fake gold coins don't do any justice. Since the first settlers arrived on this continent, Indians have been decimated, treated with contempt., and finally ignored. It is about time we gave them "A Day," just a day.

Orpheus Stephens


View on Capital Punishment

Timothy McVeigh will be executed shortly because he bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City killing 168 innocent people. Opponents protesting his execution would do well to consider the following.

Since capital punishment is a "right to life" issue, one could argue against abortion and capital punishment. But the two cases are not the same, since the unborn child is innocent and the convicted murderer is not.

One could also argue against abortion but favor capitol punishment. The liberal position today, however, is to oppose the killing of convicted criminals but to approve the killing of innocent babies in the womb. It is a symptom of debased humanism to protest a murderer's deserved punishment while approving the killing of children through abortion.

Therefore, capital punishment can be seen as a means to restore respect for innocent life. The death penalty emphasizes, as no other penalty can, that criminals are responsible for their behavior and that deliberate, willful taking of innocent life is the most abhorrent of all crimes precisely because the right to life is the most precious of all rights...

Chuck Galletta


Legal Notice To Bush

One Mark Andrew Hall hereby declares as One of We the People whom all political power is inherent in as the sole lawful head of the government body of which George W. Bush - president is a member of is guilty of collaborating with informed knowledge in the high crimes of treason against Us People of a state whom have an inviolate right to speedy public trial by Jury, and the felonious crimes of conspiracy under the lawless color of authority, false imprisonment, torture, and obstruction of justice to name some but not all of the heinous crimes committed by the government body of which he is the chief executive of, but not the head of as he partakes in odiously violating One and more of We the People of the head and Our democratic process of a speedy public trial by Jury in the district whereof We Live.

One duly notified you (George W. Bush - president) ten days ago with legal notice dated March 17, 2001 of your collaboration in the nation of such treacherous crimes of evil, yet you of the government body have failed to cease in such crimes and fail to uphold the supreme law of the land as stated in Our Constitution. A Constitution of law which along with ample evidence, One will be able to prove your guilt as accused in any court of justice.

Mark Andrew Hall

Of We the People


Racism Fairytale

I read some remarkable claims under the headline "Mootown News: Tomales High -- 'Home of the Brave'" in the April issue of the Coastal Post. For instance: "When the American settlers got here, there were very few Indians left and the settlers befriended them and absorbed them in the community as one people."

A clear expression of denial.

Actually, in California, when "the American settlers got here," the killing of Indians did not end, and the lethal oppression of Indians lasted a lot longer than the most overt murders. Consider the experiences of Ishi, who became known as the last Yahi after he emerged from hiding in the wilds, many decades after the settlers got to this state; he had watched the wholesale slaughter of his loved ones by some settlers and their descendants.

But we can learn one thing from the present-day expression of the fairy tale about kindly settlers who merely "befriended" and "absorbed" Indians. Such Orwellian mythology fuels some of the anger directed at those who tried to change the high school's Braves name this year.

Likewise, the claim that modern racism doesn't exist "out here in West Marin" is absurd. Another comforting myth, in sharp contrast to ongoing reality.

Norman Solomon

Inverness Park

Where Is Bush Headed

When the economy was breezing along, George Bush was touting his tax cut. Let's not pretend that it wasn't to please his big money backers. Now he points to the down turn and says we need it more than ever. But why should the cut mostly benefit the rich?

Ours is not the national economy of the Reagan era (not that the trickle down theory ever worked). This is the global economy. Tax breaks for the rich will slip away to foreign investments. So my first question is this: Are tax cuts for the wealthy to invest abroad better for our economy than tax cuts for the rest of us to spread around town?

Then I looked at the budget he offers to see how we pay for the cuts and I realized why he was reluctant to show us. It doesn't reflect the priorities of most Americans. There are big cuts in the environment and toxic waste clean up. There are cuts for jobless benefits and cuts in funds to help states in case of an economic down turn, just as things are cooling off. While some programs benefiting children will receive a spending boost, most will be frozen and some programs will be reduced. Head Start, for example, will have to cut 2,500 children from their program. Child abuse prevention and treatment programs will be cut by over 15 million dollars. There is a lot not to like here. Some cuts even seem mean spirited, like the provision that eliminates contraceptive coverage in health insurance for federal employees. So I wonder, whose priorities are these?

They are not mine. If this past election sent any clear message at all it was that George Bush has no mandate to lead us in a radical new direction. Now would be a good time to call our representatives and ask a few pointed questions about where things are headed.

Brian Lynch

Mine Hill, NJ 07803

[email protected]

Worried About New Dillon Beach Monastery

We are all upset about the Coptic Monastery and the seven buildings that are going to be built behind Dillon Beach in Marin. We are talking major buildings of at least 4,000 and some more and a printing press going in. Are beautiful land that was not ever to be developed and is zoned only for farm and animals will be gone if we don't put a stop to this.

We are also talking major traffic, as the Coptic's will be drawing thousands of people. My problem is that we know that they hired a local who knows all the loopholes. I want to fight them and I hope there are

more people out there that want to do the same. Also the church is going to have a 40-foot steeple and cross. I don't understand how this development could be allowed.

G. M. Sladowski

[email protected]

Anti-Gun Bigots At It Again

The anti-gun bigots of the gun-ban lobby are at it again in Sacramento with bills that must be killed, SB 52 (Scott & Perata) and AB 35 (Shelley).

SB 52 would provide that no person may buy, receive, inherit, lend, give or transfer a handgun without a handgun safety license, and would require a written test and demonstrations of both safe handling and shooting proficiency to obtain the license.

AB 35 would require all handgun owners to obtain a handgun owners license and to register all handguns owned, and to reregister each handgun annually thereafter.

The only trouble with these bills - aside from their obvious goal of harassing and ultimately disarming honest citizens - is that the US Supreme Court has ruled that a law requiring a license to exercise a right protected by the US Constitution is unconstitutional (Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 US 105, 112-115 (1943)).

Of course, only the law-abiding will register. No sane criminal would register his gun. Proof that registration laws are aimed only at good citizens and not at criminals is the fact that the Supreme Court has explicitly ruled that criminals don't have to obey a gun registration law. They are shielded against self-incrimination by the Fifth Amendment (Haynes v. US, 390 US 85, 100 (1968)). How do you feel about having to obey a law that criminals are excused from obeying?

Fielding Greaves

San Rafael

Kamena Created Her Recall

District Attorney Kamena's serious misconduct created her Recall: Recall workers sacrifice time and money to Recall for many good reasons. Constitutionally, a District Attorney must enforce laws, protect innocent residents and prosecute criminals. Kamena refuses to do her job.

Had you lost your (grand) children because a powerful rich spouse/attorney received illegal favors from judges likes residents Sharon Shea, Carol Mardeusz, Debra Irish, Semrin, Day, Hall, and the Perlsen cases, you'd Recall Kamena. Had you spent $50,000/$300,000 (Ornstein) to preserve your shared child-custody, you'd Recall Kamena. Had you been falsely arrested, and falsely prosecuted, to prevent your reading a "correspondence" file on illegal construction next door (199/201 Madrone, Larkspur), designed by Larkspur's Mayor for dot.commers, you'd Recall Kamena. Had you been prosecuted for "speaking" to neighbor's contractor to get wood moved off of your house, as I was, you'd Recall Kamena. Don't wait to be victimized. Help Recall this dishonest public servant.

Kamena chose prosecuting me for "speaking" and trying to read a public file, while she let the "admitted killer" of the McDonalds go free with "complete immunity." Who scares you the most? For me, it's Kamena. Without her, this admitted killer wouldn't be roaming our streets; at 58 years old, I wouldn't lose my home and face jail time to deny my rights and stop my whistleblowing on illegal projects in Larkspur and Marin.

Kamena's Recall is much more than medical marijuana. However, Kamena's dismissal of most "medical marijuana arrestees" proves her harassment and false arrest of these ill people.

To guarantee that you never have our problems, Recall Kamena and Elect Tom Van Zandt, an outstanding attorney with criminal experience who cares about honest law enforcement for Marin.

Jenna LaFleur

San Rafael

Wants To Recall Kamena

There are two purposes for this letter. One, is to respond to the "anti-Gossman" letter published in your April edition; the second is to provide even more reasons for Paula Kamena to be recalled.

Yes, I have been declared a Vexatious Litigant, in 1993, not 1983. It was done by Judge Lynn Duryee, at the suggestion of Judge Beverly Savitt, in the context of being be a DEFENDANT in a civil suit, and NOT for ANY statutory reason: Judge Duryee made-up her own: My "post-trial tactics," all things that, were I a licensed attorney doing them for a client, I would be lauded for aggressively protecting their civil rights.

After a two-day trial -- shortened from five days because Judge Duryee had to attend "Judge School" -- I found myself in front of Judge Savitt for the purpose of her ruling on post-trial motions that more appropriately should have been timely heard by Duryee. The issues were very timely, and Savitt was continuing the hearing for ten-days, an action that violated my civil rights to due process and equal access to the courts and I protested. Judge Savitt was a controlling judge, often misinformed on the law, and who, on the record, had admitted being prejudiced towards me.

Several attorneys, and clerks working for the local court, the District Court of Appeal, and the California Supreme Court, have urged me to have the matter reviewed by the California Supreme Court. Eventually I will have that done. In the meantime, anything presented by me that initiates a new action must be reviewed for merit. Since I have better things to do than file meritless complaints, they are always approved.

My status as a vexatious litigant does not bear on my credibility as the cowardly writer asserts ("No name provided for publication.") I have been a Certified Paralegal since 1978. I was working in law firms two years before I was awarded the Certificate. I both instances I lost my job because the attorney for whom I worked was elected judge.

I am pleased to be recognized as being well-known in the Marin County Hall of Justice. My four lawsuits that caused the repeal the animal-control laws that were written by the Marin (In)humane Society saved many dogs who otherwise would be put to death and made me a hero to many. My lawsuit to cause legally-required signs to be posted informing hearing-impaired persons of the immediate availability of assistive listening devices made what was garble to many into intelligible speech. The THREAT of a lawsuit caused legally-required signs to be posted that inform persons who cannot afford filing fees and other court costs that they can apply for a fee waiver, thus keeping the money to feed themselves and their children rather than fund the purchase of more high-tech toys by John Montgomery, Chief Executive Officer of the Marin County Superior Court.

The California Penal Code makes it a crime for a jurist to do, or not do, anything that "obstructs or perverts justice." Paula Kamena knows of many violations in Marin County because I have provided her with the proof. Yet, she chooses to look the other way. It is also a crime to "allow a lack of care that impairs the health of an inmate." Ms. Kamena also knows that this crime repeatedly occurs in the Marin County Jail. But, she ignores them too. My current lawsuit in federal court which includes Ms. Kamena as a defendant addresses these things and is nothing more than me doing Paula Kamena's job.

One more thing: Ms. Kamena said that she did not prosecute the female Supreme Court Justice because her blood alcohol was less than .08, the legal limit. That is a lie! .08 is PRESUMPTIVE for impairment; prosecution can occur at ANY level where impairment is detected by failing the field sobriety test.

Clearly, Paula Kamena is not an objective bureaucrat. It pleases me that so many people who now recognize this are doing so much to educate the public about her evil ways.

May 22 will be a very important day in the history of Marin County. Take the time to vote.

Sanford Gossman

San Rafael

[email protected]

A Just System of Human Government

"A just system of human government is stable. But violence resonates in the unjust system." The continuing of violence in schools by children are symptoms of such an unjust system. When the majority of bystander children just stand by and watch the situation develop through the catalysts of bullying and harassment, there is a loud statement made. It says that kids are not being shown, through the examples set by their parents, that they have a moral duty to be socially responsible. There is an obvious lack of courage being instilled into young people; courage that would otherwise motivate them to speak out against wrong when they see it before them. The overwhelming majority of today's children are watching, and noticing if only subconsciously, their parents stand by and do nothing at all while an oversized, bullying, lawless government does wrong and then abuses power to get away with it. The poor, disenfranchised, and those with no voice are the government's favorite targets similar to how schoolyard bullies (undercover cowards) target the small and weak to harm, harass and humiliate. When somehow the parents find the brains and human decency to instill courage in their kids, there will be the solution. If people tolerate wrong, they participate in it. As Bob Dylan said, "The worst type of criminal is one who sees evil and does nothing."

On April 11, 2001, California Supreme Court Justice J. Mosk had the decency, integrity, and the above-mentioned courage to speak out against wrong he saw before him. He voted to grant my petition for a reversal of my conviction. Unfortunately, the other judges involved chose to endorse the unlawful acts committed against me through the Marin District Attorney's office in my case.

When Marin citizens go to vote for a DA on May 22, everyone should think about the fact that Justice Mosk would not have voted in my favor unless there was substantial merit to my complaints of illegalities which I have written of in the Post since 1996.

People? Tell your kids the truth about it being a pliable, apathetic 1930's German society who just stood by and passively allowed the Nazi momentum of evil to culminate in the Holocaust. Let them also know how long that German society had to wear shame afterwards because of it.

"Government - It is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearsome master." - George Washington

James S. Kor


Psychiatric Care? Not in Marin!

A six-year-old whose mother during pregnancy used crack cocaine is uncontrollable. A sixteen-year-old and a model student abruptly becomes psychotic and cannot be managed as an outpatient. A young father is so ill from alcohol and street drugs that he needs inpatient care. What do these people have in common? If they receive needed hospital care, it won't be in Marin.

Marin has 17 inpatient psychiatric beds. All are on Unit A of Marin General. None is available for children, adolescents, and chemical dependency. If all are occupied and another bed is needed, it's the same as none at all. So one of the wealthiest counties in the nation dumps its psychiatric patients elsewhere. Worse, when placement in an appropriate facility outside Marin is impossible, an adult may wind up jailed or an adolescent in Juvenile Hall.

Until October 1999, Marin County had 59 psychiatric beds of which 42 were at Ross Hospital. The Kentfield facility closed and now is a dementia care center. Until Ross closed in 1999, there were beds for adults, chemical dependency, children and adolescents.

Where do we go from here? Marin General could add more psychiatric beds but this is apt not to happen because they would be revenue losers for Sutter Health. Kaiser and Novato Community hospitals never have had psychiatric beds. So far as leadership in this matter goes, Marin's county supervisors and its Department of Health and Human Services are inert.

The residents of the Marin Healthcare District (all of Marin except Novato) are fortunate. Four of the five elected directors are consumer advocates. The Healthcare District board is suing in Sacramento Superior Court to void the lease by which Sutter Health of Sacramento operates and profits from Marin General. Once MGH is back in community control, hospital directors should be better able to do many things not now done, including developing an adequate inpatient psychiatric service.

Norman Carrigg, MD

San Rafael

Dangerous Time With China

The following letter is being sent to US media organizations. What many people do not know is that we are living in dangerous times, where decisions made by our current administration will have far-reaching consequences for our nation. Because what President Bush does in the next few days will have an irreversible and profound effect on international relations and the possible negation of democracy for China, I thought that the President and his administration should be held accountable to the people.

The Honorable George W. Bush, president United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500

Tel: (202) 456-1414

Fax: (202) 456-2883

Dear President Bush,

You are one of the worst people that I have had the opportunity to come across. You irresponsibly do not answer your correspondence and you have no regard for human life (Chinese human life). If you sell arms to Taiwan (again, must I say) a rogue state of China's (yes, I do know that it is a democracy, but that does not give our country a legal right to interfere in the internal affairs of another country) by history's sake.

The proper and correct thing to do to support democracy is to work with those forces that are benevolent, upright, and that have a good solution to the China's conflict between Taiwan and mainland China.

By taking the correct stance, America should prevail, rather than undermining the China's government (our trading partner) and doing the same with (undermining) China's symbolic, cultural, and political head of state, its Emperor or Son of Heaven.

You do not know it, but you are undermining democratic change for mainland China. While you do listen to your advisors, they are greatly wrong as they, too, like you do not have all of the answers. The reason they do not have all of the answers, to relations between US and China, is because they have their own built-in bias and are blind to many things. If they, like you, would only listen to me, then you would learn and be able to formulate a good China policy, even without my assistance.

In your stubbornness and blindness, you REFUSE to meet with me, yet you will violate a sacred principle and meet with a delegation from Taiwan on the sale of military equipment that will be used against mainland China. By the very principles of international law, what you are doing (meeting with Taiwan) is criminal as well as illegal by international law.

A meeting with me, on the other hand, will be as an American citizen of Chinese ancestry (I am of the third generation in this country) to an American President. I am a cultural figure as no nation officially recognizes my heritage and succession and I am not a political figure. I do not advocate the overthrow of the government of the People's Republic of China and my views are peaceful and accommodating to all countries.

A meeting with me would provide you with a solid education on China, much better than any Harvard scholar. You should never turn down this request to meet, speak to, and learn from a person who has true humanity at heart. If I am described as an American, I hope to be thought of as a good American (law abiding, honest, honorable, upright, and just). If I am thought of as being Chinese, I hope to be thought of as a fair, honest, and upright man. If someone describes me as being pro-Chinese (pro-China), I hope it is a description, where it is one, where I look to humanity as my guide in helping China...without harming America.

If you can not live with this description of me, then I don't think that you deserve to be President of the United States of America and leader of the free world.

I am, perhaps, the most important person that you can meet with, someone who can advise you on matters of foreign policy for China, Asia, Iraq, Iran, Chechnya, and the Russian Federation. I think that the world WILL judge you as a fool and buffoon, if you DO NOT take this opportunity to meet with me...especially, before considering the sale of arms to Taiwan. I am, at this point, not necessarily against the sale of arms to Taiwan. I feel that you should have more information about nations in this world and that you should speak to more people, in order to truthfully and fully know what options you have in policy making. Knowledge is the key and in order to obtain knowledge, you must go out there in the world and meet people first hand and speak them, so you would not fall short in your political activities as President.

Is the ball in the fool's court or is the decision maker a wise decision maker and a wise man?

Lester D. K. Chow,

Younger cousin to the late Premier Zhou Enlai; younger cousin by marriage-ties to the late Chiang Kai-shek and the late Sun Yat-sen; 8th generation descendant of Chang Cheng-kung (Koxinga); 5th generation descendant of Lum Tse Hsu, Governor-General of Hunan and Hubei provinces, Imperial Commissioner in charge of banning opium; grandnephew to the late Henry P'u Yee Aisin-Gioro, last Emperor of China (Ch'ing Dynasty); great-grandson of Chow P'an Lung; and 3rd generation Chinese American.

China Needs To Be Stared Down

China systematically proliferated nukes and missiles to Pakistan, Iran, Syria and others inspite of a series of concessions - PNTR being the latest - by the Unites States. This Chinese proliferation created direct and indirect threats for the US, necessitating a missile shield.

China stole W-88 and MIRV technologies from the US. China bamboozled satellite companies like Loral and Hughes to steal missile technologies. China purchased entire machining plants from US defense contractors giving false usage destinations, and re-routed them to its weapons plants. China even tampered with the US electoral process through illegal campaign contributions. It got away with everything!

The undemocratic and authoritarian China is single-mindedly implementing its centuries-old legalist ambition of becoming the sole Hegemon in the world, while democracies like USA are forced to look no farther than the next election cycle.

Not just Chinese pressure, but personal interest also generates a peace-at-any-price attitude and colors the advice of US experts. It is a scandal that starting with Kissinger, most former US secretaries of state, national security advisers and their senior deputies have gone into the China trade subsequent to government service. Can you imagine Chinese officials helping the US in similar situations to protect their personal interests? It would be better if Kissinger, Brzezinski, Haig, Lilley, Holbrooke, and Sasser etcetera recused themselves from involvement in public issues relating to China till they continue to hold financial stakes in China.

The decks are stacked against democratic US when facing authoritarian China. Undemocratic China will be unstoppable.

Mac Kher

Bloomington IL 61704

Bush Should Ask For Clinton's Help

America is in an unfortunate position in the standoff with China over the captured spy plane. We have a president who is a moron, and a president who legitimacy is questionable in that he wasn't elected by a majority of the people. Although the US media has been working hard to prop Bush up, Bush has no stature in the rest of the world. And China is taking advantage of our weak president.

What we need now is someone to step in to represent America who does have world class stature who can bring our people home. It's time for President Bush to reach across party lines and ask President Clinton to help get our people back and normalize relations with China. We can't afford to risk an international escalation because the Republicans are to proud to bring in real talent.

Marc Perkel

San Francisco Ca. 94131

Was There Ever A Moonwalk?

There are enough legitimate questions to warrant an investigation, or at least, an explanation of the following possible inconsistencies. We, the Boomer generation, have a serious connection with the American achievement of landing men on the moon; this I never doubted until watching a show on Fox a couple weeks ago, raising the following issues:

1. The most skeptical 20% of us believed from the start the whole Apollo Moon Mission was a hoax, that the whole thing was filmed in Nevada's Area 51.

2. In the moon videos, there was never any dust blow-out from the engines underneath the landing craft, while, judging from the various video-taped lunar "bootprints", there was plenty of dust there. In none of the videos was there ever any dust of top of the craft's landing pads.

3. In the video of the craft leaving the moon's surface, there was no jet exhaust from under the craft, and it appeared the craft was jerked up from the surface by wires.

4. The numerous moon videos failed to maintain a consistent single light source (the Sun), showing shadows from various objects shooting off at different angles.

5. Objects in the shadow of the landing craft, and the fronts of uniforms in the shadows were clearly visible, when they ought to have been completely dark.

6. In one video, the flag was blowing in the wind, which would be impossible on the moon.

7. There's an identical landscape which shows up in two different missions, once with a landing craft in the center, the other with nothing there.

In retrospect, my suspicious mind runs wild, viewing the successive moon missions as too hollow, unscientific, with the moon buggy, the astronauts playing golf -- too many easy success, everyone a bit too light-hearted, not enough difficulties; and the decades piling on without a moon return casting doubt upon the earlier missions. I understand how serious was the Cold War and the Space Race, a life or death matter, and the lengths rational people would have gone to fight the Russians, but now with the end of the Cold War, perhaps we have the opportunity to come clean, if necessary.

Government officials, please take these charges seriously enough to refute them, charge by charge. Open up the hills and valleys of Area 51 to public inspection, so we can rule out any of that terrain being used as moon stages. Assemble as many eye-witness accounts as possible to verify the moon missions. I also think it's time to direct one of our space missions to orbit the moon on its way out, and do a live orbital photo verification of some of the moon landers, and perhaps the space biggy sitting up there, giving us proof positive that this tremendous event in our lives actually happened.

Harry Holdorf

[email protected]

Fix Our Local Phone Service

We desperately need help with the DSL from hell scam that is currently going on in this country. My experience is with Verizon. They promise services that they simply cannot support because their equipment doesn't work and their technical support people don't know how to help you (and then they charge you for the "non-service" anyway). Verizon is collecting thousands of dollars for something that doesn't work. We need a "lemon law" for DSL!!

Kathie Allen

Redondo Beach, CA 902773712

[email protected]

A Commercial About Energy Conservation

I am the author of "Retrofitting for Energy Conservation," a textbook from McGraw-Hill. I have a free abridged edition of this book on my website at The first chapter "Tips and Tricks" is a list of over 200 one liners that were published a few years ago in the Austin American-Statesman in a small box, "What on Earth Can We Do?" I also have some free software on the website that does energy audits. Finally, for what it may be worth, I did a radio show for KFON here in Austin that was 20-second energy tips. Stan Webb is the station manager there and will remember me as "BTU Bill." Perhaps you know a radio station thereabouts that might want to contact him to run some of them.

I wish there was more I could do to help in this difficult time.

Bill Clark

21203 Paseo de Vaca

Lago Vista TX 78645

[email protected]

PS. Don't worry about publishing the above URL; I'm on a University server and they have plenty of bandwidth.

I Need Your Help

If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all the existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look something like this...

There would be: 54 Asians, 23 Europeans, 15 from the Western Hemisphere (both north and south), 8 Africans, 52 would be female, 48 would be male, 70 would be non-white, 30 would be white, 6 people would possess 59% of the entire world's wealth and all 6 would be from the United States. 80 would live in substandard housing 70 would be unable to read 50 would suffer from malnutrition. Only one (1) would own a computer

If you own a computer, you are better off than 99% of the rest of the world.

Growing up, I never knew what it was like to be cold or hungry. The sad truth is almost 50% of the world's population suffer because they don't have enough food.

Did you know 24,000 people die every day from hunger?

World hunger is a terrible thing but it's one problem we can solve. If the haves contribute a small amount then the have nots will at least have the most basic necessity -- food.

Our organization works closely with others in co-sponsoring programs for those in need. We challenge corporations to match our funds so you can rest assured that your contribution will make a substantial difference. In fact, for every $1 we receive, approximately $1.50 goes to help those who need assistance.

Many of you would help if you could. To make it easy, we are using AT&T to collect donations of either $10 or $25 from all 50 states. it's fast and convenient.

Just call: 1 900 737 9944 and a $10 donation will be added to your phone bill. There's no check to mail and no credit card is needed. You will get a recorded ?thank you? message from me when you do.

Hunger Relief Organization

PO Box 2843

Napa, CA 94558

Your contribution is tax deductible and will help those who are in need of your help. Please call now. Not tomorrow? 1 900 737 9944 ($10.00 Donation), 1 900 370 9944 ($25.00 Donation).

Thank you for your kindness.

Lisa A. Jones, Director

Hunger Relief Organization

Editor's Note: We don't know have any first hand knowledge of this organization but the information is notable.

Victims And Advocates Not Getting Coverage In Recall

After spending Wednesday evening at the Democratic Club debate between DA Paula Kamena and her challenger Mr. Tom Van Zandt, I am inspired to write you concerning the audience at that public forum. At one point in the program Ms. Kamena asked the question "How many of you in the audience are lawyers?" Surprisingly close to one-third of the audience raised their hands. It was obviously those who came as Ms. Kamena's "supporters". The rest of the audience were, for the most part, persons I had met or talked to in the last 3 1/2 years as a director of Children's and Parent's Rights Forum. Clearly, one half of the audience were victims of lack of prosecution from Paula Kamena's office or vindictive financially influenced prosecution from her office. It is a wonder to me that a fist fight did not break out in the course of the evening program.

The victims and volunteers who have striven to make this recall election happen have not had their stories fairly presented in the press at all. I have personally submitted a statement for publication on the website educating our citizens about the recall and the horrible reasons for it's necessity. I would suggest any Marin County voter that does pride themselves on having an open or informed mind, read all the facts and opinions about the recall effort before they form their voter's decision for the polls on May 22,2001. Please read the information at:

Informed voting is a must at this upcoming special election. Please read my attached Statement one of many who has suffered at the hands of racketeering that exists and is going uninvestigated in the Marin County court system. The victims of Probate racketeering crimes have had almost no advocacy and less of a voice than those of us with the will to protest and fight with every option available to us. If the public knew how powerful and un-American these courtrooms have become, they would rise to this occasion. This is truly a uniquely American opportunity to stop a crime ring gone out of control due to the very nature of RICO (racketeering) crimes among the officers of the court, (too many of which enjoy self-bestowed immunity to the laws they met out to others daily.)

Read it and weep. I am one of hundreds denied: due process, financial discovery, requested attorney representation, police protection when requested, access to uncompromised files, constitutional rights both state and federal, and civil rights just for starters.

Sharon R. Shea

[email protected]


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