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April 2001

The Subversion Of A Socialist State

By Edward W. Miller

"Yugoslavia, a country once known for its independent approach to socialism and international relations, economically and, politically-by far the most liberal country in Eastern Europe-has already been torn apart by Western support of secessionist movements. What is left is being reduced to an ungovernable chaos by a continuation of the same process. The emerging result is not a charming bouquet of independent little ethnic democracies, but rather a new type of join colonial rule by the International Community, enforced by NATO." - Covert Action Quarterly, Fall 1998, pg. 19, Diane Johnstone.

Slobovan Milosevic, twice elected president of the Serbian Republics, and once President of Yugoslavia, has spent the last ten years increasingly demonized by Western media while he desperately resisted the dismemberment of his Yugoslav Federation. In 1999, some months before the last election, his country suffered 78 days of intense NATO bombing, aimed at destroying Yugoslavia's economic infrastructure. The Western-controlled election which followed left him only marginally defeated. His rival Kostunica's margin was 51.34 percent but only if votes of the Montengrin and Kosovo Serbs (strongly pro-Milosevic) are not counted. A run-off election, demanded by Yugoslavia's Constitutional Court (mentioned in Milosevic's speech), never took place. It was canceled by NATO. Portions of Milosevic's media address to his people on October 2, 2000 follows:

"Honored citizens: In expectation of a second round of election... I'd like to... explain my views on the political situation in our country... As you know, efforts have been underway for a whole decade to put the whole Balkan Peninsula under the control of certain Western powers. A part of the job was accomplished by establishing puppet governments in some countries... transforming them into countries with limited sovereignty or no sovereignty at all. Because we resisted, we have been subjected to all the pressures that can be applied to people in today's world... There has been a group amongst us which, under the guise of being pro-democratic, has in fact represented the interests of the governments attacking Yugoslavia. The group calls itself the "Democratic Opposition of Serbia" (DOS)... represents the armies and governments which recently waged war against Yugoslavia... With the establishment of an administration... installed by NATO, Yugoslavia would be quickly dismembered... All governments controlled by foreign powers speedily become impoverished in a way that destroys all hope... a great division into a poor majority and a rich minority... national humiliation, state fragmentation and social misery... lead to forms of social pathology... crime would be the first. One of the obvious consequences of takeover is the loss of national identity... the greatest defeat a nation can know... The leaders of this (DOS) are trying to stop production, all work, all activity. Using money that is being shipped into the country, they are bribing some, blackmailing or harassing others, organizing strikes, unrest and violence. I consider it my duty to warn the citizens of our country about the consequences of the activities financed and supported by NATO.

"My motive in expressing my opinion is not personal... I was twice elected president of Serbia, and once president of Yugoslavia. It should be clear to all, after the past ten years, that NATO isn't attacking Serbia because of Milosevic, it is attacking Milosevic because of Serbia... My conscience would not be clear if I did not tell my people, after all these years as leader, what I think will happen if they let their fate be imposed by a hostile, outside force, even it if appears that they have chosen that fate for themselves. The misjudgment they would make by "choosing" what has been chosen for them is the most dangerous misjudgment possible. That is why I am publicly addressing the citizens of Yugoslavia today." - Slobovan Milosevic

Details of this "Anti Milosevic Campaign" both paid for an fine-tuned by the West, while covered to some extent in the European Press, have been carefully ignored by our own media.

Washington publicly boycotted the elections, while announcing both that they were "rigged" and that "Milosevic would surely steal the election." Canadian election observer Antoinette Martens reported: "There were observers from Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, and the UK." Regarding the US charge of "rigging," Martens added: "Actual evidence for rigging and distorting the Yugoslav elections has been found in the once-democratic counties of the US and European Union, who in a wholly illegal and undemocratic fashion are interfering in the domestic affairs of a sovereign country." ( 9-24-00)

Jared Israel and other political writers from the USA, Canada and the Netherlands (see reported that Senator Biden, with Clinton's special envoy to the Balkans Robert Gebard, stated during the July 1999 Senate hearings on Yugoslavia, that: "The US pays and controls the so-called 'independent democratic' opposition." Gebhard continued: "in the two years leading up to the Kosovo crisis, we spent $16.5 million in support of Serbian democratization... Gebhard's millions had "funded or even created political parties, radio stations, even trade unions." The Senate itself had voted $105 million to the Yugoslav opposition. The Jared, et al, noted: "If any hostile foreign power did that in the USA, their local agents would be thrown in jail." Clinton's top advisor also testified that the US distributed money in Yugoslavia via the National Endowment for Democracy, which calls itself "non governmental" but is actually funded by Congress, and does openly what our CIA does under cover, recruiting peace and democracy activists, and "independent economists." During those Senate hearings, Senator Biden said: "... We are kicking the living hell out of Milosevic. There ain't no alternative left... My dream is to visit Milosevic in prison."

Jared's group added: "These people were wined and dined and paid well. With fellowships, scholarships, and internships, they were made to feel they were tomorrow's leaders in the American Empire."

Recruited reporters were overnight transformed into "independent journalists" who took over newspapers, radio, TV stations, and TV shows. Small underground print shops and distribution networks were set up. International financier and crook, George Soros, using his Open Society Institute, spent millions, both working with the CIA and funding "independent" media and other organizations in Yugoslavia.

Almost a year before the election, leaders of OTPOR, a US-funded student resistance movement, attended a seminar on No-Violent Resistance at the Hilton Hotel in Budapest, Hungary, some 12 miles across the border from Serbia. There, American pollster Doug Schoen briefed the students on strategies for toppling Milosevic. And in the months following, US-funded consultants "played a crucial role in virtually every facet of the anti-Milosevic drive, running tracking polls, and training thousands of opposition activists. US taxpayers paid for 5000 cans of spray paint to scrawl anti-Milosevic slogans across Serbia, and 2.5 million paper stickers to paste on walls across the country, with the slogan: "GOTOV JE" (he's finished) and a clenched fist. Over three months tons of these stickers were plastered across Serbia. As Bogosavijevic, Serbian pollster noted: "The brand to sell was Kostunica. The brand to beat was Milosevic." Retired US Army colonel Robert Helvey briefed OTPOR students on non-violent civilian actions, organizing strikes, communication, undermining a regime's authority and overcoming personal fears. Eventually, OTPOR trained over 70,000 "activists."

Had Yugoslavia been a totalitarian state, the US strategy would not have worked, but Milosevic's free society gave Western backers their all-important opening. Before the NATO bombing, Yugoslavia had 101 radio and TV stations, most independent. Belgrade alone had 14 daily newspapers. Even rival Albanian groups sold opposition papers on Belgrade streets.

On voting day, polling places across Yugoslavia were monitored not only by foreign experts, but by student activists trained by OTPOR. The media declared Kostonika "winner" by a slender margin, and thousands of demonstrators surged through the streets of Belgrade. However, when Belgrade's Constitutional Court ordered a run-off election, the Western powers, using OTPOR and trained activists brought to Belgrade by the DOS party, they created riots, protesting any run-off. Police fired tear-gas as the crowd stormed the federal parliament, smashing windows and destroying files and computers, and setting fire to office equipment. They then destroyed that Serbian Television station RTS previously bombed by NATO. NATO declared Kostonika "winner" and that "no run-off would be held."

Despite Kostunica's public proclamation that his supporters "wouldn't harass" Milosevic's Socialist (SPS) Party sympathizers, those US-trained activists carried out a three-day reign of terror. SPS members were threatened and physically beaten, SPS offices broken into and destroyed across Serbia, and SPS-radio and TV stations were seized.

Thus the US and Germany, supported by other NATO countries, first subjected Yugoslavia, a democratic socialist country, to 78 days of fierce NATO bombing, and then politically seized power in a carefully rigged election.

"Charges of Chinese influence-buying in the 1996 US presidential campaign caused a political storm in Washington which has yet to fully abate. By some measures, however, that episode pales by comparison to American political influence in Serbia." -Washington Post, 1996

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