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April 2001

Kamena Kayoed By Recall Election

By Stephen Simac

Just how did she become so unpopular, Paula Kamena, Marin's DA must be asking herself as she faces being voted out of office on May 22 in a special recall election. She's gotten hysterical, screaming about her "invisible" enemies, when most of the county wants her out. Her main argument to Marin voters for keeping her is that this election is going to cost a half a million.

How weak, the money's already spent. The election will cost the same no matter the result, but Marin will save money by voting out Kamena. Her legal record is dismal. Her office is among the most expensive and least effective DA's offices in the state at prosecuting the cases she does pursue, according to a state survey. Even Novato hates her, according to another.

Kamena has wasted millions in taxpayer funds on medical marijuana arrests and prosecutions. The cases she hasn't prosecuted have cost Marin even more heavily in money and justice. The family court system is known to be biased, probably criminally so. The grand jury and a special investigation pointed out the open conflicts of interest in the system. It was her unwillingness to prosecute or pursue the evidence of corruption in the family court that started the petition drive to remove her and Marin judges.

Men In Black

Marin voters didn't care as much about family court judges as it did about Kamena's hard-line stance on medical marijuana. Several thousand registered voters who signed the petition did so because of her illegal decision to direct Marin county sheriff's department and the Major Crimes swat team to disregard voter established state law. Kamena told them they could continue to arrest and brutalize sick or injured people growing or using their medical marijuana.

Sign What?

Marin voters passed proposition 215 in 1996 by over 70%. Voters read the proposition then, which is now state law, and presumably registered voters read the recall petition before they signed it. It was a statement about Kamena's refusal to enforce state law in the family court system.

Successful petition gatherers explained that this was just one of her abuses of office, and the medical marijuana issue was their main concern. The desire of Marin and California voters to implement prop 215 which allows our criminal justice servants to help sick people, not arrest them requires the recall of elected officials who violate that law. Kamena is the first of several recall elections of county DA's who refused to obey this state law.

The Weak Fight Back

The energy of medical marijuana fueled those petition gatherers who delivered her knockout punch, even though Kamena thought she could crush them with no consequences.

Kamena is suddenly concerned about wasting taxpayer monies, but she hasn't presented the full costs to the county because of her decision to arrest and prosecute medical marijuana users and growers. She spent millions by allowing loaded gun raids on sick people, plus the administrative and legal time twiddling expenses, court costs and inevitable payouts in lawsuits when honest judges throw out the cases. So far judges in Marin have regularly ordered the cannabis given back, in pretty sad condition because the police are not gardeners.

That doesn't even include the health and legal costs to those patients who are obeying a state law. Kamena has chosen to create her own limits to proposition 215, to require county registration for medical conditions, and continues to arrest the sick and seize their medicine.

Her office drew up these policies with no medical expertise or attempts to determine the actual needs and rights of patients. Her medical understanding is deficient, her legal actions are unconstitutional, but it is her lack of compassion, which did her in.

Arrest The Sick And Injured

If busting a dying mother and her son twice, even though they had a legal prescription for growing marijuana was the only sin of Kamena, then her claims of being a decent public servant of Marin would be doubtful.

That family is just one of her sick or injured victims, Marin residents who've been kicked while they were down by her arbitrary policies and directions to the deputies. How would you feel if it were your mother with breast cancer or your brother in pain with a gun at his head by your government servants?

You'd feel a great joy when you voted her out. You'd know that your vote helped end an evil war. If you aren't registered then do so and don't forget to vote to recall Kamena on May 22nd, because this may be the one time when you can feel good about voting.

Marin General Ripoff

There are even more sins of omission in her dereliction of duty. The selling off of one of Marin's most valuable assets, Marin General Hospital was probably the biggest crime of the decade in Marin. In 1996 then the board of directors sold off community owned and run Marin General Hospital to Sutter Health. Two members of that board who sold it to Sutter are now highly paid executives in that company, even though it is a billion dollars in debt. That's a debt that the taxpayers of Marin could get sucked into because of that sucker deal.

Sutter has been draining Marin General of millions to keep their other money losing hospitals going. They've cut nursing staff and operations below the real needs of Marin residents to suck money out.

The Major Crimes Task Force needs to be set loose on that white collar crime, but Kamena's done nothing.

Marin county government has always been notorious for cronyism and ineptness. The current board of supervisors with their slush funds, credit cards and septic trips could be shredded by a special prosecutor. If the rumors are true that Kamena is holding this over them to keep their support than that is the final straw. Vote to Recall Paula Kamena for crimes against Marin.



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