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April 2001

Democracy, The Bill of Rights, Desert Storm & Israel

Parting Shots of Ace R. Hayes

Ace R. Hayes (1940 - 1998) was editor and publisher of the Portland Free Press. He made the following remarks at his last public appearance, two days before his untimely death on February 13, 1998.

The popular mythology about US foreign policy is that it has been "idealistic." The United States government killed more people in Iraq since the end of the war than were killed in Cambodia by Pol Pot. If Pol Pot is called a genocidal maniac and a war criminal, what should we call the US government? The "leader of the free world"? Every time I listen to Madeleine Albright, I want to go right through the TV set or radio and... You know who her absolute twin is? That damn Colin Powell. He's as phony as his roof rug. I wish that damn roof rug of his would grow legs, crawl down his neck and fang him in the throat. A complete degenerate, amoral sociopath. Why do we believe the liars over and over? Are people in this country so cowardly they can't admit they were duped, and so gutless they can't say they made a mistake? The inability to recognize failure is the absolute guarantee of perpetuating failure.

What I would describe as the plutocracy goes back to the American Revolution. The DuPonts were personal friends of Thomas Jefferson, and actually provided most of the black powder for the continental forces under Washington. They continued to build their financial and industrial empire from that point on. Today, one can't count their billions and what they control is so massive it's Byzantine. There's good reason to believe, for example, that the DuPonts own General Motors. But there are so many cut-outs and shell corporations and layers that nobody can be quite sure exactly who owns what. About 1800 people hold some 60% of positions on Boards of Directors of the major banks and industrial corporations. This is not exactly a new topic. Upton Sinclair's The Goose Step is a complete description of how the United States in 1922 was owned lock, stock and barrel by a very tiny number of people from a very small number of families. According to Ferdinand Lundberg in 1937, there were 60 families that controlled 60% of the American economy. The Pujo Report in 1912 documented this in massive detail. I didn't even hear about it in the "radical sixties."

"Radical sixties"? The sixties had a lobotomy. The entire academic world had been lobotomized around World War I. Then it happened again around World War II and the immediate aftermath. During the Vietnam war, we lost 250,000 American men who fled and took up residence elsewhere. Those men acted out of true patriotism -- They refused to fight a corrupt, criminal, unconstitutional war for what I think is the most un-American of all possible governments, one that will lie to its own people and trick them into going out and killing or being killed. This violates the very foundations of American principles, and there is nothing "patriotic" about following orders emanating from such a source.

We're treated like lab rats. Does the lab rat influence the scientist? Not really. The lab rat doesn't even know what the program is. If you don't know what your government is doing, you can't give your consent. You can't approve or disapprove if you don't know.

The people on TWA 800 were lab rats. Nobody asked them, "Would you like to be part of a live missile test-fire operation to see if we finally got all the bugs out of the Aegis system and see if we can zap that drone we're going to fly in pretending to be a cruise missile and we're going to pick it out of a whole electronic mesh out there; would you like to participate as a patriotic activity on your part as part of this research test and evaluation?" Were they asked that? Hell no. Therefore, they might as well have been lab rats. As an American citizen who genuinely believes in the principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence, to wit that the people must be able to provide their informed consent for the government to be legitimate, I must conclude that the government is illegitimate. We can not provide consent because we don't know what they're doing. If you don't know what they're doing, you can't consent-nor can you dissent.

The CIA has 165,900,000 pages of secret classified document that are more than 25 years old! The Army has 270 million; the Air Force 176 million; DIA, 21 million, not including 201,000 cans of aerial film; the Navy, 500 million pages; Dept. of Energy, 230 million; National Security Agency, 129 million; the State Dept. 45 million. The total is 1 billion, 579 million, 110 thousand, 625 pages of secret documents that are more than 25 years old! This is not a democracy. You cannot have a democracy and secrecy. That's like having a pregnant virgin.

There are two ways for a government to survive. One is to terrorize the people into absolute submission like Col. Tarleton tried to do back in 1776, when he never took a prisoner. Anyone captured alive was put to the sword. It was called "Tarleton's Quarter."

You can do it that way or you can do it the way Jefferson, Franklin and the other founding figures of the American Revolution proposed, which was to redress grievances, with a decent respect for the rights of the people. That's why the Bill of Rights was added to the second Constitution. It was not merely to protect the people, but also to protect the government from its own abuses and excesses. If the government becomes sufficiently abusive and decides to go the route of George III and Col. Tarleton, I'll make book we're going to have a third civil war.

Willamette Week (a Portland, Oregon, weekly) has a case of schizophrenia. They start out quoting the Oregon State Bill of Rights about the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against search and seizure with no warrants to be issued which are unsupported by oath or affirmation or without designating the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. However, they go on to say that "in light of what has been learned about Dons in the past week, it is hard to feel much concern for his constitutional rights." Now that is what I call a liberal fascist. I remember a dedicated lesbian Marxist Feminist right after Ruby Ridge saying that the Weaver family had it coming because they had all those guns. The Bill of Rights applies to everybody and must block the government from abuse of power. It doesn't matter whether the person is someone you want to take home to dinner or introduce to your daughter, or not. Franklin said those who would exchange security for liberty deserve neither. I want to have the Bill of Rights work for everybody. If it doesn't protect everybody, it doesn't protect anybody.

Desert Storm was not a war. It was a slaughter. You have to remember one thing: you can not permit a Muslim or Arab country to become modernized, westernized, secularized and functional, with major quantities of oil money. If you do, you're going to prove that "sand niggers" are human beings. If people start thinking that "sand niggers" are human beings, well then you can't piss on them for the next century! You got to keep this racist elitist view of Arabs and Muslims. Why do you think we put the Taliban into power in Afghanistan? The Taliban are producing more heroin than anyone else in the world, using facilities provided by USAID. Another "war on drugs" with the government in on all phases. The Taliban, like the heroin, is absolutely essential to prevent peace and to prevent dignity and respect amongst people.

The whole program with Iraq is at the instruction of Israel. Israel is convinced it can do the impossible. It can piss off everybody else in the neighborhood because they have a Big Brother who is going to protect them.

Why does the media keep asking "Do you favor using military force to remove Sadam Hussein from power?" instead of asking why the United States doesn't get the hell out of the Middle East? Do you ever hear them ask, "Should the United States get out of the Middle East?" Not on your life, because if the US gets out of the Middle East, then there's Israel, looking down the barrel of 250 million pissed off Arabs. And if Israel nuked anybody, it would make anything that ever happened to the Jews in all of history look like a cakewalk. It would be literally a blood bath. Israel is now in a basically symbiotic and pathogenic relationship with the United States. The United States cannot give up on Israel and vice versa, and as a result they have succeeded in waltzing each other into a corner from which there is no face-saving way out.



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