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April 2001

Marine Corps' Camp Lejeune Water Health Survey Still Seeking Families

HEADQUARTERS, U.S. MARINE CORPS, WASHINGTON, DC - Marine Corps officials are still seeking former Marine families who conceived children while living aboard Marine Corps Base (MCB) housing at Camp Lejeune from 1968 through 1985. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), a public health service agency, is conducting a health survey concerning these children.

A Department of Defense press release dated 1 November 2000, announced the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Health Survey and expressed the need for eligible individuals to participate in the survey. Since that release, several media events have taken place. While the Marine Corps has received many calls, they still have not achieved sufficient participation in the survey. To be successful, they hope to reach at least 80% of the estimated 16,500 eligible individuals. To date, there is still a need to reach approximately 4,000 people. All readers should share the following information with anyone who might be eligible for the survey and encourage them to take part in it. The Marine Corps is fully supporting and assisting the ATSDR in reaching these former residents of Camp Lejeune who were pregnant while living in base housing between 1968 and 1985.

The health survey focuses on compounds which are often used in dry cleaning or as degreasers and that existed in low amounts within the MCB Camp Lejeune water distribution system between 1968 and 1985. All wells that were found to contain these substances were closed in 1985. This survey attempts to enhance our understanding by gathering data for use in a scientific research study about the effects that these substances may have on children when exposed before birth.

If you or someone you know were pregnant and lived aboard MCB Camp Lejeune between 1968 and 1985, you are encouraged to participate in this survey whether or not your child has exhibited any adverse health symptoms. To participate, call the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at 1-800-639-4270. Currently many individuals are calling, so we ask for your patience as it may take up to a week to get a return call. Also, NORC can be reached via e-mail at: [[email protected]].

For more general information about the survey, call the ATSDR at 1-888-422-8737, extension 5132. Information can also be found on the following internet web pages: []



Interested media may contact Captain Steve Butler, Headquarters Marine Corps, Public Affairs Office, (703) 614-2019 for more information.



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