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March 2001

Green Party Condemns Bush's Bombing

The Greens / Green Party USA condemns President George W. Bush's bombing of Iraq as well as the ongoing sanctions imposed against that country. A spokesperson for the Greens, Elizabeth Fattah, termed the bombing "an aggression against a sovereign country and a violation of human morality as well as international law."

At its meeting in St. Louis last Saturday, the Green Party was unanimous in condemnation of the airstrikes. The Party called on Greens in the U.S. as well as around the world to join protests against the bombing and to support efforts to provide the people of Iraq with medicine, food and other humanitarian needs, Fattah said.

"Around half-a-million children have been killed in Iraq over the past decade as a result of the sanctions imposed by the US government and the United Nations," said Mitchel Cohen, an activist with the Brooklyn Greens. "In addition, thousands more have suffered from picking up anti-personnel weapons such as cluster bombs left over from US/UN bombardments, and from leukemia and other deadly illnesses caused by "depleted' uranium contamination of the water and soil—the US's standard operating procedure: Low Intensity Nuclear War," Coven continued. "In fact, since December 1998, 317 people have been killed and 936 wounded directly by US and British bombings. There have now been five days of US/British attacks on Iraq since George W. Bush's inauguration on January 20th. The Greens / Green Party USA demands an end to the sanctions as well as to the US's continued military attacks against Iraq."

GPUSA is a membership organization for Green Party activists with 55 local and 19 state affiliates. GPUSA believes that social justice, ecological balance, and peace presupposes a fundamental democratization of political and economic institutions.

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