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February 2001


By Edward W. Miller

"All the animals are equal, but the pigs are more equal than the other animals." - Animal Farm by George Orwell

Along a narrow, flagstone-paved alley in Nablus, the acrid smoke from burning tires drifts with the wind. A group of Palestinian teenagers, pockets filled with stones, crouch behind the upturned wreck of a rusted jeep, eyeing an Israeli soldier, perched atop a stone house down the street. Some 200 feet behind these boys, unseen around a corner, two well-armed, helmeted Israeli soldiers watch. One raises his rifle, peers through the telescopic site, squeezes the trigger. An Arab lad age eleven, shot through the skull, drops to the pavement., the small stone falling from his hand as he falls. His anguished buddies, half-lifting drag the bleeding boy, his brains spilling out onto the street and run towards whatever aid they can find.

As writer Rachelle Marshall notes, the killing of four or five Palestinians by Israeli soldiers has become an almost daily occurrence (WRMEF Jan./Feb. 2001). Examinations by the Boston-based Physicians For Human Rights showed that most Israeli shots were aimed at the head and chest and are designed to kill. Mary Robinson, recently-appointed as UN Commissioner for Human Rights, after a recent visit to Israel and the Occupied Territories, reported that life for Palestinians was one of "petty humiliations, discriminations, and petty inequalities... and ultimately dehumanizing."

Since the angry protests (INTAFADA II) began on the 28th of September, some 350 Palestinians, mostly young, have been killed and over 10,000 injured, many permanently disabled, by an Israeli military whose firepower far exceeds anything the Arab can obtain. In the last few weeks, as Prime Minister Barak ordered, Israeli rifle-fire has been augmented with both tanks and helicopter gunships firing missiles. The result: whole blocks of Arab villages in ruin, Palestine government buildings and military stations reduced to piles of rock. Arab businesses are destroyed, and in the countryside, whole olive orchards, limbs heavy with unpicked fruit, lie on the ground, as Israeli bulldozers destroy one Arab farm after another. The Israeli army has cordoned-off Arab villages from one another, with military tanks poised at crossroads. Access to Jerusalem from the West Bank and Gaza has been sealed to Arabs, while open to Jewish settlers.

While our Washington negotiating team, composed of Zionist Jews, year after year purposely delayed any decisive action, under Rabin, Netanyhu and now Barak, illegal Jewish settlements have been continually expanding, and Arab house demolitions continued, while Israeli control and now, strangulation of the Palestinian economy, has increased. The so-called "Allon Plan" initiated following the 1967 war of aggression, determined that these illegal Jewish settlements would be built in a checkerboard fashion throughout the West Bank and Gaza in order to make a future Palestinian State physically impossible.

Just as the whites in South Africa isolated the various black tribes in Bantustans cut off from one another by huge white commercial farms, the Israelis, following the Allon Plan, arranged that no Arab will ever move from one Palestinian village to another without passing through an Israeli military checkpoint. Israel will control all borders, the Airport and ports on the Mediterranean. In addition to Bantustanizing Palestinian land, Barak's plan as Noam Chomsky notes (WRMEF Jan./Feb. 2001); "call for terminating electricity, water, communications, and other services that are (presently) doled out in meager rations to the Palestinians population."

Journalist Amira Hass noted the Rabin government initiated a "mechanism of strangulation and control" which will in time replace the present cheap and exploited Palestinian workforce in Israel with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from around the world. Existing in misery and without rights "they are regularly described as a virtual slave labor force in the Israeli press." Chomsky noted that Israeli manufacturing at present depends on the "captive Palestinian market for $2.5 million in annual exports," a market whose people are policed by Arafat's security forces with the help of Israeli's Mossad and our CIA.

Details of the increasingly brutal Israeli Occupation have for years been hidden from the American people by our Jewish-controlled media. That pent-up frustration on Sept. 28 exploded as INTAFADA II, when Ariel Sharon with his 1200 Israeli military police, desecrated Islam's most Holy Site. That spontaneous response of the entire Palestinian community, like the first INTAFADA, was completely independent of and uncontrolled by Arafat and his police.

Congress' response to the Palestinian uprising and Israeli brutality was Resolution #420 which "condemns the Palestinian leadership for encouraging the violence..." (Oct. 26). Four hundred signed while 30 refused. UN Security Council Resolution 1322 however, "condemned acts of violence, especially the use of force against the Palestinians" ...and called on Israel to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention's "protection of civilian populations during time of war."

On Jan. 19, Clinton packed his bags and exited the White House, leaving behind a disgusting eight years of abject subservience to a Jewish lobby and the term "honest broker" an international joke. Not one of those photo-opportunities on the White House lawn, as the increasingly-pressured Arafat shook one Israeli hand after another, represented any attempt by Clinton to deal honestly with the Palestinian problem. The so-called Accord, that had been signed under secret and powerful pressure in Oslo, was the same paper Arafat's team had rejected two years before. No mention of state boundaries, 4.5 million refugees, water and electric power rights, compensation for Palestinian land and properties seized or other essentials in this much-discussed but useless Accord.

Washington's collaboration with the Zionists began with the Truman Administration when Harry, catching a Pullman train on his presidential campaign, was handed a suitcase full of Jewish money.

Of the nine presidents since Truman, only Eisenhower had the guts to deal strongly with Israel. As Alfred M. Lilienthal reports in his book, The Zionist Connection II, "Ike proved to be the only American Chief Executive to stand firm against the full brunt of Zionist pressures when, ...even though it was a national election year, he refused to yield to political blackmail, he sent his Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, to the UN to halt the tri-pronged invasion of Egypt by Israel, Britain and France."

In the years following Eisenhower's response, Israel, using the US as a tool, has made every attempt to both discredit and financially weaken the United Nations. Time after time, as the world through the UN attempted to rein-in Israel's military adventurism in Lebanon, her brutal Nazi-like territorial expansion in 1967 and enslavement of her Occupied Palestinian population, it has been the US veto in the Security Council on which Israel has depended for protection from world censure.

The power of Jewish money in Washington as well as our State capitals has been enhanced by the ability of their lobby, AIPAC (American-Israeli Political Action Committee) to keep its books sealed from both public gaze and from our media. Lobbies are required by law to register in Washington with the Federal Election Commission. AIPAC, however, some years ago, despite the fact that it determines where, when and to whom those millions of donations from over 50 Jewish PACs (Political Action Committees) will be channeled, has declared itself "not a lobby." Its books are, therefore, sealed.

Some nine years ago, a group of ex-Congressmen and others formed The Council for the National Interest (CNI) and brought suit against the Federal Election Commission to force it to declare AIPAC a lobby. For eight years, working its way through courts, this endeavor repeatedly failed until the Circuit Court in Washington, DC, in an 8-2 decision, held in favor of the CNI. Today, however, AIPAC's books are still sealed, for the US Supreme Court to whom AIPAC had appealed in 1998, chickened out (FEC vs Akins et al), and rather than making a decision, threw the case back to the FEC, asking them to reconsider their position. Thus the highest Court in the land waffled before Jewish money. The CNI is appealing this decision.

Today, while anguished Palestinian families mourn their dead martyrs, and unemployment impoverishes their people, the Israeli military blockade is isolating whole villages from work, food, and medical care. Even emergency rations from Arab countries are blocked at the borders. Our Congress offers this starving population nothing but rebuke, however, Washington's arch-villain, Saddam Hussein, has been sending his agents into the Occupied Territories and has donated to each Palestinian family who lost a member to Israeli violence a gift of $10,000, along with assurance of his people's support.

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