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February 2001

New Millennium, Old Struggle

By Frank Scott

An age old struggle between people and their rulers continues into the 21st century, but perhaps it has never been more crucial. An oppressed, suppressed, depressed and repressed majority needs to take action against a minority controlled system that threatens the future of all humanity.

The recent Kyoto conference brought 170 nations together to discuss cleaning the greenhouse gas and toxic filth from our atmosphere. But the USA insisted on citing trees and forests as "carbon sinks" which clean up pollution naturally, therefore giving our market fundamentalists more leeway to pollute.

Didn't you know that nature could absorb our wretched excess? Or are you an anti-capitalist type who thinks life matters even more than profit?

The rest of the world is dominated by corporate capital, but retains some humanity and intelligence. The conference ended with the global gas chamber finding no support but from the rulers of pollution central; the USA. At a time when we are in a short term profit induced energy crisis and desperately need to lower consumption of fossil fuels, the USA is leading the world into what may amount to a long term disaster .

Those who feel it important that one or another heir-head presides over the state should remember that Kyoto happened during the alleged environmentally aware Clinton-Gore regime. Now that the even smaller minded Bushmen have taken over, people need to rise above no-choice corporate politics, and join the global movement to create a political and economic environment of democratic choice .

The deplorable condition of our natural and social world is the result of a system which has outlived its usefulness and entered a downward trend that threatens all of life on earth. If we continue to be dominated by the values of corporate capital, which treat short term profits as god and long term social needs as Satan, we could be headed for disaster.

The dreadful election process showed a new generation what a half-truth American freedom has always been. That is, if people interpret it correctly, and not in simplistic belief that we once had a democracy which was recently stolen. The USA has never been a truly democratic nation for one moment since it was established by elitists and slave owners, though the possibilities for finally achieving democracy may never have been greater.

The uprisings that began in Seattle and continued with international demonstrations against corporate domination of our world, are the most positive trends for the future. An international movement toward democracy and peace among people was never more needed, nor more feared by corporate capital and its servant class. That is why an electoral threat from the Greens and Ralph Nader was treated as viciously and ignorantly as were the demonstrators.

Establishment media could not say enough about how silly, selfish and pampered the Seattle demonstrators were, and the same charges were repeated about Nader and his supporters. The hired hands of capital spoke and, as is usually the case, their mind management programs were accepted by people with nowhere to go for their information but to the very source of their problems.

Still, public skepticism is growing, best exemplified by the majority who do not vote, and the growing number who actively oppose ruling power. People will ultimately see through the plastic curtain of consciousness control. It won't be easy, but the mistakes and tragedies of capital will serve to wake more people to the problems, and the critical needs for solutions.

For instance: the idiotic drug war, now into the upper billions in dollar costs and the upper thousands in human lives lost and wasted. It continues in South America, with the dumb Clinton program to invade Columbia that may be compounded by the even dumber Bush program that could expand the war into even more nations. This, while more Americans indicate that they have outgrown the murderous stupidity of this war, by voting for decriminalization and humane programs for sick people who need what are now illegal drugs in order to become healthier people.

For instance: the savagely racist policy in the middle east, which respects the economic power of western petroleum interests and the Israeli lobby, while treating the Arab world and the Palestinians with total disrespect. Innocent Iraqis still die under our cruel embargo, while people from Brooklyn, Paris or Warsaw have a right to "return" to an Israel which they have never before been to, while natives of Palestine are reduced to refugee status in a Diaspora that shames the world, but especially the USA.

For instance: the Star Wars missile defense madness, supported by the nearly spineless Clinton, and more strongly supported by the nearly brainless Bush. It will not only endanger world peace while wasting billions of dollars, but also threaten further destruction of the environment, with its component pursuit of space and weather warfare that can create floods or droughts and murder people without dropping any bombs on them,

The American dominated system of corporate capital prospers for the few, by causing the many to live on the edge. It maximizes private profit and socializes risk, by putting the general public into dreadful situations they can no longer afford. Whether it is personal debt, social dissolution, economic inequality or environmental pollution, we cannot let the sales talks of sophisticated mind management rule the day any longer.

In the words of a great philosopher, this struggle will end "either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes." To avoid our common ruin, we need an uncommon form of global democracy, and it ought to begin in the USA, where the problem originates.

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