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December 2001

God's Killers And Shoppers

By Frank Scott

We approach another holiday season while killing foreigners, who this time are alleged to have inflicted pain on our people, not just our policies. The 911 disaster has covered for a murderous assault by the most powerful military force in history, on what is possibly the weakest, poorest nation on earth. This assault has been planned for years as an important extension of global power by what amounts to-hopefully-the world’s last empire. Thousands may die before it is over, with hardly any of them even remotely linked to the horrible murders of 911 .

While fanatic capitalist fundamentalism insists, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that humanity and the environment can only be served by a minority capital-controlled "free" market, much is made of a fanatic Islamic fundamentalism which insists on a more feudal way of life . Speakers from the Muslim world are trotted out to extol the true faith and malign its murderous pretenders, but many may wonder why we don't give equal time for Christian and Jewish apologists.

When was the last time clergy had to apologize for the false Christianity of Crusaders who slaughtered millions in the past , and whose descendants despoil all over the world and call it civilized democracy? And how often do we see rabbis paraded before microphones to apologize for the false Judaism that brutalizes in Palestine, while extolling Israel's virtuous policies of self-defense that steal a land and murder its natives?

Which pages of the patriarchal testaments, scriptures, Talmuds and Korans must be read, and which excluded, to rationalize the murder, hatred and injustice inflicted on humanity by pretenders to godliness? Which patriarchal priest, rabbi, mullah, minister, president or dictator speaks for god? Which god? The one who bombed New York? Kabul? Dresden? Hiroshima?

But the commercial season of peace on earth will soon be here, and as usual , it has nothing to do with the meaning of god or peace, and everything to do with the meaning of shop, until you drop. The economy depends on us going more deeply into debt, to show how much we love America, hate our enemies and worship the prince of peace, who might be sick to his stomach if he existed.

Perhaps while we shop we can spare a thought for the cluster bombs paid for with our tax dollars, and the holiday cheer they brought to Afghans whose flesh was ripped from their bodies by our godly gift. As we destroy what is left of the government of a crippled nation and temporarily replace it with our own government of thieving murderers, can we find any pleasure in having reduced a people living in miserable poverty and destitution to a status of more miserable poverty and destitution?

We are exchanging one group of tyrannical rulers for a possibly worse group of tyrannical dope peddlers. We have transformed rubble into powder, and people into dead meat. Deck the halls with boughs of folly, and praise god, or Allah, or Jehovah, or the messiah. Whatever or whoever, it is on "our" side, according to Osama Bush, and on "their" side, according to George bin Laden.

But America is not alone; this is called an international war, by Tony Blair and other toadies who sodomize morality while they kick the Afghan corpse in a show of solidarity against terrorism. This breed of wretched political leadership is a greater threat than the anthrax which closed our congress-while postal employees risked their lives handling congressional mail. Maybe the brain-dead and rubber-spined members of our elected government should deliver the mail, and find out what real work is all about, and how to perform it with selfless dedication .

Our freedoms are being being lost in a fascistic frenzy, with Congress passing an anti-terrorist law which is really anti-democracy, and our ayatollah ordering military tribunals instead of open courts. Why have so many of the congressional progressive caucus become regressive? Why have so many of the Black Caucus become Negroes? Thousands of men have been arrested and detained because they looked like Arabs. Is racial profiling now acceptable?

We are ruled by human commodities who legislate for their corporate employers and lie to their people, while their confused subjects buy more flags on shopping days and cast less votes on election days. Our democracy is almost as invisible as our gods.

Corporate capital accepts government handouts to cover its economic losses, while its workers are left unemployed and without health care. Our health system is incapable of protecting us from bio-terrorism, but how can it be different from other aspects of public service, all of which have been transformed into products of the private market available only to those who can afford them?

In truth, we have no public sector any more, except for our multi-billion dollar death and destruction industry. Happy holidays?

This shopping season, as you nervously wander the mall, think about your moral beliefs and how they are totally at odds with what your system does in the world. Consider the anti-globalization movement- really a pro-democracy movement-and what it was saying on 9/10/01. It became even more important on 9/11/01. It has to do with the ever widening financial gap between the majority of earth's people and their minority rulers. Our suffering and loss of 911 relates to that gap, and the more we allow murderers and parasites to lull us to sleep with talk about god being on our side and evil residing elsewhere, the less secure our future will be.

There's no place like home for the holidays, and that is where radical democratic change is needed. Not in Afghanistan, but right here in the USA. Democracy is not a belief system or a faith. It is a matter of informed people taking action. To such people: Happy Holiday.


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