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December 2001

Sharon Plows Path Of Belligerence

By Karen Nakamura

Leaning against a graceful manikin in the window of Deja Nu, a vintage clothing store on Fourth Street in San Rafael is a sign stating: "I hope it is still possible to love America and not love those who run it.

In an act of complete ignorance, 89 members of the United States Senate submitted a letter to President Bush, November, 17, urging him not, that is NOT, to restrain Israel from retaliating in full measure

against Palestinian violence. The letter also sought to stop Secretary of State Colin Powell from criticizing Israel. This ploy didn't work and on November 19, Secretary Powell called for Israel to cease building settlements and even went so far as to refer to Palestine as occupied.

The United States complacency in allowing Israel to run amuck under Ariel Sharon will come home to roust soon enough if Americans aren't informed about events perpetuated in their name. We can either be part of the world by acknowledging Israel's wrong doing or be shunned by the world community because of our obnoxious behavior in turning a blind eye to Israel's extremist policies. The Bush Administration is already rapidly alienating members of the world community. With the oppressive ideology expressed in the

Senators' letter, we are becoming even more isolated.

The United Nations could send in observer/peace keeping troops if Israel and the United States agreed. Israel, of course, doesn't want a multi-national force observing what it does. How could it continue bullying Palestinians? It would also be forced to engage in conflict resolution and give up its greater Israel dream. If the United States did agree to send in UN troops over Sharon's disapproval, it could be done

post-haste. Why is the United States risking terrorist attack, chemical and nuclear warfare and ruining its

reputation for a government so dismissive of civilized behavior? Is Israel's desire to exterminate

Palestinians and grab their land a good enough reason to refuse deployment of UN troops?

While the peace process is "locked in mutual recrimination over who is to blame" (quote from a

British Broadcasting Corporation piece of 5/11/99, incidentally), the American press has been negligent

in showing Ariel Sharon's pivotal role within the context of the "War Against Terrorism."

To understand Sharon's beliefs, let's examine an opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post, ( May

24,1996. Speaking about the Oslo peace process, Sharon begins: "We need peace, security not the Oslo accords. Likud can not accept the Oslo accords. The accepting of them means that if we form the next government, we will be forced to continue with a terrible and dangerous agreement and if we remain in the

opposition, we shall not be able to continue the struggle against the agreement and its repercussions."

He goes on to say that the Likud party will, if in power, not only retain approximately 1/2 to 3/4

control of the Palestinian homeland, they will institute Israeli law in settlements strategically peppered throughout the region. The city of Jerusalem will forever exclude everyone but Jews. The Palestinian Authority will be banished. Israel will take over the Palestinian Security forces role on the Temple Mount and a United Nations observer forces will not be deployed. "This stumbling government," [the

UN], "has learned nothing from its bitter experience in southern Lebanon." Read that as the UN troops who

were bombed and killed by Israeli planes.

Commenting on Sharon's attitude, Lu’ayy Minwer Al Rimawi, an Arab author, is quoted on Middle East News Online, (, as saying that the Prime Minister and Likud are not prepared to make any territorial concessions for the sake of future peace, an assumption agreed upon by most experts. They also agree that Sharon is playing a dodge and stall game to avoid making any concessions. After all, it was Sharon who squashed the Wye River agreement when he rushed to the meeting to stop then Prime Minister Barak from giving up occupied land for peace.

Rimawi goes on to state that the Likud's flogging to death of the Oslo accords may end up as a good thing for Palestinians. The accords made scant mention of Israeli settlements. When they did, they were made out to be "legal by implication" and as "a fact on the ground" rather than a main Palestinian sticking point, and, as a form of occupation, an action deemed illegal in the Geneva Convention accords.

All of Sharon's blustering is despite the condemnation of the world community, which has consistently viewed Israeli settlements as illegal and occupied Arab East Jerusalem as legally belonging to the Arab community. The United Nations passed resolutions 242 in 1967 and 338 in 1973 by way of condemning Israeli's actions. Israel still hasn't addressed these issues except with threats and oppression. However, the right of self-determination is recognized in the Charter of the United Nations and is the basis of International Covenants on Human Rights.

Implementation of the Oslo accords was to be completed 5 years from the signing of the document on May 24, 1996. Progress, however, can be likened to one step foreword and two steps back. The two sides are still caught in the quagmire of "mutual recriminations." Israeli governments under the last five Prime

Ministers have placed deliberate roadblocks in the peace process. It must be evident that Israel has no

intention of going back to the 1967 boundary lines. They're aiming for the long run, for a Greater Israel.

If it takes wiping out the entire Palestinian nation, many Israelis show no hesitation. Eighty-nine Senators

have given their approval. Allowing this sacrilege to continue will sink America.

In the meantime, on November 12, 2001, Jordan and several Arab nations presented the United Nations 56th session with a draft resolution affirming the right of self-determination for all people. The resolution is a way around the deadlock in the Security Council where the US and Israel have viciously blocked Palestine's right to self-determination with the power of their veto. The end run the Jordanian resolution calls for is that all states of the region live within their owninternationally recognized, safe and secure borders. This would be a serious blow to Israel as the entire conflict is based on Israeli's illegal land-grab in Palestine.



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