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December 2001


Can We Trust the Bush Junta Family Ties To Terrorist Family?

By Jim Scanlon

The close financial ties of former president George Bush to the immensely rich Saudi Arabian oligarchy and the Bin Laden family business, as well as other business interests, make it difficult to believe that President George W Bush, and his junta of advisors, many of whom served his father, will be effective in smashing up "terrorism." The use of air power to support one faction in the civil war in Afghanistan is a distraction from the true focus of the violent Islamic religious movement, which is in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Algeria. This is where the men, the ideas and most importantly, the money comes from

The suicidal hijackers learned their efficiency and planning in Germany, the technical rudiments of flying and navigating complex aircraft in the United States, enjoying freedom from police scrutiny. Their manpower came basically from Saudi Arabia, and Egypt and, the fuel for the operation, the money, came from Saudi Arabia. It was not just money for the New York and Washington operations, but to support the payoffs to the rulers of Afghanistan and Sudan for freedom to operate within their borders. Once the money, absolutely vital to any organization, was turned off, or diminished, the Taliban government collapsed. Might they not have done so without bombs and rockets. Us troops were not really involved. Now the US will have to deal with it's the new faction or factions. Where will destiny lead them if forgotten by the US.

President Bush has referred to the Osama bin Laden as "The Evil One." Certainly a primitive form of expression for the head of state of the world's most powerful nation, one of the very few in possession of means of massive destruction, enough to destroy the world many times over. If two commercial aircraft, used as guided bombs could cause such damage, directly and indirectly, consider what a small atomic bomb, or a cargo container of TNT, might do. The use of nuclear weapons has been discussed in the Bush junta.

Obviously neither President Bush or his staff, or his CIA advisors, had any inkling that the government of Afghanistan might be harboring and Evil One or his minions, or else they would not have praised that government earlier this year and given it $43 million dollars for it efforts to curb opium poppy production: a victory gift in the US-led "War on Drugs"

The money was given to the same people upon whom just five months later we began to unleash deadly force, for harboring the terrorists, many of whom we trained and equipped. Now the Taliban are known for enslaving and abusing women, destroying ancient statues of the Buddha as "idols" and stoning adulterers. They didn't start doing these things after last May! The Evil One was there then and we helped put him there and make him what he is. So, just as it was said of Hitler, that he built the Autobahn and Mussolini made the trains run on time, the Taliban cut down the production of opium, and these, it seems, were the kind of people with whom Secretary of State Colin Powell thought he could do business. Does there appear to be any morality or foresight involved in such decisions?

Obviously they had no inkling that infectious bacteria or chemical agents might ever be a serious problem, or else they would never have resisted signing a treaty to limit them, calling the treaty "flawed." It doesn't seem so flawed now.

If they were really concerned about terrorists gaining access to plutonium and uranium, would they have reduced the funds allocated by another administration to dismantle Soviet nuclear weapons? From the visits lately to Russia, President Bush and the junta around him think differently now.

The destruction of the World Trade Center spun the Bush administration around 180 degrees. Once shunned, Libya and Syria are now courted by US officials. Now some concerns that the despised "Liberals" and the disreputable Clinton advocated, are embraced. If we don't have "Food Not Bombs", we have "Food And Bombs" which, when you think about it, is a small step in the right direction, even if self contradictory like so much of what this president utters. Like "Remain on the alert for new terrorist attacks ... but ... enjoy yourself and take the kids to Disneyland". Can we survive three more years of this?

We may even get federalized airport security, probably a step in the wrong direction by the Republican free market fundamentalists!

We may also get more self contradictory statements like, the "Land of the Free"-but within reasonable limits; or, a commitment to civil rights and constitutional protection-while torturing suspects under certain circumstances, and even maybe covertly killing people the ruling junta doesn't like (bringing them to justice). Torture and murder from people who attacked Bill Clinton's "character," that is, for his sexual peccadilloes, so immensely important to the rigid fundamentalist Christians who dominate Republican domestic policy.

The CIA, which named a new building after the elder Bush , who formerly headed and looked after the secret organization for many years, now has an open check book so to speak, a "green light" to do whatever it does best, which is intervening massively in the affairs of small countries at the behest of the ruling military-civilian junta that surrounds the president.

In the name of anti communism, CIA intervention in Iran in the 1950s irreparably damaged and poisoned our relations with that country for a short term gain. CIA support for Saddam Hussein in the long drawn out war he started with Iran resulted in his invading Kuwait and a costly, destructive war in the Persian Gulf. CIA intervention in the early 1970s traumatized Chile, the most stable state in South America. The CIA supported political terror, torture, murder and assassinations in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Paraguay-and yes, even in Washington DC. (See "Getting Away With CIA Sponsored Terrorism" CP 11/01)

The same goes for Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. The list goes on. Today, the DEA, with its war on drugs, seems to be competing with the CIA in payoffs and disruptive intervention in Columbia and Peru. CIA support of Cuban nationalists resulted in what President Lyndon Johnson called "a murder incorporated in the Caribbean."

Does this agency need more money and approval to kill and disrupt? Once started can its employees be trusted, controlled or stopped?

The CIA trained and equipped Arab and other Islamic freedom fighters ("terrorists") in the Islamic war against the Soviet dominated government in Afghanistan. Later many of them fought in ethnic-religious conflicts in Bosnia during the partition of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. Some are still reportedly in Kosovo, which is legally (whatever that means today) a province of Serbia, but is actually a de facto Muslim entity, ready to be incorporated into Greater Albania along with perhaps a piece of Macedonia and Bosnia. Was this planned or did it just happen? Did anyone make an attempt to evaluate the long term implications of what we were doing?.

It must be greed, otherwise it is difficult to understand how anyone in their right mind would ever work for the CIA as an undercover agent, considering the lack of security there, which allows staff without a no need-to-know, to have access to personal information about agents, leading to many being uncovered and executed. The FBI seems to have the same problem.

One would imagine that the CIA might have been sensitive to the Osama bin Laden plot to hijack American planes and crash them in the Pacific and also into public buildings. This was the well known case in which the Philippine police tortured a suspect in order to get information. The lesson US officials seem to have learned is that it is useful to torture. This is new? The information gained from torture WAS known but was ignored. The first lesson to be learned is that that the INFORMATION WAS IGNORED! Get it! Stop reading the bible, stop praying, stop reading action novels, and think! What are we doing, why are we doing it and is it worth doing! There is no easy way. Get to work!

We used to have a foreign service in the State Department to evaluate information that is available everywhere, openly. Secrecy, murder and torture are bad habits to get into. On a moral scale where does murder and torture stand as opposed to oral sex?

Bush's Conflict of Interests

Although no one seems to notice, George Bush, the elder, has a massive conflict of interest as a Senior Advisor to The Carlyle Group a Washington-based private investment firm for multi millionaires which include the Bin Laden Group, former British Prime Minister John Major, Jim Baker-the elder Bush's former secretary of state, who served as the younger's point man in the younger's older brother's Florida recount last year.

On October 22, 2001 the Wall Street Journal reported that, United Defense, "a prime contractor to the Defense Department." filed with the SEC to sell $300 million in stock. Under "Business Strengths" it reported that among the company's directors are, former secretary of defense, Frank C. Carlucci, Robert Kimmit, a former member of the National Security Council Staff, US Army, General J. H. Binford Peay, a former commander in chief of the US Central Command and John Shalikashvili, a former commander in chief of US forces in Europe. The main stockholder is the Carlyle Group, a $12 billion private Washington based equity firm. The Journal quotes the president of "The IPO will benefit the perception that military efforts will be prolonged" (One supposes "prolonged" is good news for some, bad news for others.)

It seems plain that former president Bush has a major conflict of interest as does his son, and, it seems, many, many others.

George W was also an investor in, and a member of, the Board of Directors of a company owned by the Carlyle Group. He was paid $15,000 a year for his expertise and $10,000 per meeting. His main business contribution in this business venture, and others, seems to have been his name.

Salem bin Laden, Osama's older brother, who died in a plane crash in 1988, was an investor in George W's first Texas oil company, Arbusto Energy ("arbusto" = "bush" in Spanish). Also an investor was an old friend of his father, James Bath, who managed investments for several very rich Saudis, among them, Kalid bin Mafouz, whose accounts and charities were frozen after the September 11, attacks on suspicion of contributing to Osama's terrorist network. Bath reportedly also acted as a CIA liaison with Saudi officials during the time the elder George was head of the CIA.

Mafouz held a large share of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCCI) , which operated in dozens of countries in Europe, US, Saudi Arabia and throughout the Near East. The firm folded in 1991 with a $12 billion loss to investors. It was involved in fraud and money laundering swindles and in funding heroin and cocaine smuggling operations involving Colombian drug cartels which included Manuel Norieaga, another well known CIA agent gone bad

Many Washington politicians were involved in the BCCI scandal and several were tried and a few got off with light punishment. The prosecutor in the case must have done something right since he was recently appointed head of the FBI by George W.

According to a BBC report, FBI agents, investigating another Osama's brother. Abdulla, and another member of the bin Laden family were told to back off their investigation of the family and other Saudi's when the Bush junta took over in 2001.

In "cutting off the air supply" (a Microsoft term) of the bin Laden terror organization, it seems obvious that the money trail points to Saudi Arabia, but also in a minor way, to Texas, and one wonders if those rich Saudi's might have made political contributions to their friends. But regardless of where such trails lead, it is difficult to have any confidence that the Bush family and junta will allow them to be followed. In consideration of the thousands of people who suffered directly and indirectly, and those who died in the terrible carnage and destruction in Lower Manhattan, Washington and a field in Pennsylvania, it doesn't seem to make sense to flatten thousands of homes and buildings and kill thousands of nameless people who will never have a short biography in the New York Times celebrating and personalizing their life, elevating them from being just merely part of a number, between 6 and 7000. It is difficult to even begin to appreciate the incompetence and stupidity of those in charge of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigations and it is not just George Herbert Bush's fault or his son's. It is systemic. Their incompetence only increases their budgets.

Perhaps the most disturbing report is one attributed to French Intelligence, that on July 4, 2001, Osama bin Laden flew to Dubai, a mini oil state on the Persian Gulf, to be treated in an American hospital for urinary problems. While there, he was reportedly visited by the head of Saudi intelligence, several other Saudis, and the Station Chief of the CIA.

The leaked French report was, of course, denied, as one would expect.

Along with "God Bless America" we might also sing "God Save America."



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