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Fri, Nov 2ndUncle Harlen's
Sat, Nov 3rdMother Truckers
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Fri, Nov 9thAlvarados
Sat, Nov 10thFamily Groove
Sun, Nov 11thBuddy Craig
Fri, Nov 16thCole Tate
Sat, Nov 17thKey
Sun, Nov 18thBuddy Craig
Wed, Nov 21stThanksgiving Eve
Thur, Nov 22ndThanksgiving
Buddy Craig
Fri, Nov 23rdDonnie Rasta
Sat, Nov 24thBuddy Craig
Sun, Nov 25thOpen Mic
Fri, Nov 30thCraig Horton's
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Sat, Dec 1stLiz Anah Band
Fri, Dec 7thRaymond Victor Band
Sat, Dec 8thBackroads Blues Band
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November, 2001 - Volume 26, Number 11

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Violent Suicide and Mass Murder For God, The Cover Up Continues - By Jim Scanlon
  What kind of men kill themselves to make a statement? How can 19 men agree to a plan that kills all of them and thousands of innocent people?
Army Ordered To Clean Up Hamilton Toxics? - By Elena Belsky
The San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) is preparing to issue a Clean Up and Abatement Order to the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACoE) for pollution caused by Landfill 26 to the soil and groundwater on the former Hamilton Air Force Base (HAFB).
Irony Is Dead, Long Live Propaganda! - By Stephen Simac
We will never negotiate with terrorists, (unless they are our allies, then we'll supply them with weapons and training and call them Freedom Fighters). We are defending America's Freedom, (by eliminating civil liberties).
Loving God Or Eyes For Eyes? - By Stephen Simac
"Religion is like liquor, in moderation a social lubricant, in excess a homewrecker and the scourge of society."
The Best Security Of A Free State - By Timothy Wheeler
The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth District handed down a decision in October that will alter the course of firearms jurisprudence. At issue in US v. Emerson
Anchor-Outs Standing Firm Against Government Intrusion - By David Swinney
For over 150 years, there has been a community of boat dwellers on the Richardson Bay Federal Anchorage, the peaceful but foggy waters off of Sausalito. Since the early 1980s, political decisions have forced many off their boats.
Beware The Weeping People - By Andrew Sullivan in the London Times
No eloquence can match the impact of their evil. Americans' critical weakness in the past two decades has been their reluctance to shed blood for their goals. They believed they could construct a huge military and never have it fight real wars and suffer real casualties.
Senior Care Crisis In West Marin - Who Cares About the Caregivers?
With all due respect to seniors on fixed incomes, as a community we must recognize the survival issues of our caregivers who incur as many, and more, cost of living increases as the seniors.
Understanding the Roots of Muslim Rage - By Muqtedar Khan, Ph.D.
The catastrophic attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have raised several questions about Islam and militant Muslims. The chief among them are, why are some Muslims so angry at the US that they would perpetrate such an inhuman act?
The Oil Great Game - By Karen Nakamura
A sense of inevitability punctuated comments by a Pakistani talking-head in yet another discussion about Afghanistan. The gist of what he said was, "We get rid of the Taliban, install a new government and run a pipe line through Afghanistan. Everybody will get rich and be happy."
It's Not Mountain Biking's Fault - By Terri Alvillar
Calling Marin County "ground zero in today's war over trail access," BIKE Magazine's editor, Vernon Felton, relates tales of woe experienced by disadvantaged weekend warriors who are often banned from careening their root crunching, rock hopping, people scattering, machines along narrow footpaths in the woods.
Terrorism And Gas Chambers - By Frank Scott
We desperately need a national learn-in about our global policy, especially with our latest foreign onslaught. Many Americans have already shown depths of understanding beyond that of the cowardly parasites who run the country in their name.
My Freedom Fighter, Your Terrorist - By Edward W. Miller
Bush in his announced campaign against "terrorists" promises a worldwide net to capture and bring to justice these evil and dangerous creatures and their organizations. Our President, along with his allies, obviously intends to create a more peaceful climate for international business.
Killing Them Softly: Starvation And Dollar Bills For Afghan Kids - By Norman Solomon
The Pentagon's air drops of food parcels and President Bush's plea for American children to aid Afghan kids with dollar bills will go down in history as two of the most cynical maneuvers of media manipulation in the early 21st century.
Living Without Fear Today
As a smog of fear drifts over the world today from the exhausts of sovereign nations and their flags, how can an individual go on with his/her life free of fear?
Pay Attention Folks: Shoreline Vote Nov. 6th! - By Judy Borello
By the time you read this, the event held in the Dance Palace Oct. 22 will have already happened.
Poll-uting Public Debate - By Matthew Robinson
Anyone who doubts the negative effects of public opinion polls need look no further than ABC News and The Washington Post.
Leonard Peltier: Make The World A Better Place - September 12, 2001
Dear Sisters, Brothers, Friends, and Supporters, It is in the wake of the tragic attacks in New York that I write this statement.
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