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November 2001

Pay Attention Folks: Shoreline Vote Nov. 6th!

By Judy Borello

By the time you read this, the event held in the Dance Palace Oct. 22 will have already happened. The Point Reyes Light in cooperation with the Marin County League of Women Voters will have sponsored a Shoreline District candidates' night. Two of the incumbents are being challenged: Jim Love and Gus Conde by Tim Kehoe and Phil Torres.

Voters from throughout the school district (including those in Sonoma County) will vote on Nov. 6 to elect these board members.

After attending school board meetings, I came to these conclusions, as did many others. First of all, who pays for Shoreline School District? Second of all, who attends Shoreline School District? Third of all, who supports Shoreline?

Well, the answer is, most appropriately, we do!

It was at a dog-and-pony show some months back that the auditorium at Tomales High was filled with over 300 parents, students, and alumni. All of them there to protest the removal of the "Braves" mascot. And what did they witness? A bunch of arrogant outsiders "demanding" the ousting of the "Braves." These so-called Indians and rebel-rousers came from as far away as Montana and put on a real act of showmanship. They were asked by the principal, Mr. Hughey, Gus Conde, and Jim Love to infiltrate and indoctrinate the community and never paid any attention to what our own local people of Miwok ancestry even thought, let alone said. Ask Virginia Jensen and Henry Jensen and his brother and sisters if they were ignored. And Suzanne Rocca, Debbie Rocca and other related family members such as Cecil Sanchez if they were treated more like second class citizens when the yahoos from out of the district had more input than our own locals?

I would venture to say that 80 percent of the district was behind the Braves, and I'm being conservative-it's more like 90 percent.

Yet Jim Love and Gus Conde ignored the community and voted opposite. Their duty on the School Board is to reflect the community's interest, not their own personal ideology and diatribe.

Jim Love has been absent from school board meeting 16 out of 28 times. Come to my house and I will show you the minutes of these 28 meetings. It's incredible that the Board kept him on. Usually a Board of Directors has a rule that three absent meetings in a row and you are out, or something similar, which is a standard for responsibility, integrity, and conducive to having a working, strong and updated School Board.

I am urging you, the voters, to elect Tim Kehoe, a rancher who has attended Shoreline District Schools and graduated from Tomales High and has the future of our children attending the school system at heart.

Phil Torres, a policeman, has the best interest of Shoreline District for the students as a top priority. He is a very amenable, amiable, and astute community member on matters that the School Board faces.

So, please don't forget to vote Nov. 6, and put in the people who really care about our schools Kehoe and Torres!

PS To all the "Peace-Niks" out there in La-La Land: Don't you think any rational, reasonable human being wants peace? What we're dealing with is irrational people who don't even value their life, let alone anyone else's. So what are we supposed to do? Send over 5,000,000 shrinks to turn their maligned brains around. If your home is infested with rats and they're invading your food and biting your children in bed at night, would you rid your home of these varmints? (Only I have more respect for rats than terrorists because the rats are just acting on natural instinct and the terrorists are solely reacting to "hate.")

What about the terrorist who bombs a Planned Parenthood Clinic all in the name of sanctity of life for the fetus and kills a doctor? Great lovers of life, aren't they?

It is time to cull the herd before the whole herd is dead or riddled with disease and once well-rid of the perpetrators of insane violence, then we can truly have "peace."




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