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November 2001

Terrorism And Gas Chambers

By Frank Scott

We desperately need a national learn-in about our global policy, especially with our latest foreign onslaught. Many Americans have already shown depths of understanding beyond that of the cowardly parasites who run the country in their name. Their letters to the press, their support and protection of Muslim citizens, and their peace marches and vigils have shamed the group that allegedly "leads" them. The present assault on a barely existing nation, with a barely surviving population, happens as our consciousness controllers perform so disgracefully that they would shame fascism, let alone democracy. That citizens could rise above the miserable conduct of their mind managers is testament to just how far ahead of the ruling minority the American people really are.

Only the internet and alternative media have provided information enabling those who can still think to find views radically different from the infantile pap we are made to swallow, as we innocently buy pro-American flags and support anti-American policy.

Most citizens showing the flag are expressing compassion and solidarity but a minority use it to cover their scowling hatred and racism. People who would be happy beating their wives cannot be allowed to steal the national symbol and turn it into a swastika, but they also cannot be blamed for acting hatefully stupid, given the dreadful leadership they suffer. This misnamed war, the ridiculous anthrax frenzy, and the assault on our bill of rights are products of a system that needs to be taken apart and rebuilt in order for democracy to flourish .

The war fever first saw congress acting like a morally disabled Nazi mob. At a critical moment, we produced one great American-Barbara Lee-and 534 good Germans, who goose-stepped into formation behind a president cited as a brilliant leader by the same shameless opposition that had recently called him a crooked twit. Media performed in its usual government lap dog style, panting support for anything suggested by our warheads.

The nation has been told to get behind a man once called an electoral thief and an intellectual cripple, but now dubbed a magnificent statesman to be followed anywhere he leads us. The hysterics in congress made a crazed mob look civil by comparison, as they became a bipartisan club of Bozos and Bimbos for Bush. His simple speeches, at the level of a sixth grade student, are swallowed by a congress and media that seem never to have advanced beyond the fifth.

Calling this a struggle for "civilization" is nonsense. This war is about maintaining global capital's control of petroleum, and it has been going on much longer than terrorism has existed. Bin Laden's speeches use slightly deeper concepts than Bush, which may be why they tried to censor him, but his words resonate in the Muslim and Third world. He makes it clear that our support for Israeli brutality, Iraqi slaughter and Arab tyranny is the reason why we are hated. He is only our most recent devil figure, but all these demonizations do nothing to make the world safer; in fact, they make it far more dangerous.

Despite the propaganda of our Israeli lobby and its congressional employees, American support for Israel is about the gas chambers in our autos, not the gas chambers of Nazi Germany. Our new cars get less mileage than the old ones, which were already disgraceful gas wasters . If we can equate mass murder in the middle east and a threatened holocaust of our atmosphere with what we call civilization, we shouldn't wonder that some can equate what we call terrorism with what they call godliness.

The bloody oppression of Palestinians, the subjugation of other Muslim people and the desecration of their holy sites take place while our gas chambers remain filled, with no break in the flow of petroleum that comes to the northern rich, from the southern poor. The Israeli state is positioned as a corporate white power, in the midst of hundreds of non-white millions who owe allegiance to their own, not western values. The demonization of Taliban theology-not very different from our Christian fundamentalism-helps keep us driving without thinking. But make no mistake; it is the flow of oil and the control of its sources that are the root of this military madness. That fuel is what fills the gas chambers of global capital, whose masters are in a frenzy to maintain their minority grip on the planets resources, by any means necessary.

The hatred for us in the Muslim world is likely to get worse with this latest slaughter, which has already seen violent anti-US demonstrations in other nations. There may yet be uprisings against the dictators we support, as well as more acts of retaliatory terror here at home. The 911 disaster which we are allegedly responding to is at least partly the fault of our multi-billion dollar un-intelligence bureaucracy. This global nerd network was totally ignorant of its long planning period , and then instantly claimed it was bin Laden's responsibility. Has there been any proof offered, other than endlessly repeated circumstantial charges?

Most of the world does not believe or trust the USA; they simply fear us. This "war" could be another step in the process of our becoming, in Nixon's words, " a pitiful , helpless giant." On 911 we saw the face of horrible murder, but the face of evil was hardly revealed for the first time on that day. In fact, we can see that face when we look at what we are doing to another innocent population in the third world. We might also see that face when we look at our hypocritical government and our irresponsible media and realize what is being done in our name, simply to keep our gas chambers full.


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