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October, 2001 - Volume 26, Number 10

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Remembrances: The World Trade Center - By Susan Frederick
  I lived in the New York metropolitan area and worked in New York City for most of my life until about 11 years ago. Before they built the World Trade Center, the area was a sort-of
Making Sense of the Attack - By Christopher C. Harmon
It was a confederation of individuals from around the Middle East and North Africa. They lived in America. Some had been here quietly for a long time; others were fresh off the airplane
Conditions Worsening In Israel; Sharon Doesn't Stop - By Karen Nakamura
Gee let's hope Ariel Sharon and Israel feel a lot more secure. While the rest of the world stood transfixed during the initial hours of the World Trade Center-Pentagon bombings, Israel, like a thief in the night, crept under the cover
Getting Away With CIA Sponsored Terrorism - By Jim Scanlon
"For your Honor in this day of terroristic attacks, it is important that it be known that if committed in the Nation's capital whether by individuals, organizations or by Governments, this office and other agencies will, as we have done in this case, do everything within our power to bring those responsible to the bar
Violent Language Causes Trouble - By Jim Scanlon
On September 5th, CAVEMAN read, in a NY Times article, "Both Sides Are Right in Reading Wars," A senseless war over reading instruction still rages between proponents of phonics...and of whole language..."
Harry Pothead And The Twin Towers - By Stephen Simac
"The Horror, the Horror" of America's Heart of Darkness Day, our 9-11 day had me reeling from media overdose. An overwhelming grief mixed with righteous rage and vulnerable fears permeated my existence.
Oregon Judge Removes Coho From Endangered List - By Elena Belsky
In a stunning move, a federal judge from Oregon's 9th Circuit Court has removed the Coho salmon from the Federal Endangered Species List. While Coho are obviously still a severely impacted species, US District Judge Michael Hogan sent the 1998 listing of Oregon coastal Coho as a threatened species back to the National Marine Fisheries Service
The Kinsey Report: "Bitter" But Won't "Tattle" - By Jim Scanlon
After a year and a half of delays and excuses, Supervisor Steve Kinsey has finally applied for and received approval from Environmental Health Services to modify the illegal septic system he installed 14 years ago.
Ozone Depletion and Global Warming: Kyoto Meets Montreal - By Jim Scanlon
Right now, the Antarctic Ozone Hole is fully developed and right on schedule. Last year it broke a very ominous pattern of lasting into December when summer begins in the Southern Hemisphere: it broke up in November.
County Approves Shakespeare, Stinson Water Vetos - By Louis Nuyens
Following close on the heels of favorable County approvals, Shakespeare at Stinson (SaS) expansion plans were dealt a set-back by the Stinson Beach County Water District (SBCWD).
Shorts Submissions
Learn About Becoming a Foster or Adoptive Parent
Killing Civilians: Behind The Reassuring Words - By Norman Solomon
The Bush administration has vowed that it will not aim the Pentagon's firepower at civilian targets in Afghanistan. Such assurances are supposed to make us think that innocent bystanders will be spared when the missiles fly and the warheads explode. Don't believe it.
Operation Infinite Injustice? - by Frank Scott
"Please forgive us for being the most violent government on earth"-Martin Luther King While hundreds reacted heroically in the moments after the tragedy of September 11, the president and most politicians reminded us of the words of Martin Luther King.
Washington's Hydra - By Edward R. Miller
HYDRA: In Greek mythology, an enormous poison-breathing serpent with nine heads which, when Hercules tried to club it to death, sprouted two heads for each one knocked off.
World War III or World Community? - By Guy W. Meyer
In the February 2001 issue of the Coastal Post, appeared an article I wrote entitled, "Deadly Destination." It begins, "Politicians and social activists argue about balloting, abortion rights, gun ownership, drugs, global warming,... corporate welfare, terrorism, etc.
Moo Town News Horse Pucky and B.S. By Judy Borello
With World War III imminent, you would think the County would be concentrating on more important issues that are crucial to the safety and protection of its people rather than its attack on ranching.
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