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October 2001

Harry Pothead And The Twin Towers

By Stephen Simac

"The Horror, the Horror" of America's Heart of Darkness Day, our 9-11 day had me reeling from media overdose. An overwhelming grief mixed with righteous rage and vulnerable fears permeated my existence. The repetition of images and plethora of platitudes from the media had sedated my critical faculties and primed my patriotic pump. I was feeling bloodthirsty, ready to nuke Osama and eagerly surrender what civil liberties were left to win the War on Terrorism. President Bush's fierce promises of sustained retaliation made me feel safer, his pledge to rid the world of all evil let me sleep better.

That's why I was happy to see Harry Pothead again, even if he was driving a Ryder's Rental truck. At least there was a large American flag draped over the side. I was sure Harry had a different dogma than the straightjacket clichŽs of the media. And he always had great bud.

His private school education as a wizard at the Fogwort School had emphasized critical judgment; as a result he had an excess.

Of Petroleum And Terrorism

He was waiting in line for cheap gas when I saw him. I was waiting for the bus, my car was in The Garage with the Satanic Mechanic. It had been in there for a while, supposedly he was getting to it, needed to sacrifice somebody first or something. After a week without my car I'd become desperate, was taking the bus looking for a suitable person who wouldn't be missed, maybe feeling suicidal. Trying hard not to look inward.

The line for gas was longer because of the War on Osama and other Terrorists. It was kinking the oil supply somehow, so we had time to talk. "Notice how the gas prices are already up." Harry said. "I wonder if Americans will stay so jingoistic when the price of gas goes up to $5 or $10 a gallon if we blow up the middle east. And that's the least of their worries." He pointed to the gas mask on the seat.

He lit up a red, white and blue dooby in the cabin of the truck. "I found these flag rolling papers from the 80's when I was going through my stuff to move east."

My back was hurting from sitting on the bus bench, medicine was in order, the bus was late again and the gas line was hardly moving. I definitely inhaled.

Two guys were having a shoving match in front of the pumps. American flags waved from both their cars. The turban-wearing attendant was behind bulletproof glass, and wouldn't come out.

Harry Pothead blew out a big cloud of smoke. "I just hope it doesn't happen until I get this yellow ubermachine across the country. I'm leaving California, the terrorists are gonna hit here next with biological and I've had it with Marin.

Moving From Marin

Just can't afford to be working poor here any more, the rents are killing me, even the hippie slums aren't affordable anymore. Trying to make it in Marin by working more took all my pleasure out of living here."

I sampled some more of his pakalolo, it was Da Kine, smooth as Kona coffee with maple syrup. Hey, who cared if the bus was late again? I would have to listen to Harry rant, but sacrifices must be made in War.

"I'm moving to New England to stiffen up my spinal rod with some of that eastern discipline and Puritan moral fortitude get away from this California slackosity. I won't mind working more there because the weather sucks, maybe I can save some money, drive a better car. Take up Icefishing. Whatever the locals do. These days you don't want your neighbors suspicious, you'll have the FBI detaining you asking about their missing laptop computers."

I agreed that nosy neighbors could cause problems. Neighbors are necessary unless you own the whole world, which most Americans assume we do, at least to bully. At the pumps the bigger guy had pounded the little guy and pushed his car out of the way. Motorists honked approvingly as the line moved up. Harry said, "Gotta love this American unity feeling. We're all in this together, that's for sure, especially in getting soaked by the oil companies and every other corporation that can jump on the Anti Terrorist Gravy Train. Let's bail out the airlines and Dubya's buddies in the military industrial complex. He's already ordering up a bunch more smart missiles, although that's a stretch, they're only marginally more intelligent than the average American."

As we approached the pumps I asked him who he thought was behind the devastating attack on America.

Who Did It?

"Osama's our favorite evil doer right now but for all we know he might be hiding out in America's malls, posing as a old man in a wheelchair, spraying out anthrax. Even if the FBI, the CIA, the DEA, the NSC, every other alphabet agency reporting to the new Cabinet of Homeland Security can't find him, the military will make something go boom-boom to keep the people happy.

"I've been so busy with this moving that I haven't had time to do any remote viewing but I'm pretty sure it was the usual suspects, International Banksters acting on orders from their reptilian alien overlords. They are the most likely to plot something like this and be able to carry it out so efficiently. They probably didn't do it themselves, they just finance acts of extreme terror to keep humans enslaved in fear and rage. The Bush clan has been hand in gloves with terrorists, drugrunners, military intelligence and international Banksters and financiers for generations.

It seems suspicious that the media is building up Usama as the prime suspect, but they have other reasons to take out the Taliban. They're the red headed stepchildren of Imperial America's proxy war with the Empire of the Soviet Union.

All these ideologies that keep humans killing each other are just to manipulate them so the Banksters can accumulate more gold and the aliens can tighten their grip on the world."

The Banksters are the half-breed bloodline of human interbreeding with the reptilian aliens who posed as gods in the past. They have been terrorizing the world for centuries, manipulating both sides of political and religious ideologies when they aren't shape shifting and drinking human blood. They think nothing of plotting extreme violence against humans to start wars when they want them. Waco was just a warmup; Oklahoma showed how well they can cover up their tracks.

This is the biggest conspiracy case of all time, the official story is already falling apart in the details, the almost empty planes, suspiciously absent executives and certain foreign nationals from the Towers, the suspicious short trading, the FBI list of terrorists based on false passports, religious martyrs going to strip clubs the night before their suicide mission, the whisper in Bush's ear five minutes before the first crash. There's a mosaic of anomalies which the stunned public won't notice, but the conspiracy community is having a field day.

The Children's Crusade

Americans are being told what to feel and think. Shock and confusion makes them easier to manipulate and played like catgut on a fiddle. "

The joint had gone out while he was talking, so he torched it with a small flame from his fingertips. There are certain advantages to being a wizard. I accepted it eagerly, I'd been eyeing it as he talked, but you didn't want to interrupt Harry or call him a Bogart. "The world watched the release of thousands of souls, they are going to a better place than this evil world. We are immortal souls, however there are ancient angels, which compete to restrain our spirits into worshipping them because we are so terrified of our true nature as being of the Infinite.

Bush wasn't just having another bad word choice moment when he called it a Crusade, this is a continuation of the original Crusades and the battle for the Holy Land. Jews, Christians and Muslims have been coughing over it like dogs with a bone stuck in their throat for over a thousand years, but the Holy of Holies they claim is anchored there is millennia older. All three religions believe they worship the same omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent deity, their ways are best in the eyes of God, but the Overlord Angel of this world they actually worship is Satan the Serpent. They each have their various books written by their devil worshipping priests that supposedly give them a superior claim to heaven and threaten to boil the others in bubbling crap for eternity. Fairly primitive religions basically, but they have a mesmerizing hold on billions of humans.

That's because the ancient reptilian overlords genetically manipulated humans as slave monkeys, easily controlled by religious fervor, reactive emotions and faulty logic. The key gene they inserted keeps humans burning with miasmic fevers to search for gold and bring it to central locations.

There's a spaceship landing site in Jerusalem. The Holy Land thing is all about the elite being first in line when the motherships arrive to pick up their gold. The International Banksters will show us the bill then; humans are so deep in hock that the aliens own them lock, stock and barrel.

The Banksters believe they are the only ones really going to paradise because of their loot, but those Ignorant Sluts will only be the first captured of a few billion slaves." He wiped the froth off his chin.

My head was spinning. It must have been the dope because this Manichean heresy made almost as much sense as the official explanation we were getting from the media. I wanted to ask for proof but with Harry that could be as dangerous and futile as the Taliban demanding evidence from the United States before they handed Osama over.

Editor's Note: Please disregard the floating quotes. I couldn't track them either.



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