The Coastal Post - August 2000

Feds Approve Diseased Animals For Human Consumption

By Lance Gay

Scripps Howard News Service

"WASHINGTON - The federal agency overseeing food inspection is imposing new rules reclassifying as safe for human consumption animal carcasses with cancers, tumors and open sores.

"Federal meat inspectors and consumer groups are protesting the move to classify tumors and open sores as aesthetic problems, which permits the meat to get the government's purple seal of approval as a wholesome food product. . . . "In 1998, the inspections and safety system reclassified an array of animal diseases as being 'defects that rarely or never present a direct public health risk' and said 'unaffected carcass portions' could be passed on to consumers by cutting out lesions.

"Among animal diseases the agency said don't present a health danger are:

* Cancer

* A pneumonia of poultry called airsacculitis

* Glandular swellings or lymphomas

* Sores

* Infectious arthritis

* Diseases caused by intestinal worms

In the case of tumors, the guidelines state: 'remove localized lesion(s) and pass unaffected carcass portions...'" [Editor's note: Just one more reason a person might want to consider becoming a vegetarian. For the full article click on the following URL.;=WW

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