The Coastal Post - August 2000

Letters To The Editor

On Trees, Tourists And Newcomers
Dear Good People of Bolinas,

There has been a lot of talk of late with regards to the Susie Tompkins Cypress hedge and the addition of Martha Stewart to our community. Some one has even gone so far as to assault the offending hedge resulting in the absolutely futile killing of many trees. Whether the Cypress looks good or bad is really no one's business except the person who own the land. If you don't like the hedge you need only consider the fact the some people have better taste than others and leave it at that. That way you can make your self feel above others and sit in self-righteous contempt for them as well. I will even tell you that you have a right to your views if it will make you feel any better.

There are cartoons and jokes printed in the papers laced with sarcasm. There are bumper stickers that say " Martha 2." More sarcasm designed to alienate others based on their cultural differences. All this from a culturally diverse (mostly in theory) community. Bolinas is it's own culture and within it many subcultures and varying factions of peoples with varying beliefs. The great tragedy here is that we are part of a culture wherein the main theme is to either practice or tolerate hypocrisy and alienation. Hypocrisy backed up with a heavy dose of sarcasm ( Sarcasm is really just an ignorant persons way if seeming clever.). Alienation is akin to hate. I watched a piece on 20/20 last night about mothers who teach a similar kind of alienation to their kids. They are Ku Klux Klan mothers.

The media loves Bolinas because it is the town that doesn't want any new people. I would love to find out how many times Point Reyes and Olema have been a topic in the New York Times. I am guessing not ever, but because Bolinas doesn't want any new people, we get all the press.

Bolinas is quickly becoming an enclave for the rich. Here the logic is very clear. The no growthers held a hard line for twenty or so years until the value of their homes reached an extraordinary high, so they sold to some rich folk who love the idea of living in a small town that is so cute because it doesn't like newcomers. This is the current trend. We shan't forget the glaring fact that the concept of keeping newcomers out of Bolinas is built on circular rationalization that is made of eggshell. The Circular rationalization is: If you are not from Bolinas then you may not move here. But it always begs the question. How did the so called locals get here? I came from New Jersey. There, I told the world. I was born in DC and I moved here in 1968 from NJ Even then, tourists were the most irritating things in the world and for a long time I too participated in a little alienating here and there. Luckily many of you slipped by me and became locals. You are people that I am proud to know. You are all part of this great thing that I call my community. I can recall a man who I was sure was a narc. I gave him dirty looks and alienated him with everything I had. He had been something of a TV personality. He is now something more like a brother to me. Despite my best efforts.

It is important to remember that we just passed though an era in Bolinas where drug dealing was the responsible for local economic boom. And where shopkeepers where making change (monetary) from the coke dealers. I think, because of that alone, that change in populous is a very welcome thing in Bolinas.

The no newcomers concept is what I call circular rationalization and it simply boils down to this. If we cannot tolerate newcomers then we should all leave. If we cannot find it amongst our hearts to welcome the new neighbors then we should be spanked like a spoiled child most vile.

What would Dean "The Mayor" Greenstreet do if Martha Stewart wanted to purchase some gas? Knowing the Mayor as well as I did, I can tell you. He would give Martha a hug and cheerily pump her gas for her. Imagine what it would be like at the sun festival if after the baby ceremony we welcomed our new neighbors in to our hearts and into our homes. It certainly seems better than clinging to some vague dream of keeping things the same forever in Bolinas.

Let us endeavor as a community to be a community in its true sense. Not a community based on alienation, hypocrisy and sarcasm. I entreat you all to take pride in being good neighbors while you are here. Martha Stewart in all her imperfections, ( shallow TV personality, but who isn't?) is a human being just like you. And as much as I dislike the fact the rich are buying up Bolinas homes for weekend retreats, I believe that the acts of others should not lower my standard of behavior. So I say rather than behave nastily to newcomers in an effort to keep Bolinas small and quaint, the effort should begin in the home, so try not breeding and see how that works out for you. That is the only thing one can really do without becoming a disgusting terrorist.

The first and foremost thing that I believe we should do is rise to a standard of decent, community spirited behavior and stick with that. Get to know all the Martha's and the Susies and then alienate them if you really don't like them. But we must sleep in the bed we made and that is a bed with unfriendly sheets of incestuous clickiness in which we bask in self-righteous indignation well past the time to rise up and see a new day. Why is it that Bolinas is a quaint little town that doesn't want change but it gets all the press???
Timothy O. Horvath

Kinsey's Latest Conflict of Interest

When Steve Kinsey says he want to get "to the core of the issue" and "turn the lights out on the old way of doing business" with regard to environmental protections (IJ, 6/11/00), such as those pertaining to septic systems, Marin should respond with alarm.

Mr. Kinsey has never liked regulations much.

His personal disdain for rules came out last March, when it was disclosed that his own septic system was not up to code and had been illegally constructed. At the time, he managed to turn away scrutiny by claiming to have applied for permits last November, something he still has not done; perhaps he is planning to wait until he has had the chance to change the pertinent septic regulations.

His professional disregard for regulations was apparent much earlier. As a developer and contractor, he was purportedly known to some county permit inspectors by the nickname "Red-Tag Steve", referring to the red "stop work" tags applied to construction sites lacking necessary permits, a serious violation.

Mr. Kinsey's peculiar set of ethics is also accustomed to accommodating conflicts of interest. Referring again to French Ranch, in that case, often touting the title "volunteer consultant" to Lagunitas School, Steve Kinsey was paid $65-$85 per hour for things like walking people around the property, and attending meetings, and funneled approximately $140,000 to his own construction company. Kinsey's pivotal roles in French Ranch, both before and after taking office, profited only development interests and left the school spiritually and financially tortured.

Since Mr. Kinsey took office, 'rubber-stamp' approvals for under-evaluated, ill-advised septic system implementations have swiftly and quietly proliferated.

Examples such as towering, three story homes, on small, steep lots, with septic systems on a 70% grade, with leachlines that are perilously reduced in length, and questionable, large flow community systems, have been approved without any form of reasonable caution.

Of local waterways, perhaps only the Russian River has been as fouled and impaired by human discharges of various kinds as the Tomales Bay watershed, which receives insalubrious contributions throughout its domain, from Lagunitas and Walker Creeks out to the Ocean.

Marin County's septic laws currently reflect the minimum standards required by the Regional Water Quality Control Board. If Steve Kinsey is aware of it, he has been less than vocal that state approval would be required to further reduce those standards.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kinsey is apparently preparing to stack a technical advisory committee, to review the matter, with people he finds easy to influence.

Making permitting processes more affordable and convenient is very different from making them more permissive to the detriment of public health and environmental safety. Enabling increased development in West Marin by weakening environmental protections may profit pro-development interests but can only have negative results for the vast majority of Marin's existing residents.

The fact that Mr. Kinsey's own violations continue clearly make any involvement by him in regulatory or procedural reform a conflict of interest. He should not participate in any such endeavor, nor should he be involved, at any level, in selection of participants to be involved in review of rules he is currently breaking.

Considering what Mr. Kinsey has gotten away with, and allowed, in broad daylight, one shudders to think what will come if he succeeds in putting the lights out on intelligent environmental protections.
Louis Nuyens
Forest Knolls

Fluoride And Health Issues

In response to an article on fluoride:

The word fluoride has come to ring a deep and somber chord within me the more I read about it. This information being true, it shows the dark ages have not yet left us, with evidence showing its possible birth being developed from Hitler's reign for its qualities to bring a dulling effect to the brain, a mass sedation of the trusting population duped into believing it's beneficial to tooth decay! All the information I have come across, except for the toothpaste adverts, severely points to the opposite.

Unbelievable and scary as it appears, the list of attributes are as a rat poison, causing premature aging, thyroid problems, cancer and many more illnesses.

So will the guilty and the misinformed kindly leave the stage, and do the gracious thing.

In a world where we often believe that the best is being done for us, we have here a chilling example that this is not always the case.

Low-level tactics employed as population control? To deliberately keep the population down in both numbers and brain activity? Where does this leave us, with premature illness, mental, physical, emotional and environmental?

Health is more likely to be achieved through more corrective eating habits. (Read Fit for Life, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, for a concise explanation of more optimum eating patterns, done gradually.)

It seems that we have a lot of dark ages attitudes hanging on-free electricity from small appliances, steam cars, cancer cures prevention (avoidance of pesticides, harmful chemicals) are some of the suppressed routes which have been deliberately shifted from our benefit. So we can see that there is still quite a lot of weeding to be done in this beautiful and the tragically abused and injured earth, unnecessary mass slaughter of innocent animals, extinction of species, habitats.

Surely we realize that issues need addressing as we witness climatic changes, mass cancer and illness and a landscape that becomes more and more sterile of wildlife, habitats and plants.

As we all depend on each others' actions, clearly we must listen and act upon the wise advise of the caring, not the greedy short-term approaches that are so devastating and bring so much chaos into our lives.

So maybe we can turn our energies to these needy corners of our lives, fluoride being one of them, and give a little less energy to petty issues that can eat away our lives here.

These things don't just effect the here and now, but future consequences, other planets, universes other than Earth.

We should not be exterminating the good. We need them more than we know. We should not be punishing, ridiculing the wise (the classroom bully syndrome) who make efforts for the environment, people reducing animal suffering by not eating them-these should be some of the ideals we aspire to (ourselves and our children) as a remedy to many, many ills of this world.

This is about survival.
Concerned person


We are glad to see the Coastal Post report on something worthy of its passionate dedication to fairness and truth. We refer to the disgraceful firing of Mesagno and Stewart in order to clear the way for property development in Marin County, particularly in West Marin and especially in Bolinas.

We contribute this limerick to the dishonor of the two politicos behind their not-so-well hidden agenda.
Two Fake Men
Two new men on the make
To Bolinas push open the gate;
One rides a downed eucalyptus tree
The other a sewer-pipe snake.

Two Marin men on the make,
Two who know how to fake!
Who and what will it take
To stop those fake men
on the make?
(Not Bolinas resident, but we know who they are.)

Mebiki, AIDS And Selenium

How could anyone say HIV does not cause AIDS?

That would be like saying cirrhosis of the liver is not caused by alcohol.

For many years people have thought that viruses and germs cause diseases like scurvy, pellagra, rickets, cancer and AIDS. The paradox is that now it has been discovered that germs and viruses do not always cause the disease.

Some diseases may be caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Osteoporosis, scurvy, liver cirrhosis, pellagra, rickets, etc., are diseases we now know are caused by too low a level of nutrients, which then leave the body weak, open and susceptible to attack by viruses and germs.

The Germ Theory of disease may not always be correct. Doctors treated people with scurvy with drugs for 400 years and never cured a single case! A scurvy sailor eating lemons discovered the cure for his own disease. Doctors saw that, tested it and found it worked. New medical knowledge comes from different sources. AIDS drugs can't prevent or cure AIDS.

For that reason, if president Mbeki of South Africa wants to try preventing AIDS by giving his people selenium, we should help him. He could get the Nobel Prize in Medicine if he and Dr. Peter Duesberg and David Rasnic are correct.

What really causes AIDS? As a biologist, I think AIDS is caused by a deficiency of selenium. Worldwide, the continent with the lowest rate of selenium in the soil is Africa. What if HIV is only the secondary factor in AIDS?

It is also a great paradox, that this new theory of poverty and malnutrition as the cause of AIDS was not announced to the world by a white-coated lab scientist, but by a Black revolutionary. That must really be hard for the white media to take. Get over it.

The pandemic is too big to be fought with just one theory.
Paul Kangas
San Francisco

Power Trumps Life

How strange that the branch of government most honored in this nation, and in others, is the one whose primary function is killing and destruction!
Guy W. Meyer

Judicial Abuse Of Mother And Child

Why are Marin's district attorney and court system still wasting Marin taxpayers' money in their vicious persecution of Carol Mardeusz, who has been desperately fighting for five years to regain custody of her daughter Haleigh, who at age five was ripped from her mother's arms by Novato police and delivered Haleigh's alleged biological father, Leo Magers?

Why are Judge Verna Adams and Deputy DA Kelly Vieira deliberately censoring the recording and suppressing evidence of Leo Magers' record of drug use and distribution? His record of stalking and child molestation, and the fact that Sonoma County original court records of the case were tampered with during a broken chain-of-custody while Mardeusz's opposition had exclusive control of the file?

Above all, why doesn't anyone on the DA and judge side of this outrageous miscarriage of justice give a damn about what's been happening to Haleigh during her past five years controlled by an alleged drug-using child molester?

* * *

Supes Exempt Themselves From The Law

The Marin Civil Grand Jury has endorsed DA Paula Kamena's decision not to prosecute Supervisors Annette Rose and John Kress for felony embezzlement in violation of Penal Code Section 424. Like Kamena and Attorney General Lockyer, the jurors opted to ignore California case law which clearly specifies that later reimbursement and "lack of criminal intent" would not reduce such credit card offense from felony status.

Now a new scandal comes to light in the Grand Jury's Final Report.

"The Grand Jury was surprised to learn that...all County employees were required to adhere to these [credit card use] rules except the members of the Board of Supervisors. Those officials were specifically excluded from the provisions of AR-1...the Board themselves added that exclusion when the old AR-1 was accepted by them as a County regulation (last adopted in January 1994)." (Underlined emphasis added)

If true, it's an outrageous new scandal and exposes the Board as in an arrogant conspiracy to commit embezzlement. MUTA has asked the BOS for a copy of the pertinent 1994 Minutes and vote on that exclusion action item, but has had no BOS response yet. If the BOS members exempted themselves, it should be in the BOS Minutes. If not in the Minutes, either the BOS acted illegally, or falsified the Minutes, or somebody has lied to the Grand Jury.

Whatever the case, it smacks of the "three Cs-conspiracy, collusion and cover-up," and demands prompt investigation by Marin's reluctant DA Paula Kamena.
Fielding Greaves
Secretary, MUTA

Misrepresentational Choices vs. Effective Government

At first, it seems Texas Governor G.W. Bush is preparing for the Republican National Convention with a panel depicting his sense of equality. He has added Representative Henry Bonilla, R-TX, a Hispanic; Representative Jennifer Dunn, R-WA, a woman; and Representative J.C. Watts, R-OK, an African-American, to be deputy permanent chairmen of the convention. However, his wording is chauvinistic, they are chairpersons, and the choice is reprehensible. For example, J.C. Watts reportedly fathered a child out of wedlock, and Oklahoma filed liens against him in 1982, 1984 and 1986 for income taxes. In addition, he reportedly failed to declare $14,210 of his wife's earnings on his federal income tax return in 1994. Then, Sherri Lynn Reed apparently sued him and collected $13,000 in back wages and penalties.

In reality, G.W. Bush is showing the awful choices he makes, along with his horrific stand on gun control. He voted for the carrying of more concealed weapons, and said it is permissible to carry guns to church as long as there were no signs posted against it. Also, he put through $2.8 billion in property tax cuts, from which he benefited, then cut funds for education to learning different students to make up the loss in revenues. Further, he suggested cutting Title I funds completely. They provide the only opportunity some students will ever have to see a qualified professional who will identify and treat their learning differences. Next, he voted against an anti-hate crimes bill after the dragging death in Texas, and wants to fund wars in space when there are none. Last, he claims friendship with OPEC, and America worries about the effect of that friendship on the current outrageous gas prices.

On the other hand, Vice President Gore voted for more gun controls, increased funding for education, called for a return to affirmative action, and is fighting drug and oil companies price gouging.

By the way, it seems an odd coincidence that when President Clinton starts investigation of oil company price gouging, there is another investigation thrust upon the American taxpayer of James Riady to see if he made illegal campaign contributions. If there were any truth to this matter, it would have surfaced long ago.

In fact, this seems similar to an erroneous statement by Representative Rick Lazio, R-NY. Generally, those with decent records stand by them; those without any such record sling mud. He voted for the exorbitant tax cut, against the will and interests of Americans, and says the Clintons disgrace America. His statement is incorrect.

Hillary Clinton has fought for and won better education and women's rights, and is America's goodwill ambassador abroad. Also, she favors gun control. Her character is unassailable -- she is a religious, decent example of a public servant.

In addition, President Clinton has done so much for America that the first two verses by Woody Guthrie retain meaning because of his successful efforts, and the third verse by the writer of this letter delineates them.

This land is your land, this land is my land

From California to the New York Island.

From the redwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters,

This land was made for you and me.

As I went walking that ribbon of highway

I saw above me the endless skyway.

I saw below me the golden valley.

This land was made for you and me.

More education, less crime, less welfare,

Two budget surpluses, clean water and clean air,

Health, seniors, parklands,

And peace around the world.

Thank you from all of us to you.
Hilda Coyne
Baltimore, MD

Assails Blumberg Attack On Nakamura

David J. Blumberg's verbal assault on Karen Nakamura's accurate article in the May 1, 2000 issue of this paper is insidious and reflects the tendency of Zionists to denounce critics of Israel's transparent wayward actions and policies.

Blumberg states that Ms. Nakamura's depiction of the so-called peace process lacks an "understanding of Middle East geopolitics", but what he really means is that whoever criticizes Israel, right or wrong, is anti-Israel and/or an anti-Semite. This muzzling tactic is typical of Zionists who can't take the heat of appropriate criticism and who go out of their way to keep the truth suppressed.

Blumberg alleges that Israel has been pursuing peace since its independence, which is absolutely false, unless he spells it as "piece", as in "Let's look around for another piece of land to steal from the Palestinians." There are volumes of documented evidence that proves that Israel had only one objective in mind, and that was to kick out as many indigenous Palestinians from their rightful homeland as possible, even if it meant terrorizing and murdering them, and to steal as much of their land as they could, including Jerusalem, which is exactly what happened. Over 400 Arab villages were destroyed and over 700,000 Arabs were forced into refugee camps where they have been wallowing in abject hardship for over 50 years.

How peaceful was the Israeli pursuit of peace when hundreds of innocent Arab civilians were slaughtered in Deir Yasin and other Arab villages? What peaceful purpose did the beatings, tortures, illegal settlements and land thefts and annexations serve? Were the destruction of thousands of Arab homes that forced Arab families to live in the streets or in ragged tents part of that pursuit of peace? And what of those ruthless and inhumane town lockdowns that lasted for weeks that deprived those thousands of Arabs from acquiring food, water, and medical care for their elderly and babies? Peaceful intentions, or crimes against humanity?

Then there was the uprooting of over 200,000 income-bearing olive and citrus trees that deliberately destroyed a great part of the Palestinian economy, and the breaking of arms, legs, and hands during the intifada upon the order of the Israeli war criminal Yitzhak Rabin, the destruction of Lebanon at the hands of another Israeli war criminal, Arik "The Butcher" Sharon, and the list of other Israeli war criminals that have yet to be arrested, tried, and punished for war crimes under the precedent of the Nuremberg Trials is endless. Blimberg fails to inform readers that Israel gave up the Sinai because it was worth far more to receive the annual three billion dollars in US taxpayer gifts than to hold on to a piece of land that would yield far less and would cause an eternal rift with Egypt, a country that would have eventually wiped Israel off the face of the earth as it almost did in 1973 had the US not come to its rescue.

The most arrogant remark by Blumberg was his claim that Syria's former President Hafiz al-Assad was the "real barrier to real peace" because of his "illegal occupation/hegemony of Lebanon" and because he refused to negotiate with Israel, and his lack of concern "for Palestinian national aspiration." Whoa! Hold on, there! Blumberg needs to put aside his propagandist Zionist handbook and step out of his dark closet because no one here is buying that cod. First, all the while that Syria was occupying Lebanon, Israel was also illegally occupying its southern border in defiance of UN Resolution 245. Second, why would Assad have to negotiate with Israel for the return of the illegally annexed Golan Heights that is in violation of several bodies of international law? "Get out!" is all Assad had to say.

Last, it must be some sort of sick joke for Blumberg to deride Assad's lack of concern for Palestinian national aspirations after the enormous pain and suffering that the Israelis have caused to the people of Palestine, including the theft and illegal occupation of their rightful land and the denial of their civil and human rights for over 50 years. Is Blumberg really that naive to not know that the conflict between Syria and Israel is the very subject of the illegal theft of Palestine and the Israeli-deprived national aspirations of the Palestinian people? You gotta' read a book or two, Blumberg.
Yousef Salem

Help For Diabetic Son


My name is Fran Grysko and I am writing this letter because I need your help. My son is a type 1 diabetic diagnosed 10 years ago and thank God he has done well with the help of family, friends, doctors, nurses, and lastly our computer. My wife and I know other parents of diabetic children who are less fortunate than us and it is usually because of their lack of understanding of the complexity of diabetes that is the cause of their misfortune. I have located a free computer program available on the Internet which I have found to be a great help in understanding type 1 diabetes. I hope you will be kind enough to use your paper to tell people in your area about the software. Remember this software is free and in my opinion is as valuable as CPR to the loved ones of a diabetic. The site where the software can be downloaded is: .
Thank you,
Fran Grysko
159 Rotonda Circle
Rotonda West, Florida
[email protected]

Doesn't Like IJ

Thanks again for providing some free speech in Marin County! As a minors'-rights activist (one of the rare "child advocates" that intends the term in its real, literal, dictionary-sense), my daily work requires me to consider all sorts of issues as they affect new generations, that is, as they really are.

To understand kids, I must know their perspectives fresh perspectives, not yet narrowed and twisted by the market-friendly ideologies of mainstream media. And I see exactly how kids are trained to accept that stuff as reality, forced to abandon their natural selves and become "productive adults" alienated, unsatisfied consumers, always shopping for a nifty self-image or yet another flash distraction. Only the staunchest and best-motivated parents can protect their kids and the most persistent corrosive influence is the media.

I am also well-placed to see how the free speech counterfeits, like the Marin IJ, edit popular consciousness. I do send letters to them now and then, mainly to see for myself what ideas they feel a need to withhold, in the modern notion of "professional journalism" (as taught at Tam High, by the way). That is certainly not clear reporting of pertinent facts or sensible opinions based on those facts but whatever sells advertising space (or wins a good grade). The IJ even prints my letters now and then, but the most crucial parts are deleted or distorted, by dirty little tricks, meant to disparage anything that would shine too much light behind the yuppie facade.

In a recent letter to the IJ about the "Million Mom March for gun-control," I decried that event's shallow media-trained mentality. I pointed out that our mainstream pursuit of flash remedies, as a substitute for facing root issues, is itself an essential root of modern social ills.

The IJ had no problem printing that much, though it was just a lead-in to my main thesis, which they deleted: "We are not supposed to kneel to some low denominator that begs bureaucrats to impose on us the behaviors of responsibility, which we despair of managing for ourselves. We are supposed to provide, from within ourselves, the values and actions of democratic self-government, taking responsibility for social problems and fixing them at their roots." I guess that concept is too radical for Marin County.

I then offered some examples of pervasive problems which show root dysfunctions that cannot be fixed by "gun-control" problems which are neatly overlooked by the mentality of the "million mainstream mob." I asked how many of them ever stand up to the whimsies of their school-boards? How many protest our modern world's litmus use of nude children in mainstream movies? How many have stopped their own crucial tax-support for the inexcusable slaughter of Palestinian and Iraqi children? How many amuse their kids with dirty jokes, in movies like "Austin Powers," and nudity, in movies like "Titanic?" Though the IJ did print that part of my letter, it seems they did it only to discredit the counter-culture perspectives offered by those examples since the point they refer to had been censored out.

In case that trick did not create a sufficient impression of non-conformist ranting, the IJ also changed the "m" in "amuse" to a "b," so the last sentence read, "How many abuse their kids with dirty jokes"... etc. This swings a pithy critique into the realm of vitriolic hyperbole. Some serious scumbags have taken over the PA system, and we who deviate from prime-time consciousness sure know it, but it helps to see the little daily mechanics of mainstream sleaze at work.
Dave Kersting
San Rafael, CA 94901

Subject: Woman's Fantasies

In a recent Harris On-line poll 38,562 men across the US were asked to identify a woman's ultimate fantasy.

Ninety-seven percent of the respondents said that a woman's ultimate fantasy is to have two men at once.

While this has been verified by a recent sociological study, it appears that most men do not realize that in this fantasy, one man is cooking and the other is cleaning.
Harpreet Sandhu


For the homophobics among us. Get over your holier than thou attitude. God's word is not just from 2000 year old scripture. It also comes from within, and is always up to date. What we don't need, want, or desire is a bunch of fundamentalist holy rollers inflicting their will and narrow interpretation of life upon all of us.
Ron Lowe
Nevada City, CA

Applauds Kirby

I would like to applaud Kirby Ferris for his or her article on sociopaths. The author is right on that they don't have a conscience. I know, as I am married to a case-book one. I have no idea where the Coastal Post originates from, but kudos to Kirby on a very accurate description. If you would, editor, make sure Kirby sees this. To Kirby: I am a sad victim of a sociopath. The last ten years with this lying, cheating socio has almost taken the winds out of this librarian's sails. I'm stuck in a rotten situation and there's no way out for me. This nut has ruined me financially, emotionally and I can't believe the mess I am in. But your article may warn other vulnerable, innocent women like me. I hope so, anyway, come write for the Buffalo News which has very few erudite, articulate writers like you! Thanks,
[email protected]

Reject PNTR To Punish Chinese Nuclear And Missile Proliferation

China supplies nuclear technology and expertise to Pakistan. China supplies missile and missile technology to Pakistan and other countries.

China modernizes its armed forces with a plan to fight the US. China develops asymmetrical warfare capabilities to utilize cyber-terrorism as a means of exploiting US vulnerabilities.

China threatens to engage the US in nuclear conflict over Taiwan. China subverts the US electoral process by illegal campaign contributions. China uses ethnic Chinese citizen of Indonesia - James Riady - and others for this purpose.

China uses its obscene trade surplus with US to build up its military machine, and build up puppet regimes. American trade dollars subsidize the People's Liberation Army which controls thousands of front businesses in China and USA.

The biggest strategic threat to the US is a militarist, totalitarian, expanding China. The Chinese government knows whom it is getting ready to fight.

But all that the US officials want from China is yet another pledge to stop proliferation.

Hello! Did anybody ever hear of Munich?

The US Senate must reject PNTR to China. It is time to put our national security interests above short-term profits.
Mac Kher
Bloomington IL 61704
[email protected]

A Solution for Jerusalem

One of the biggest barriers to peace in the middle east is the issue of who gets Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the holy city to Jews, Muslims and Christians and other religions, all of which would like to have control over it. Muslims can't allow Jews to control their holy city, and Jews can't allow Muslims to control their holy city. Splitting the city doesn't satisfy either side. So what do you do?

I would like to propose a unique alternative. I suggest making Jerusalem its own sovereign nation not controlled by any one religion or one nation, but run by an organization of leaders from several religions for the sole purpose of keeping Jerusalem open, accessible, and safe for everyone to come and worship in the manner they choose. Buy becoming a sovereign nation, Jerusalem would be neutral territory, the property of both no one and everyone. The leaders who run it will be chosen for the sole purpose of keeping it universally open and safe for everybody.

I think this is the only real solution. Neither side is going to give their holiest city to someone else. If there's going to be peace then they are going to have to share. I think the best way to share is if Jerusalem is owned by no one, yet accessible to all. I have not yet heard anyone suggest the idea of an independent state of Jerusalem so I offer it as a logical solution. I suggest that peace in Jerusalem would honor God more than fighting a battle that can never be won.
Marc Perkel
Springfield Missouri 65806

Listening To Wild Dolphins

Dr. Darlene Ketten's ear exams on stranded whales bleeding from their eyes have provided the link between whale strandings and Navy sonar tests, long suspected by environmentalists and non-government scientists.

In view of persistent government failure to provide autopsies that would reveal whether or not stranded mammals had suffered the tissue, lung, and ear explosion symptoms predicted by the Marine Mammal Commission to be the result of sonar exposure, these tests were facilitated by an interesting source.

The whales, who often swim great distances in order to strand before us on our shores and reveal their struggle beneath the sea, came this time to a beach fronting the home of Dr. Ken Balcomb, a caring marine biologist who made sure they received timely and appropriate autopsies.

Now that the suspected link has been firmly established, it offers new clues to the "mysterious" deaths of other cetaceans and marine mammals with similar symptoms stranding by the thousands all over the world. As a result, continued efforts to ignore and deny such serious problems with this risky technology will no longer slip by the American public and press with the same ease previously enjoyed.

Non government scientists and environmentalists have been trying to warn of the immense and lethal force of these new sonar devices being secretly tried throughout the world in preparation for full deployment in 80% of our oceans. Government studies on their results have been secret, swift, and shoddy and have provided more evidence for dire concerns than the assurances of safety they had hoped to produce.

Now, the key is for the American public to sleep with one eye open until all pressure to press forward has stopped. Clearly let your congressional representatives know that you want this new brand of sonar out of the water in order to keep our oceans safe and preserve life on earth as we know it.

If we unite in both action and prayer to preserve our beautiful blue oceans and the wondrous marine life within them, we will become a better humanity who can look our own souls in the eye.
Bobbie Sandoz, MSW
Author, Listening to Wild Dolphins

No Gun Rights

In England private individuals are not allowed to own guns. There are so few guns, even the police don't carry them; they don't need to. Is democracy threatened by this lack of gun ownership? Certainly not. The British know they can control their government through the ballot box. So can we.

The proliferation of guns in this society has made our daily lives much more treacherous than before. We cannot send our children to school, eat a McDonald's hamburger, or even sit in our living room without the fear of gun violence.

Regulation of guns may be inconvenient for gun owners and would-be gun owners, but it would help to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable.
Esther Riley
Fairfax, CA 94930

Bolinas '69

I last visited Bolinas in 1969. I have carried images of a very charming place and reading your on-line articles about Martha Stewart and Bolinas did give me alarm. Also, Stephen Simac's "Report From Miami" (I am a native of Miami who speaks no Spanish and finds I can't go home) is remarkably accurate. Thank you for a very interesting read.
Richard J. Manchester

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