The Coastal Post - July 2000

Star Wars-Deja Vu

By Edward W. Miller

Americans had hoped our Defense Department's pie-in-the-sky scam commonly termed Star Wars had self-destructed after Nancy Reagan, along with her astrologist and an ailing Ronald, departed Washington for the ranch. Not so. Our former president's military-industrial friends quickly latched first onto Bush and then Clinton and aren't about to give up. The New York Times (June 13) reported defense contractors have donated over $49 million to Congress since 1991.

To fill the emotional void created when the Soviet Threat disappeared and the Berlin Wall collapsed, Washington, with the urging of Israel's people in Washington, created Muslim Terrorism as the new enemy, and naming the Rogue States became the popular game in our Capitol.

Anyone who follows history understands how necessary it is for some governments to identify enemies. Spotting Indians in the mesquite has always driven the covered wagons into a circle. Having an enemy excuses massive largesse in expenditures for weapons systems and military recruitment, allows government to embargo and otherwise manipulate trade, tariffs, and commercial legislation to meet perceived security interests. Back in 1995, swept along by this new media-encouraged McCarthyism, our Congress passed the Comprehensive Terrorism Prevention Act. Beside removing many of the safeguards to personal liberty written into both the Constitution and Bill of Rights, this measure permits our president to publicly identify certain foreign countries, organizations and even individuals as terrorist threats, and having issued such an edict, to both isolate each by embargo, or even punish friendly states who trade with these new pariahs. Congress has just created an Office of Counter-Terrorism whose czar is Michael A. Sheehan.

Seven Rogue States the U.S. is presently punishing with trade sanctions include Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Such designation automatically sentences their people to a lower standard of living. Their children will not eat as well, their medical care will suffer, housing and all the necessities of living will come less easily, and above all, they will learn to hate the United States.

Just what crimes have these people committed to be so abused by us? Let's see: First, they are all much smaller than the U.S. and so easy military targets, and in each case their leaders failed in one way or another to roll over and play Washington's games.

Cuba became an instant problem when a friendly, bearded attorney, Fidel Castro, drove out U.S.-controlled Batista. Since Castro also had the impudence to support freedom groups fighting U.S. puppet-dictators in Central America, he has become our longest living terrorist (our CIA has failed in over 20 attempts to kill him). Florida's sugar barons who keep cheap Cuban sugar off the U.S. market, as well as Bastista's old millionaire friends now in Miami, tease both our political parties with cash and their electoral votes to keep Fidel on that list.

Iraq and Iran are enemies of Israel and so of the U.S., says Clinton's expert on the Middle East, Zionist Martin Indyk. Saudi's purchase of Boeing planes and American arms gives our President another excuse to keep cheaper Iraqi oil off the market. King Faud pays us with Saudi oil. Though Saddam has met every insane demand of the U.S.-controlled Security Council, Iraq remains "terrorist." Over one million of her children have died of disease and starvation, deaths Madeleine Albright says are "worth our effort to remove Saddam." Iran's living standard is also suffering, even as their President Khatami reaches out in friendship to us. We are threatening Russia, whose engineers are building those atomic electric plants Iran sorely needs.

Libya is a familiar story: Khadafy for his people's sake threw the British navy out of Tripoli, the U.S. out of the Wheelus Air Force Base, and nationalized his oil. The result: three enemies. Next he supported the Palestinians, making Israel the fourth. In the Philippines he armed insurgents against our dictator, Marcos, and he donated $5 million for arms to the IRA. The on-going PanAm bombing investigation is just another FBI-Mossad plot to keep Libyan oil off the world market. The whole world knows the two Libyans on trial are innocent.

Syria has been an obvious "terrorist nation," defying both Israel and the U.S. President Assad's status improved when the negotiations over the Golan got underway, but his past interference with Israel's butchering of Palestinians in Lebanon didn't make his standing with our State Department better. With Assad dead, the burden to remove Israel from the Golan rests with Assad's son Bashir.

North Korea? Well, a tiny country whose total budget is $18 billion and who dares face down a U.S. whose military budget alone is $262.2 billion is obviously a "terrorist nation." The fact that Kim II Sung's two small atomic plants were inspected six times in '92-'93, and that Kim's locked out the international inspectors only because Clinton broke President Bush's promise to stop those joint U.S.-South Korean war games never made the U.S. press. Our military, which keeps 37,000 troops in South Korea to justify its "fighting a major war on two fronts" budget needs a Pacific enemy, so Kim II Sung will remain a "terrorist" and his people will suffer. Of our two promises to North Korea, fuel oil and two light water atomic power plants (we pressured Kim to shut down his own reactors), only the oil (after many reminders) was delivered. The two promised reactors are in limbo.

And Sudan? One of Africa's poorest countries, one fourth the size of the U.S. with only five percent of her land usable, her people starving-the last thing she needed was to be stomped on by the U.S. Our Zionist lobby in Washington, plus our surrogate, Egypt's president Mubarak, who fears any politically active Muslims, also insists Sudan be destabilized. So we are supporting troops who attack Sudan across her southern border from Uganda, and until recently were paying militias in both Ethiopia and Eritrea to attack from the east.

Osama Ben Ladin had left Khartoum long before Clinton destroyed Sudan's only pharmacological plant. Our president's missiles ensured the death of thousands of Africans who depended on Sudan's antimalarials and antibiotics, as well as what was left of Iraq's farm animals who needed vaccines against several common diseases.

The idea that one of these "rogue states" might launch an atomic missile against the U.S. mainland and thus commit national suicide is so ridiculous even a grade school kid wouldn't buy it, but that's the on-going sales pitch of our boys in the Defense and State ("Foggy Bottom") Departments.

The danger inherent in reviving Star Wars was openly expressed directly to Clinton by Russia's new president, Vladimir Putin, the first week in June in Moscow: Clinton's anti-missile program would violate the START I and START II Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaties and bury once and for all this planet's hope for a nuclear-free world. The new U.S.-Norwegian powerful radar missile-tracking intelligence project at Vargo just 450 miles from Russia's western border may also have raised Putin's suspicions of U.S. intent.

Adding billions for the world's military budgets while millions starve and each day produce thousands of new mouths to feed is madness. Forty physicists and engineers recently descended on Washington (Reuters, June 12), saying the proposed national shield was "long on politics and short on science...would cost over $60 billion and could be undone easily by simple countermeasures." The fact that our Defense Department has not only failed in each it of its nine anti-missile tests, but also cheated on them, will hopefully sink into the consciousness of Congress. Don't hold your breath.

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