The Coastal Post - May 2000

Toxic Chemtrails From Mystery Planes;
Epidemics Of Respiratory Illness Follow

By Stephen Simac

The most censored news story of the year, has to be Toxic Chemtrails, featured only on the internet, late night radio and in the Coastal Post. Reports of mysterious airplanes systematically spraying contrails and sickening people across the country are the center of a wide ranging conspiracy theory. This one even has smoking plane pictures and physical evidence of strange fallout from the chemtrails.

These are not ordinary jet contrails which contribute to global warming, as reported first in the CP, nor are they part of the increased air traffic from commercial airlines over Marin, another CP story, but are reportedly from unmarked planes flying in systematic patterns at lower altitudes.

Mainstream media ignores reports of chemtrails in spite of photographs of planes crisscrossing skies over North America and Europe, forming iridescent contrails which widen and descend, sometimes with cobwebby fallout. Reports of waves of illness afterwards in the communities under them are common. Dozens of photographs of these gridded, parallel or circular lines of chemtrails are shown on

Suspicious Minds Think Differently

Usually you have to put in some effort to search out the best conspiracies, lurk in musty bookstores, hang out in coffee shops with the Coastal Post if you're willing to read. There's a Marin based website,, with videotaped interviews with leading figures in some of the more intriguing censored stories, including toxic chemtrails in the sky.

Of course, the mother of all websites is where you can listen to his late night radio archives. Now with out even reading, a hip netster can sound as paranoid as the most grizzled veteran conspiracist.

Because I was raised on conspiracy theories, it's easier for me to be suspicious. My mom never believed a lone gunman killed Kennedy. My dad said the Jews control everything. I always swore I was adopted, not even related to my family.

I may be paranoid, but unmarked planes flying in systematic patterns with opalescent contrails, which sometimes drop fallout, are suspicious and at least as newsworthy as Elian, the Cuban kid.

Sick Skies-Star Wars

An article about chemtrails in the March issue of Nexus magazine by William Thomas reports on many sightings and various theories about who's doing it and why.

These chemtrails were observed over the Bay Area in January '99 and '00, and in April by some local residents. Epidemics of flu and respiratory problems have been reported these last two winters. In other parts of the US and in Canada, a cobweb like fallout was found. This was analyzed and found to contain molds, bacteria and enzymes which grew freakishly fast in petri dishes. The material was called a "biohazard" by one biologist.

Observed sprayings of chemtrails have reportedly been followed by waves of illness in other areas, mainly flu epidemics which jammed local hospitals. Headaches, joint stiffness, fatigue, depression, skin and heart problems have also been reported.

It could be mass hysteria or it could be military/industrial direct marketing, building profits for pharmaceutical companies selling remedies. Other theories include secret vaccination programs against biological warfare, ozone hole shielding, global warming prevention, or cannabis killing fungus, politically popular things someone should want to take credit for.

No agency has claimed responsibility or even offered an explanation for all these reported chemtrails. The Air Force said one incident in Nevada was routine fuel dumping. No wonder the price of gas is so high if fuel dumping is routine.

Thomas is calling for a congressional inquiry into the chemtrail conspiracy. No major media have covered it, so it's not news, yet. He's starting a grassroots campaign at [email protected] com.

The military has a history of conducting air spraying of biological and chemical hazards. Undue Risk, a book by Johnathon Moreno details the known history of our governments secret state experiments on humans. Mass experiments with radiation, bacteria, viruses, psychedelics are all documented, including cargo planes crisscrossing the country dumping hundreds of tons of zinc cadmium sulfate in 1956-57. No reports on the purposes or results of that experiment, probably another poison the nuclear industry needed to get rid of like fluoride.

Only the CP is reporting on the many hazards of increased air traffic, including blue rain, a censored story no one wants to disclose, because everyone wants to fly. Icarus never looked at the consequences of his own desires.

Action Or Apathy-Whatever

The CP specializes in scaring or angering our readers, hopefully into action. It probably doesn't work, but you've got to shine a light to make the cockroaches scurry. It's one truth that the corporate media ignores in favor of celebrity gossip.

One of the beauties of the universe is the synchronistic way evidence has of appearing to the seeker. Searching always leads to answers, usually more than can be combined easily and fewer than are needed for convincing proof to the skeptics.

The grand conspiracy theories weave many small ones together, usually with a secretive ancient order plotting together to maintain power through nefarious protocols. More complex ones rely on competing groups battling through the universe, over many dimensions and eons of time. They are all modern myths and they tantalize like rainbows for true believers, pot of gold ever receding. Information acquisition can consume some humans, even cost them their life. For most people they only provide speculative entertainment. What if?

Almost all myths hold us and our quirky ways as more significant to the universe than the modern, scientific view does. A conspiracy theory that humans are just glorified fruitflies, freak chance of evolution, and our only purpose is buzzing around in a cash economy, fearing the flyswatter.

Even with all our consumer goodies, that's not enough incentive for some people and they look elsewhere for reasons. There's no shortage of explanations in the Intellectual Flea Market.

Most of them remarkably thorough and complex. As if no matter which direction your search takes you, if you're persistent, you will find an ever expanding universe of greater complexity. A kid can tell you more about Pokemons than you want to hear.

Truth is a pathless land, but mostly we prefer the broad freeways where everyone agrees, and nothing disturbing our comfortable lives is uncovered. Those rare individuals who venture off the beaten track, were usually ridiculed, beaten or burnt. Until the bramble's been hacked back by pioneers, it doesn't look like a real trail. If it catches on, there goes the neighborhood.

The End Of The World As We Know It

The ancient Maya are consulted as often as the Egyptian for symptoms of wisdom. The Maya devised a calendar which is a marvel of timing earth's eccentric orbit in our solar system. That calendar ends December 29, 2012, after a 5,000 plus year cycle, which may be timed to the sun's fluctuating magnetic winds. Maurice Cotterell, author of The Mayan Prophecies predicts an enormous increase in solar magnetism then, which will flip the polar magnetism of the earth.

Terrence McKenna, independently arrived at the same date through mathematical manipulation of the I ching, an ancient Chinese divination practice. McKenna was a great theorist, one of the masters of the far out mind, sad that he died before his date.

The problem with predicting the end of the world, either you die first, or the date inevitably passes without event, then you have to massacre your followers or lose them. And if you're right about the apocalypse, nobody's around to congratulate you.

In early May, when all the visible planets appear in one section of our sky, there's a prediction by a famous soothsayer that the Bay Area will be rocked by a big earthquake during May 6-10th.

It's better not to know the future, because babies would stop sucking if they had any clue. There's no point in fearing the future or regretting the past when right here and now is more than enough. The best prophecy I've heard is that it's all OK. I'm still suspicious.

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