The Coastal Post - April 2000


By Fielding Greaves

(This statement was read to the Marin Board of Supervisors on March 7.)

I rise to deplore the woeful state of leadership and appalling absence of integrity on this Board.

Last year you made a deliberate false official statement to the legislature, media and public in Resolution 99-4 concerning the 2/3 vote, a false statement authored by Mr. Kress, and unanimously approved by you all, and you refused to rescind it after MUTA had proved it grossly false. Last month I told you that by that failure to rescind it, you had branded yourselves "unconscionable liars in the grand Clinton tradition."

It's bad enough to be governed by five liars. Now we learn that two of you, Ms. Rose and Mr. Kress, have repeatedly dipped into public funds for your personal selfish purposes, something the rawest new recruit of Pizza Hut knows is illegal, a raid on the county treasury-embezzlement or close to it. And Ms. Rose paid back part of it by unlawfully dipping into her campaign funds.

Now another board member, Mr. Kinsey, who also sits on the Board of Permit Appeals and judges permit appeals of others, is himself a confessed repeat violator of the building permit regulations.

How do you justify your multiple transgression of law, regulations, integrity and common decency?

For the multiple disgraces you have brought on our county, is there not at least one among you who has sufficient decency, or the integrity, to resign? When will you have the decency to resign from the offices you have so grossly abused?

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