The Coastal Post - April 2000

Search Engine Added To Coastal Post Online - By Jim Fox

It's hard to believe that four years ago the Coastal Post went online. We were one of the first newspapers in the world to do so. Every article since September 1995 is available on the Internet.

It has become apparent that many of our readers were having difficulty locating stories from our 1,100+articles archived at our site ( In response to this, we have added a search engine to the Coastal Post's homepage. For example, in March's Letters To The Editor, Dory Bassett requested when an article in The Coastal Post about monkeys and AIDS was published. Now, by simply typing in the search form the keywords "monkeys AIDS," a search result list appears that shows the June 1999 article she was looking for. We hope this new feature will be a benefit for the readers.

The readership of The Coastal Post Online is now approaching the readership of the printed version. We are now offering advertising space on our online version at a very reasonable rate. If you are interested in advertising with The Coastal Post Online, please contact Don Deane at 415-868-1600.

Jim Fox is the webmaster for the Coastal Post and his WEB site is

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