The Coastal Post - March 2000

MUTA Blasts Supervisors' Lie

Marin United Taxpayers Association Secretary Fielding Greaves of San Rafael on February 15 excoriated the Board of Supervisors for deliberately lying to the State Legislators, to their constituents and to the media by failing to rescind their Resolution 99-004 of January a year ago after MUTA had proved it was based on a lie.

That BOS resolution, said Greaves last year, included a "false official statement" that the 2/3 vote requirement of Proposition 13 had "erroneously undermined and paralyzed efforts of county and local governments to fund essential services." Last March 8, appearing before the BOS, MUTA's Greaves had exposed their lie by citing the county's official records showing that in the two years then just ended, only three of the 37 tax measures requiring a 2/3 vote had received a majority but failed to achieve a 2/3 vote. Twenty-seven had received over 70 percent, and 10 over 80 percent of the vote-hardly "paralyzing" county and local governments.

Greaves said that by allowing their Big Lie to stand unrepudiated for a year, the supervisors had transformed what might have been credited as due to ignorance, carelessness, or incompetence into a deliberate violation of their oath of office, and into deliberate lies to state legislators, media and public. "You have branded yourselves as unconscionable liars in the grand Clinton tradition," said an angry Greaves. "The people of Marin can never trust you again. You are unworthy to hold public office."

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