The Coastal Post - March 2000

Egger Endorsed By Sierra Club, Social Justice, And Archdruid

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club, the nation's largest grassroots membership environmental organization, has endorsed Frank Egger for election to the State Assembly to represent the 6th District, which includes Marin and part of Sonoma Counties. Frank, the mayor of Fairfax, is one of eight candidates for the Democratic nomination for the Assembly seat now held by Kerry Mazzoni, who is stepping down.

"While others talk about the need for environmental protection, Frank has acts," explained Alex Forman, Vice Chair and Political Director of the Sierra Club Marin Group. "He has a 35-year history of standing up to powerful interests to protect open space, old-growth forests, and the restoration of our magnificent rivers. His long record of environmental achievement shows that he can build the kind of broad coalitions that are necessary to succeed in protecting our environment from the threats of urban sprawl, with its resulting traffic gridlock, destruction of open space, and decimation of wildlife habitat. If elected, Frank will introduce and work to pass landmark legislation to stop urban sprawl, protect our old-growth forests, and stop the spraying of herbicides on residual forests. This is the kind of environmental leadership we need in our legislature."

Among the environmental achievements by Frank Egger that led to this endorsement decision by the Sierra Club are the following:

1. When developers threatened to build on open land in Fairfax in 1971, Frank Egger led the initiative campaign that rezoned the land and stopped the development. That action led to case law that cities across California now use when they down-zone land to stop sprawl.

2. In 1972 Frank helped pass the Coastal Protection Act and was pointed the first member of the Coastal Commission which he served on for 10 years.

3. His 35-year record of leadership in opposing the building of dams on California's wide streams and rivers, including his leadership in opposing the Dos Rios Dam on the Eel River, Warm Springs Dam on Dry Creek and the New Melones Dam on the Stanislaus.

4. His current leadership in stopping the imminent destruction of the endangered salmon population on the Eel River. He is currently one of eight plaintiffs suing to stop the Sonoma County Water Agency from diverting water out of the Eel River. Frank in the only candidate actively working to save the Eel River.

The Sierra Club urges all Marin and Sonoma voters to vote for Frank Egger on March 7 and to assist his campaign with financial support and volunteer time. The campaign can be reached at 456-6356 or Social Justice Center of Marin

On February 17 the Board of Directors of the Social Justice Center of Marin endorsed the candidacy of Fairfax Mayor Frank Egger for the 6th Assembly District. Egger is one of eight candidates seeking the Democratic nomination in the March 7 primary to replace Kerry Mazzoni in the November general election.

Speaking on behalf of the Social Justice Center, President Jennifer Rienks summed up the sentiments of the Board: "Frank Egger stands apart from the other candidates because of his broad progressive agenda for the state, his 33 years as a dedicated city councilmember, and his reputation for being a person of principle who cannot be bought by special interests. In an era when the Democratic party is abandoning its historic base of support among labor, the middle class, minorities and the poor, Egger is the real deal.

"Besides being a lifelong environmentalist who is endorsed by the Sierra Club, Egger strongly supports a living wage law, single-payer universal health insurance, organic farming, and the labeling of genetically-modified food. Of particular interest to Marin and Sonoma residents is Egger's commitment to curtail urban sprawl which is creating a traffic nightmare along the 101 Marin-Sonoma corridor.

"Egger's recent call for a moratorium on the death penalty, together with his support for a large increase in per pupil spending and support for the state's beleaguered public school teachers, make Egger the only real choice for promoting a progressive social justice agenda for the state."

Archdruid David Brower

Veteran environmentalist David Brower, 87, known as the Archdruid for his revered place as a father of the American environmental movement, endorsed Fairfax Mayor Frank Egger as the Democratic Candidate for the California State Assembly's 6th district in the following statement:

"It is not often I endorse a candidate for State Assembly outside of my own district, but in this case I have endorsed Frank Egger. My decision is based on his support of rewriting California's Forest Practices Act to protect our old-growth redwood forests, his long held anti-nuclear positions, and decades of fighting to save and restore California's rivers. His unwavering position to remove salmon killing dams that have been built on our magnificent rivers, including the Eel, is what we need in Sacramento.

While we see many Democratic candidates claiming to be environmentalists at election time, most are unwilling to tackle the really tough issues; it's wonderful to have a bonafide environmentalist running in the 6th Assembly District. Frank Egger knows we have to invest in, not speculate about, our future. Dam removal and river restoration will bring increased prosperity to our state by creating good-paying jobs in both commercial and sport fishing, reforestation, and visitor-oriented service. In a world where we see not only corporate but also political green washing, the 6th Assembly District is fortunate to have Frank Egger, a candidate with such proven environmental credentials. We are working to elect Frank in March.

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