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By Judy Borello

Well, let's hope by the time you read this the Presidential Election of 2000 has been settled. I sat toss a coin, for what this is costing in money and emotions is too much for the American people to bear, to say the least about the embarrassment of how we look to other countries to which we preach "The American Way." I personally blame the news media for their mistaken projections and broadcasting unreliable voting statistics before the polls were even closed. There should be a national law that the news media cannot tell any state's vote until all polls are closed across the US. Now that they (the media) have created this monster, they're thriving off of it; "Grinning and Spinning."

The Supes that dupes the people of West Marin are at it again. Like any of them know what it's like to be a rancher and the primary environmentalist in the whole region.

The Supes have altered the uses on agricultural land under the Williamson Act, which is 95 percent of the ranchland in West Marin. Activities no longer allowed include dog kennels, ranch shooting ranges, and rodeos.

Now, I've seen a lot go down in my 35 years of observing the plight of the endangered species-The Rancher, but this takes the cake for humorous absurdity. First of all, where should dog kennels happen? In someone's backyard in town? I can't think of a better place than on a ranch since they are allowed horse stables and may want to raise herding dogs for other ranchers.

Where do shooting ranges belong? Right in the middle of town? I guess that wouldn't cause havoc. Good grief, the trap shoots held on ranches are not only sometimes done to raise money for organizations, it's a lot of fun. Take the Gallagher Ranch, for instance. We made many a trip over there to bring home the bacon (one pound per win), and met a lot of nice families who were teaching their young ones how to shoot properly and respect the weapon and the rules.

And as for rodeos, what a shame. What this part of the county needs is a good old wild and woolly rodeo! Picture this (in imagination and jest): Coming out of Chute #9 is Steve Kinsey on an ass-kicking bull named "Stewart." Next out of Chute #8 is Ken Fox aboard a nasty bull called "Coliform". Chute #7 hosts a rider named Richard Plant on a crazy bull named "Pt. Reybies." Toby Giacomini rides a bull out of Chute #6 called "Pinch the Tomatoes." Dave Mitchell (Chute #5), is seated crookedly on a bull called "Liberal Lactose."

And, of course, we shall see lady bullriders such as Chute #4's Lynn Woolsey, the poor woman's Phyllis Diller, aboard "Boxer Rebellion." Out of Chute #3 comes Lynnette Shaw aboard "Mary Juana." Out of Chute #2 is Pat Healy astride a rangy bull by the name of "Ole Torch Singer" (but is told that she may be riding a bull called "Competition +"). And, finally, out of Chute #1 comes the illustrious Queen of the Cowgirls-Sharon Mendoza Doughty atop a bull with the name of "Rope a Dope" because of its barrel-racing skill and it runs backwards. My money is on Sharon because of her horse savvy and putting up with as many horses asses as I have!

The judges will be Frank Cerda of Pt. Reyes Station and Martin Pozzi of Petaluma (one from the left and one from the right). And if these two get tied up in a decision, the tie breaker will be broken by the fair-minded and brawny Leroy Martinelli.

By the time you read this, we will have had a very Happy Thanksgiving and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.

P.S. Don't forget to shop locally-it's the community right thing to do and supports our local businesses.

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