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December 2000

Sonoma DA Drops Drug Charges,
Cops Keep Medical Marijuana

Sonoma County prosecutors agreed Monday to dismiss drug charges against a medical marijuana patient on the condition he not seek the return of his three-pound stash.

Dan Wathen, 43, of San Francisco, was arrested three years ago in Sonoma County after police officers found the marijuana in the car he was in.

Wathen claimed he had just secured a year's supply and used the pot for his migraine headaches. However, authorities charged him with transportation of marijuana and possession for sale.

Defense attorney Chris Andrian said Wathen has respiratory problems and needs a large supply because he cooks the pot and doesn't smoke it.

Prosecutor Carla Claeys said it was not clear that a doctor had recommended the use for Wathen as stipulated under Proposition 215, the voter-approved measure that allows marijuana use for medical reasons.

After a long delay, the doctor testified that he did indeed recommend marijuana for Wathen. On Monday, when jury selection was set to begin, charges were dismissed.
Published on Tuesday, October 31, 2000
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